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Best of Shopping

Best of Shopping
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Boulevard Mercantile won in two categories — Best Vintage and Best Antique shop.

Best Antique Shop
Best Vintage Shop
It's no surprise Boulevard Mercantile took the top spot for both of these very similar categories, as its vendors specialize in goods of all kinds from the past century and even older. (By most definitions, antique pieces are 100 years or older, and vintage is anything roughly between 99 and 20 years old.) From incredible midcentury furniture to funky vintage threads, antique books, textiles and stoneware, Boulevard's partner sellers have it all, making it a one-stop treasure-hunting shop for super cool stuff you didn't even know you needed. (CS)
2nd PLACE: Tossed and Found; 3rd PLACE: Lucky Vintage and Pretty Things; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Rebel Junk, Coeur d'Alene
2nd PLACE: Tossed and Found; 3rd PLACE: 1889 Salvage Co.; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: My Favorite Things, Post Falls

Best Credit Union
Known as much for its wide-ranging community engagement as its financial services, STCU has evolved into a major force for good in the region since its founding as a humble teachers' credit union in 1934. For many in the Inland Northwest, STCU is the go-to place for money management advice, a vehicle loan or a committed nonprofit partner for their latest endeavor. (EJI)
2nd PLACE: Numerica; 3rd PLACE: BECU; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Idaho Central Credit Union

Best Florist
Generations of Spokanites have beautified their homes, gardens and special occasions with the help of Liberty Park Florist. This family-owned business has stood on the same South Hill corner since it was established in 1928 by Dominic Alice, an enterprising Italian immigrant. Today, much like its stock in trade, it's flourished into a garden center with multiple greenhouses offering a huge selection of botanical delights for landscaping and celebrations. (EJI)
2nd PLACE: Appleway Florist; 3rd PLACE: Anthesis Co.; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Firehouse Flowers, CdA (see page 55)

Best New Car Dealership
Whether you're in the market for a new or pre-owned vehicle, Wendle Motors consistently emerges as one of the area's most reliable spots to guarantee yourself a great buying experience. This family-owned and -operated Ford and Nissan dealership has been pairing locals with their wheels for nigh on 80 years, and it's earned a strong reputation for dedicated aftermarket service as well. (EJI)
2nd PLACE: Larry H. Miller Spokane; 3rd PLACE: Gus Johnson Ford; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Parker Toyota and Subaru, Coeur d'Alene

Best Bank
In an era when large consolidations and mergers have absorbed many successful long-standing institutions, Washington Trust remains proudly independent and wholly focused on serving the Northwest with exceptional care and commitment. And it's no surprise that customers of this historic bank continue to shower it with some of their highest praise year after year. The word "trust" is right there in the name and has been since it was established in 1902. (EJI)
2nd PLACE: Banner Bank; 3rd PLACE: Mountain West Bank

Best Pandemic Pivot
As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Dry Fly Distilling stepped up, using its equipment not to make gin, whiskey or vodka (though these products helped many get through the pandemic in other ways), but to produce alcohol-based hand sanitizer that was quickly in short supply the world over. The production transition happened in mere days, and Dry Fly donated its initial batch directly to high-risk groups like health care, first responders and other essential workers. The public was also eventually able to get their hands on Dry Fly's "Spokanitizer" to keep themselves and the community safe from the coronavirus, all thanks to this quick pivot that, in the words of Dry Fly co-owner Don Poffenroth, was just "the right thing to do." (CS)
2nd PLACE: Veda Lux; 3rd PLACE: Audrey's Boutique

Best Grocery Store
Think of your favorite grocery store. Now add a vast selection of gourmet ready-made foods and vegan and gluten-free options. Oh, and a view of downtown Spokane. Thanks to its essential workers, My Fresh Basket has provided all of that to the Spokane community throughout the past year. (JM)
2nd PLACE: Huckleberry's Natural Market; 3rd PLACE: Main Market Co-op; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Pilgrim's Market, Coeur d'Alene

Best Gift Store
One day, you might find yourself walking out of Boo Radley's with a Cardi B saint candle and enough finger puppets to cover each hand. Or you'll find a Great PNW sweatshirt and some quirky birthday cards. Boo Radley's has everything from wacky to classy — making it the go-to gift shop in Spokane. (JM)
2nd PLACE: Atticus; 3rd PLACE: Simply Northwest; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Mix It Up, Coeur d'Alene

Best Toy Store
The family-owned and -operated mainstay in downtown Coeur d'Alene is the region's favorite toy store for kids of all ages, featuring both classic and innovative toys, a laser room, and even a fully functional German carousel. With virtual shopping accommodations and a mobile toy store in development — you can shop at Figpickels from anywhere! (JM)
2nd PLACE: Whiz Kids; 3rd PLACE: Boo Radley's

Best Boat Dealer
With all types of boats, canoes, kayaks, boat trailers, fishing gear, spare parts and boat winterizing packages — the Elephant Boys offers everything you'll ever need for boating. What's more: They have friendly customer service and are locally owned by Ed Conley of the White Elephant family. Selection and service make for a great shopping experience. (JM)
2nd PLACE: Trudeau's Marina; 3rd PLACE: NW Boat and RV; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Hagadone Marine Group

Best of Shopping
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De Leon Foods is not your average grocery store.

Best Ethnic Market
De Leon Foods is not your average grocery store. They have a popular restaurant showcasing traditional family recipes (with three street tacos on Tuesdays on $6!), a bakery offering fresh and traditional Mexican baked goods, and all of the produce and imported groceries not found at your typical supermarket but essential for the perfect south-of-the-border-inspired meal. (JM)
2nd PLACE: Asian World Food Market; 3rd PLACE: Best Asian Market

Best Aesthetic Services/Med Spa
Melissa Berg founded Crafted Beauty with a vision of combining her experience as a health care professional and her passion for holistic aesthetic services in one place. Alongside a dedicated team, Berg is transforming the Spokane community into a picture of inner and outer wellness one treatment at a time. (LG)
2nd PLACE Sarah Hamilton Face; 3rd PLACE: Odara Medical Spa; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Lakeside Med Spa, Coeur d'Alene

Best Women's Boutique
Jema Lane is the small, women-run shop of your dreams. Even the store's name is a charm bracelet acronym of the owner Jani's four daughters: Janae, Erin, Megan and Ashley. Committed to helping women of all sizes feel pampered and special, Jema Lane is an asset to Spokane whose impact goes far beyond our wardrobes. (LG)
2nd PLACE: Lolo; 3rd PLACE: Veda Lux; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Marmalade, Coeur d'Alene

Best Nail Salon
Finding the perfect nail salon can be tough, considering how many elements must balance perfectly to create a lovely experience. Luckily, Spokane Valley has Valentino's, a one-stop shop that combines a relaxing atmosphere with affordable, high-quality artistry. Services include not only traditional nail salon fixes but also waxing and eyelash extensions. (LG)
2nd PLACE: Pure Salon & Spa, Spokane and Coeur d'Alene; 3rd PLACE (Tie): Famous Nails and OMG Nails & Spa

Best of Shopping
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Huckleberry's prides itself on sourcing a bounty of local, ethical and healthy products.

Best Organic/Natural Foods
The first natural and organic grocery store in Spokane, Huckleberry's prides itself on sourcing a bounty of local, ethical and healthy products. Stepping inside Huckleberry's is an energizing portal into the kind heart of this community, a place where you can shop for groceries, sip a smoothie while reading the paper or order a fresh omelette. (LG)
2nd PLACE: Pilgrim's Market, Coeur d'Alene; 3rd PLACE: Main Market Co-Op

Best Pet Supplies
At a certain point, a store's longevity speaks for itself. A reliable stop for every possible pet and garden need for the past 77 years, Northwest Seed & Pet is a community treasure. Stop by for conventional picks like dog food and houseplants, then take a peek at the tropical fish and bat houses. (LG)
2nd PLACE: The Urban Canine; 3rd PLACE: Yuppy Puppy; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Country Store, Coeur d'Alene

Best Barbershop
This place just oozes "cool," from its turn of the century building on North Monroe to the music playing inside, from its dazzling retro decor to the crew of dudes offering up creative contemporary cuts as well as old school straight-razor shaves. Too many guys don't think about their haircuts enough, hitting whatever run-of-the-stripmall joint will run them under a razor for the lowest price possible. Why not experience a little bit of luxury, actual interesting conversation and a top-notch cut instead? Inlander readers certainly seem to recognize the appeal, as Brickyard Barbershop has won this vote several times. (DN)
2nd PLACE: The Man Shop; 3rd PLACE: The Barbers; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Mavericks Men's Hair, Coeur d'Alene

Best Flooring
Do you want to start each morning standing on a firm, hardwood floor? What about tile, carpet or even bamboo? At Brothers Flooring, the choice is yours. The store is named for brothers Andy and Tyler Yank, and their professional installation team makes the entire flooring process a breeze. (NS)
2nd PLACE: Carpet Barn; 3rd PLACE: Northwest Trends; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Youngs Old Floors, Post Falls

Best Spa
Just one of the amenities that make the Northern Quest Resort and Casino a luxurious getaway, La Rive Spa is a place to rejuvenate with a healing massage or simply pamper yourself with a pedicure. As if it weren't already popular enough, the spa recently added a state-of-the-art Himalayan salt room that's purported to do everything from relieve mental and physical stress to soothe arthritic joints. (EJI)
2nd PLACE: Spa Paradiso; 3rd PLACE: The Davenport Spa; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: The Coeur d'Alene Resort Spa

Best of Shopping
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Still standing tall: The Historic Davenport Hotel.

Best Hotel
How do you rise to the top when some of your stiffest competition is yourself? It's not easy, but each year the Historic Davenport Hotel seems to find a way, even beating out other popular hotels in the award-winning Davenport Collection. Chalk it up to the timeless grandeur of its lobby, its status as a downtown landmark or maybe even the blissful night's sleep you get on one of its signature mattresses. (EJI)
2nd PLACE: The Davenport Grand Hotel; 3rd PLACE: Northern Quest Resort Hotel; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: The Coeur d'Alene Resort

Best Jewelry
The craftspeople and gemstone aficionados at the family-owned Jewelry Design Center say they want to be your jeweler for life. And from the looks of it, that's exactly what customers want too, as they routinely flag it as a local favorite. However precious the object or the occasion, the Jewelry Design Center has the expert repair, resetting, retail and design services to make it extra special. (EJI)
2nd PLACE: Pounders Jewelry; 3rd PLACE: Tracy Jewelers; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Clark's Diamond Jewelers, Coeur d'Alene

Best Homebuilder
As the homebuilder behind Kendall Yards, Coeur d'Alene Place, River District and other trendy developments on both sides of the state line, Greenstone is a company many of us have come to know by reputation if not always by name. The company doesn't just channel its resources into building new homes. It invests heavily in building a sense of community, too. (EJI)
2nd PLACE: Architerra Homes, Coeur d'Alene; 3rd PLACE: Camden Homes

Best Hair Salon
Oasis Hair offers a multitude of services, and they care about helping others as well, with a portion of proceeds each year going to Sacred Heart Children's Hospital and the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery. Oasis staff are passionate about their craft, stay up to date on the latest techniques and styles, and specialize in hair color and styling. (LP)
2nd PLACE: dept.z; 3rd PLACE: The House of POp; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: John Andrews Hair Salon, Coeur d'Alene

Best Local Garden Supply/Nursery
If you're looking for all things garden-related, head to Ritter's Garden and Gift, the largest family-owned nursery in Spokane. The store is stocked with a wide variety of plants, and they also have pottery, wine, fountains, gifts and home decor. Customers can also receive region-specific gardening advice and order specific plants based on their needs. (LP)
2nd PLACE: Northwest Seed and Pet; 3rd PLACE: The Plant Farm; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Vanhoff's Garden Center, Coeur d'Alene

Best Massage
Head to BrickHouse Massage with your friends, significant other or even solo for a treat-yourself kind of day. BrickHouse includes a coffee bar and gift shop in addition to massages, and features a wide variety of spa treatments. There are also spa party packages, where you can gather a group of friends for some pampering. (LP)
2nd PLACE: La Rive Spa; 3rd PLACE: Davenport Spa & Salon; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Coeur d'Alene Resort Spa

Best of Shopping
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The Tin Roof took home two wins — for Best Furniture and Best Home Décor Shop.

Best Furniture
Best Home Décor Shop
Over the years, the Tin Roof has outfitted more style-conscious homes in the Inland Northwest than you can count. From chic home furnishings that suit nearly every taste to the fashionable accent pieces that adorn tables, floors and walls, it's got everything you need to make your house congenial, welcoming and unmistakably your own. That's why it's managed to net top honors in not one but two highly competitive categories. (EJI)
2nd PLACE: Walker's Furniture; 3rd PLACE: Dania; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Runge Furniture, Coeur d'Alene
2nd PLACE: The Bohemian; 3rd PLACE: Mix It Up, Coeur d'Alene

Best Eyewear
Struggling to make out the words on this page? Wishing the Inlander printed (or posted) in a bigger font? It might be time to get your eyes checked. Eyeguys has an on-site lab and a wide selection of frames and lenses. The business is owned by Dr. Larry Breazeal, who has worked as an optometrist in the Inland Northwest for over 20 years. (NS)
2nd PLACE: Garland Vision Source; 3rd PLACE: Blink Eyecare

Best Used Car Lot
With decades of experience between them, the sales staff at Jennifer's knows exactly what you need when looking for your new(ish) ride. The dealership's top-notch customer service has landed it four past Best Of wins. If you're looking to "Save your Green," Jennifer's is the place to go. (NS)
2nd PLACE: CAL Cars, 3nd PLACE: UGM Motors

Best Veterinary Clinic
This vet clinic has been keeping pets healthy and humans happy since 1966. The clinic isn't just for common cats and dogs — they also care for exotic pets like ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, geckos, bearded dragons and more. (NS)
2nd PLACE: Indian Trail Animal Hospital; 3rd PLACE: Hunter Veterinary Clinic; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Prairie Animal Hospital, Coeur d'Alene

Best Business That Recently Closed and We Miss Already
It's not just that there was a literal White Elephant ride outside of it. And it's not just that it had one of the strangest yet somehow extremely useful selections of inventory in the area. No, the reason we miss The White Elephant the most is because it was a part of the community, ever since the late John R. Conley Sr. opened it in 1946. (WC)
2nd PLACE: Rocky Rococo Pizza; 3rd PLACE: Central Food; NORTH IDAHO'S BEST: Fleur de Sel, Post Falls

Best of Shopping
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Katrina and Robert McKinley of Phat Panda.

Best Local Cannabis Brand
Here's an example of bigger being better. Phat Panda is the most prolific cannabis producer in the region, and it has taken first place in this category every time it's been on the ballot. Growing more than 40 different strains, used in everything from edibles to cartridges, Phat Panda's offerings are as diverse as they are delicious. (WM)
2nd PLACE: Growing Like a Weed (GLW); 3rd PLACE: Blue Roots

Best Retail Cannabis Shop
Convenience, selection and service are hallmarks of the Cinder shopping experience. With three locations spread around the region — downtown, north side and Valley — you're never too far from one of their clean, modern storefronts and knowledgeable budtenders. It's no wonder Cinder has come to dominate this space year after year and is taking top honors for a fifth time. (WM)
2nd PLACE: Piece of Mind; 3rd PLACE Apex Cannabis

Best Budtender
General Manager Kassi Rosenau says Hawkins is passionate, kind and cares about his community. That description checks out, as Hawkins is a man who wears many hats around Spokane. When he's not helping customers at Cinder, he's a musician and podcast host who showcases local artists and businesses. "I like being a budtender because it gives me the opportunity to connect with my community," Hawkins says. "Bringing people joy brings me joy." (WM)
2nd PLACE: Tracy Barnes, Piece of Mind (North); 3rd PLACE: Sydney Prado, Sativa Sisters

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