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Best Concert You Would Like To See

Best Concert You Would Like To See In 2014


We asked readers which musicians should grace us with their presence this year. The Spokane Arena held a similar promotion, and we figured we'd test those waters as well.

So who do people want to see?

Many readers voted for Tool, but that show already happened a couple of weeks ago. Others said they wanted to see Macklemore and Ryan Lewis come back for a repeat of their October 2013 show. But the performer who got the most votes — and this might surprise some — was Prince.

In case you haven't been following the legendary funk master's career for the past few years, he is no longer the Artist Formerly Known as Prince and he's not a crop-circle-like symbol. But he's still super weird (or sexy, depending on your taste) and has an album coming out sometime soon with his all-female backing band 3rd Eye Girl, so it's not out of the question that he might be touring this year. In fact, he's recently played a few surprise gigs, including a four-hour dance party in Hollywood that showed perhaps there is no such thing as "too much Prince."

"I heard a rumor that Prince is coming to Spokane this year, and it's listed with some of his tour dates. I want to know if it's true — he's amazing, and is supposed to be incredible live," says Jennifer Lott, one our readers who voted for the man in purple.

Well, Jennifer, it appears quite unlikely that Prince will come here this year. We checked with the Spokane Arena and they said those tour dates you saw were likely a very old posting from Billboard for a tour that never actually materialized. But you're not the only one who's been wondering this — Becca Watters, the Arena's marketing manager, says she's been asked multiple times if His Highness is strutting into town.

There were a few other acts that secured some serious votes, including Garth Brooks, U2, Pearl Jam and even the Eagles. The Eagles? Bruno Mars got a lot of love, too. That Super Bowl halftime show made some Martians (if this isn't what his fans call themselves, it's a damn shame) out of you Spokanites, eh?

But again, Prince won this thing. It seems like this would be a hell of a concert, at least according to Inlander reader Jackie Anderson.

"Prince is such an iconic figure in the music industry ... to have him come here would be extraordinary," she says "I don't know that Spokane would ever see such a glorious show."

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