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Best Of 2017 | SHOPPING

Best Of 2017 | SHOPPING
Jacob Greif

Best Thrift Shop


You'd never guess that this nondescript warehouse is truly a treasure chest. Arguably the city's nicest employees sell faux fur coats, vintage dishware, basketballs and floral couches — anything and everything that you can imagine — in support of the Spokane nonprofit the Rypien Foundation. When you buy or donate used goods, you're also supporting an organization that helps local families battling childhood cancer. (JORDY BYRD)

2nd PLACE: Goodwill; 3rd PLACE: Union Gospel Mission Thrift Stores

Best Jewelry


Jewelry Design Center's tagline states that they want to be your jewelers for life. An ambitious goal, no doubt, but one that this locally owned, family-run company intends to realize through an unbeatable combo of expert sourcing, custom designs and precision craftsmanship. With that uncompromising long-term commitment, no wonder their customers reciprocated by voting them tops. (E.J. IANNELLI)

2nd PLACE: Pounder's Jewelry; 3rd PLACE: Dodson's; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Clark's Diamond Jewelers, CdA

Best Med Spa


We might still be searching for the fountain of youth, but in the meantime there's Shape Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa, which proudly displays countless galleries of before-and-after photos of satisfied customers on its website. What's more, patients rave about the skill and professionalism of the Shape staff. (EJI)

2nd PLACE: Glo Medical Spa; 3rd PLACE: Sarah Hamilton FACE

Best Hotel


As it vies with the Clock Tower and the Monroe Street Bridge as Spokane's most iconic landmark, it's no surprise to see the Historic Davenport Hotel in first place for another year. Still true to Louis Davenport's vision after more than a century, the hotel prides itself on putting luxury within the reach of everyone. (EJI)

2nd PLACE: The Davenport Grand Hotel; 3rd PLACE: Northern Quest Resort Hotel; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: The Coeur d'Alene Resort

Best Bank


Much like the city where it got its start 115 years ago, Washington Trust is a good-sized bank with a small-town feel. Its relationship-driven approach to finances, experienced specialists and strong community focus have quite rightly made it a regular Best Of favorite. (EJI)

2nd PLACE: Banner Bank; 3rd PLACE: Inland Northwest Bank

Best Pawn Shop


If you're looking to make quick cash on the electronics you've been sitting on, or trying to find a deal on a guitar you've wanted to nab, Pawn 1 and its seven storefronts are as viable an option as it gets. The shop, a hub for pawning in Spokane for more than three decades, continues to be a quality spot for deals. (TUCK CLARRY)

2nd PLACE: Double Eagle Pawn; 3rd PLACE: Axel's Pawnshop

Best New Car Dealership

Larry H. Miller

If you're in Spokane and find yourself parked next to a Toyota, Honda, Hyundai or Lexus, there's a good chance it came from downtown's Larry H. Miller dealership, which has been recognized time and time again for its outstanding service, competitive prices and emphasis on customer satisfaction. (EJI)

2nd PLACE: Wendle Motors; 3rd PLACE: Dave Smith Motors

Best Hair Salon


Back for yet another year — its fifth, incidentally — at the top of its category, Oasis Hair has been keeping professionalism and artistry in the salon experience since 2002. Its expert stylists are hip to the trendiest new looks and hairstyles, and customers can expect luxury treatment at an attractive price. (EJI)

2nd PLACE: The House of POp; 3rd PLACE: 14th and Grand Salon; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Serenity Salon and Tan, Post Falls

Best Record Store

4000 HOLES

4000 Holes has made itself an institution through its undying dedication to the format that it worships: smooth, glorious and deeply black vinyl. Though it also touts a nice CD selection with countless hidden classics, nothing tops the density of personality crammed into the small shop's bigger-on-the-inside collection of LPs and singles. Plus, it's worth a visit just to ogle the Beatles collection behind the counter, fittingly present for a place named after their greatest song, "A Day in the Life." (JORDAN SATTERFIELD)

2nd PLACE: Garageland; 3rd PLACE: Groove Merchants; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: The Long Ear, CdA

Best Bookstore


A place like Auntie's needs no introduction, as it makes itself unmistakably known with its gorgeous window displays full of acclaimed works, and its historic, towering red-brick location in the heart of downtown Spokane. Three floors of books is about three times as many floors as almost any other bookstore in town can brag about stocking, and the lovely smell of old books is impossible to simulate. Count on Auntie's to give you the real thing. (JS)

2nd PLACE: Barnes & Noble; 3rd PLACE: 2nd Look Books; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: The Well-Read Moose, CdA

Best Mall


Sure, it may be located right off I-90, which makes getting in and out relatively easy, but once inside, there's more that makes the Valley Mall desirable other than access. With more than 100 retail and food locations, there isn't enough time in one day to see and shop everything. It's even open at 7 am for the walkers to take laps indoors; we know it's important to get in those fitness tracker steps in every day. (SCOTT A. LEADINGHAM)

2nd PLACE: NorthTown; 3rd PLACE: River Park Square; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Coeur d'Alene Resort Plaza Shops

Best Retail Cannabis Shop


You can find knowledgeable budtenders and quality products at myriad recreational marijuana shops, so what makes Sativa Sisters stand out? It might be the family vibe of the four partners — two married couples — who started the store. It might be the cozy spot on East Trent that belies its somewhat industrial surroundings. It might be the chance to grab a latte in Sisters' adjacent coffee shop to sip while you browse an impressive array of product. Whatever it is, it's working, as Sativa Sisters is our readers' favorite this year. (DN)

2nd PLACE: Cinder; 3rd PLACE: Satori

Best Men's Clothes


With a well-known reputation for customer service, it's no surprise that readers picked Nordstrom as their favorite place to buy men's clothing. The Spokane store offers free personal stylists who can help find the best looks for you, and also offers alterations to make sure the fit is great, too. (SAMANTHA WOHLFEIL)

2nd PLACE: Anderson & Emami; 3rd PLACE: Kingsley & Scout; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Electric Gentlemen, CdA

Best Florist


While most of us were slogging through the snow, Liberty Park Florist & Greenhouse was starting to care for this year's many spring starts, so come mid-April, customers can start their gardens out fresh. "If you need some help kicking those Winter Blues, come take a walk through our greenhouses — if you close your eyes, it feels like Spring!" Liberty Park says on their website. (SW)

2nd PLACE: Appleway Florist & Greenhouse; 3rd PLACE: Rose & Blossom; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Flowers by Paul, Post Falls

Best Spa


Whether you want to treat yourself or get pampered with a friend or sweetie, Spa Paradiso offers treatments from head to toe. From hairstyling to manicures and pedicures, massages, waxing, clinical peels and more, the Kendall Yards spa has it, and remains a hit with our readers. (SW)

2nd PLACE: La Rive Spa, Northern Quest; 3rd PLACE: BrickHouse; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: The Coeur d'Alene Resort Spa

Best Credit Union


Its membership just reached 162,000 and its assets have increased almost fivefold to $2.5 billion in the past 14 years, but Spokane Teachers Credit Union still hasn't lost sight of its humble origins as a cash-filled shoebox back in 1934. The local credit union still regularly gives to the community, and the community regularly gives back by crowning it with Best Of laurels. (EJI)

2nd PLACE: Numerica; 3rd PLACE: Global

Best Used Car Lot


Jennifer Johnson's lot in Spokane Valley has become a staple for used car buyers in the surrounding Spokane area. The "Save your Green" team prides itself on ensuring quality service and assistance to both their returning and potential customers (TC)

2nd PLACE: CarMax; 3rd PLACE: Union Gospel Mission Motors; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Dale's Used Cars, CdA

Best Gifts


Every year the Inlander puts out its "Gift Guide," and every year, we writers are assigned zany categories (Drunk Uncle! Religious Aunt! History Buff!) to search for perfect gifts at local stores. And nearly every year, Atticus and Boo Radley's (its sister store) are my first stops, no matter the category. Boo Radley's is the spot for silly gifts, but Atticus is the ideal place for kind and thoughtful gifts, offering everything from books to leather bags to tea to poster prints of Spokane landmarks. (DANIEL WALTERS)

2nd PLACE: Boo Radley's; 3rd PLACE: Simply Northwest; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Lucky Monkey, CdA

Best Women's Boutique

Best Vintage Boutique


Savvy shoppers know not to judge a shop by its size, and that's definitely true when it comes to this tiny South Perry boutique owned by local fashionista Summer Hightower. Opened in 2010, Veda Lux is indeed small, but inside its four walls, shoppers encounter a treasure trove of vintage fashion from all decades, and for all occasions. Hightower is also known for her eclectic jewelry designs — all handmade by the free-spirited trendsetter — which are also sold at the boutique. By scouring racks across the country, Hightower keeps her ever-changing inventory stocked with unique and funky finds, so that anyone who steps into her dollhouse of a shop can find something that reflects their individual style. (CHEY SCOTT)

Best Women's Boutique: 2nd PLACE: Swank; 3rd PLACE: Fringe; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Tiffany Blue, Coeur d'Alene

Best Vintage Boutique: 2nd PLACE: Fringe & Fray; 3rd PLACE: Boulevard Mercantile; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Salvage 7, Post Falls

Best Organic/Natural Foods


Huckleberry's, a Best Of Hall of Famer that's taken top honors in this category for 10-plus years, is a shopping destination. Even if you live miles away from the lower South Hill market, chances are high that you've made the crosstown pilgrimage to Huckleberry's to find a specialty ingredient or item that's not sold anywhere else. With its in-store bistro and a highly regarded wine and beer selection (I was gleeful when I first discovered, many years ago, that it sells craft beer by the individual bottle, allowing you to "customize" a six-pack) it's no surprise that this spot continues to be top of Inlander readers' minds. (CS)

2nd PLACE: Trader Joe's; 3rd PLACE: Main Market Co-op; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Pilgrim's Market, CdA

Best Farmers Market


Although options to shop for locally grown food have expanded greatly in the past several years, the South Perry Farmers Market was doing this whole farmers market thing before the concept became "mainstream" in this region. Residents of the Inland Northwest continue to go out of their way to hit up this weekly market (Thursdays, from May to October) for its festive, street-fair-like atmosphere, and its curated vendor lineup. And thanks to the recent economic rebirth that's brought numerous dining and shopping destinations to this historic neighborhood, there's even more to see, do and eat, both pre- or post-market shopping. (CS)

2nd PLACE: Kendall Yards Night Market; 3rd PLACE: Liberty Lake Farmers Market; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Downtown Farmers Market, CdA

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