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Best People
Readers like to root for Sam Adams.


Dave, Ken and Molly, 92.9 ZZU AVE, KEN AND MOLLY, 92.9 KZZU

The popular morning talk show trio — Dave Sposito, Ken Hopkins and Molly Allen — has entertained and enlightened listeners together for more than 20 years. The show also rallies support each holiday season for its Christmas Wish charity program. (JACOB JONES)

2nd PLACE: Jay and Kevin, 99.9 Coyote Country; 3rd PLACE: Gary Allen, Rock 94.5


Nadine Woodward, KXLY

After nearly 30 years of sharing the news with Spokane viewers, KXLY News anchor Nadine Woodward signed off her last broadcast in February. She thanked her viewers for giving her the chance to connect with them in their homes as a sort of family over the years. Her final piece of advice: "Stay classy, Spokane." (JJ)

2nd PLACE: Stephanie Vigil, KHQ; 3rd PLACE: Kalae Chock, KHQ


Sam Adams, KHQ

As director of sports for KHQ, Sam Adams has helped tell the stories of champions big and small throughout the region. He joined the station in 2009, helped launch the SWX channel and loves calling a good play-by-play. (JJ)

2nd PLACE: Keith Osso, KXLY; 3rd PLACE: Femi Abebefe, KHQ


John Stockton, NBA Hall of Famer

If you watch a home Gonzaga basketball game, men or women, chances are you'll see two things: something to do with Riverfront Park and a stoic John Stockton found somewhere in the stands. That's as Spokane as Spokane gets. The all-time great point guard has left an imprint on the town and university and continues to do so. (TUCK CLARRY)

2nd PLACE: Chris Elam, Netflix's Nailed It!; 3rd PLACe: Myles Kennedy, international rock star, NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Ellen Travolta, Coeur d'Alene, actress

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Dawson Reynier photo
It's hard not to love Rui Hachimura.


Rui Hachimura, Gonzaga

Few athletes' stories fit the narrative of superhero origin like Hachimura's. Zag fans have seen the Japanese-born baller grow into his body and superhuman powers. A floppy headed freshman made special moments that seemed to not only surprise the crowd but himself. And now we see his trajectory finally met and wish him well as he (inevitably) looks toward the NBA and — hopefully — leads his country to the Olympics. (TC)

2nd PLACE: Gardner Minshew, WSU; 3rd PLACE: Josh Perkins, Gonzaga


Tom Sherry, KREM

Since 1990, Tom Sherry has helped his Spokane viewers decide between an umbrella or sunscreen on KREM where he now serves as chief meteorologist. His approachable and engaging forecasts have helped him dominate this category since 1995. (JJ)

2nd PLACE: Leslie Lowe, KHQ; 3rd PLACE: Kris Crocker, KXLY

Best People (3)
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Mayor Condon did what few before him could: He got re-elected.


David Condon

There's a reason David Condon is the first two-term Spokane mayor in 40 years, and it's not his charisma. I mean, he's Microsoft PowerPoint in human form. You suspect his best bar story involves a histogram or that he may have dedicated a chunk of his wedding vows to utility rates. But damn it, the guy gets results. The conservative mayor's partnered with a liberal council to push for safer streets, cleaner rivers and more jobs. (DANIEL WALTERS)

2nd PLACE: Spokane City Councilwoman Kate Burke; 3rd PLACE: City Council President Ben Stuckart; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: CdA Mayor Steve Widmyer


Tony Dinaro, Spokane County

A public records clerk is a thankless job. You're constantly sifting through piles of documents, navigating entrenched bureaucracies, parsing vague and sprawling records requests for things like "every city email with the word 'her' in it," and fielding harried phone calls from reporters facing down deadlines. Yet somehow, Tony Dinaro, a former project employee for the city of Spokane, still has that gleam of idealism. You get the sense he's on your team, frequently asking you how he can get you exactly what you need as fast as you need it. (DANIEL WALTERS)


Anton Watson

Gonzaga Prep star Anton Watson just led the Bullpups to their second straight State 4A title. The dude posted a ridiculous 33 points on 16-of-19 shooting in the championship game. The game before, Prep dispatched Federal Way and Jaden McDaniels, who is already atop NBA draft boards. Watson, meanwhile, is committed to Gonzaga next year, so you can look forward to cheering for the 6-foot-10 versatile hybrid forward for years to come. (WILSON CRISCIONE)

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