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Best Name for the Valley

Best Name for a New City in the Valley

Spokane Valley

Readers weren't too adventurous when it came to choosing a new name for the proposed city in the Valley — after all, "Spokane Valley" wasn't exactly what we were hoping for. Maybe people are just satisfied with the tried-and-true. The question did, however, bring out the comedians among us, and they took the opportunity to poke a little fun at those Valley-dwellers -- and the repeated efforts to incorporate (as in "20th Time's a Charm"). Answers ranged from the corny (Boringville; Harper Valley; Hicksville) to the grin-inducing (Mulletville; Little Spokane; Spokangeles) to the downright clever (Spokane Improper; Spocan't; Wish, Wash.).

But perhaps voters went with the facetious names because there have been few legitimate alternatives offered. For a look at some potential place names for a new Valley city, based on local history, check out this week's Last Word on page 99.

2nd: Mallville; 3rd: Chief Joseph

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