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Best Outdoor Dining & Best Seafood

Best Outdoor Dining & Best Seafood
Young Kwak
Anthony's General Manager Andrew Miller and Server Alicia Campbell.

Best Outdoor Dining & Best Seafood


With an expansive view of the clock tower, Canada Island, Riverfront Park, the Expo '74 Pavilion and the Upper Spokane Falls, the deck at Anthony's offers one of the most iconic vantages in Spokane.

"We have this wonderful deck that sits out over the Spokane River, and there's this dynamic energy that comes from that gorgeous view," says Lane Hoss, vice president of marketing for Anthony's Restaurants. "There's a sense of being connected to nature."

That connection alone is enough to attract diners by the dozen. But Anthony's clearly has another powerful draw: its excellent seafood, which relies on seasonality as much as vegetables do.

"We're continually updating our menu to show what's best and what's local right now," she says. "As we get into spring, for example, you're going to see the return of Alaska halibut and fresh rhubarb and then on to fresh strawberries."

Seasonality is just one aspect of Anthony's broader commitment to freshness, something Hoss groups under its "core values" along with "consistency" and a passion for showcasing "what's unique and wonderful" about each region. That's partly why this constellation of family-owned Pacific Northwest restaurants sources so much of its produce locally. It's also why Anthony's controls so much of its own distribution chain.

"We take our seafood so seriously that our owner opened his own company to ensure it was the best and finest available," she says. "That way you get these beautiful pieces of fresh fish that meet all of our standards. You take out all the layers of middlemen.

"It has to do with knowing exactly who you're buying the seafood from, having these great long-term relationships where your partners understand what your commitment is — so they're long-term relationships based on quality."

That quality isn't limited to ingredients or the long list of local wines. To complete the experience, Hoss says it takes the "great team" of kitchen and service staff and the commonalities — "family traits," she calls them — among each of the 24 restaurants that bear the Anthony's name.

"You have an expectation when you come to Anthony's, and we do our best to live up to those expectations," she says. "We have a saying here that fresh seafood is our expertise, and the Northwest dining experience is our pleasure. And we're proud to be honored for our hard work."

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