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Best of the Inland Northwest Reader's Choice - People

Best High School Coach

Pat Tyson, Mead Cross-Country

"Pat has been a terrific coach, but he's also been a huge boost to Spokane's distance running tradition. In my opinion, the Spokane area has more great distance running coaches per capita than anywhere in the country, and one of the reasons for that is the high standard Tyson sets." — Don K.

2nd: Jeff Van Horne (Central Valley softball) & r & 3rd (tie): Bill Saye (Lewis and Clark wrestling), Craig Hanson (East Valley wrestling)

Best College Professor

Charles Herr, Biology, EWU

"He has been helpful ever since I took my first class from him. Of course, you have to set aside an hour to have a 15-minute conversation with him due to all of his tangents. He is an extremely well-educated man." — found on

2nd: Jerry Sittser, Whitworth College, Religion; 3rd (tie): Gerri Allen, Lesley Turk, both at SCC, cosmetology

Best Local Athlete

Adam Morrison

"He has a remarkable ability to make shots... [but] probably his best quality is how competitive he is. If you're keeping score, he's going to do what he has to do to win." — Mark F.

2nd: John Stockton; 3rd: Ronny Turiaf

Best Person To Run for Congress

Jim West

"I'd vote for him!" — Moto B.

2nd: Don Barlow & r & 3rd: Don Barbieri

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