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Voters' Best Reasons to Visit... The North Side of Spokane

Voters' Best Reasons to Visit... THE NORTH SIDE OF SPOKANE
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The NorthTown Mall and the Garland District (above) were readers' top picks.

It's not surprising the most popular destinations for Inlander readers in North Spokane involve shopping — NorthTown Mall and the Garland District were the top vote-getters in this year's poll — but looking at the overall results, one quickly realizes the region north of the river has a lot going on.

Riverside State Park and the Little Spokane River were popular picks, too, along with Mt. Spokane Ski & Snowboard Park; clearly people love to get outside up north in between their trips to Bon Bon or Buffalo Wild Wings.

The area's rough-and-tumble spots got a couple of votes in the form of "meth," "becoming ghetto," and "the thrilling rush of possibly being robbed," while one voter is definitely looking hungrily to the future by voting "checking to see if Chick-fil-A is actually coming to Spokane," as has been rumored for, oh, ever.


Many voters chimed in in favor of spots way north, like Green Bluff, Big Barn Brewing, 1898 Public House and Wonderland Family Fun Center. Our favorite vote, though, comes from a reader who truly values his or her family, writing in that their best reason to visit the North Side is "mom lives there and lets you do laundry for free."

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