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Mac Daddy's makes it easy to get something deliciously cheesy.

If you're looking to grab a hearty bowl of mac and cheese, look no further than Mac Daddy's, Spokane's one-and-only restaurant that specializes in the classic comfort food.

When Mac Daddy's first started as a mobile food vendor back in 2016, the business was selling its mac and cheese at local events like Pig Out in the Park, Hoopfest and the Spokane County Interstate Fair, says owner Nick Bokarica. Since then, Mac Daddy's has expanded with a full-service restaurant in North Spokane (10115 N. Newport Highway) and a grab-and-go location in the River Park Square food court.

Soon, that downtown counter location is moving into the former home of Tomato Street on River Park Square's first level. The full-service location is slated to open in early summer.

Mac Daddy's offers 12 varieties of mac and cheese, although Bokarica says there are three versions tied for most popular: Cougar Gold, pulled pork and buffalo chicken.

"My favorite dish has always been the buffalo chicken mac and cheese," he says. "I like to spice it up with jalapeños and sriracha. It was the very first mac we ever made, and it has stood the test of time."

If you're looking for something other than traditional mac and cheese, the deep-fried mac balls are also a favorite, Bokarica says. Recently, during Inlander Restaurant Week 2022, Mac Daddy's debuted a new recipe for buffalo chicken mac balls, which are going to be added to the menu as well.

Bokarica describes Mac Daddy's as a great family-friendly place to grab a bite, and says he believes its staff offers some of the best customer service in Spokane.

"People should come to Mac Daddy's if [they] want a different experience than you would get anywhere else," Bokarica says. "A lot of restaurants offer mac and cheese, but we specialize in it."

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