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The Tin Roof makes furniture shopping fun again! Owner Heather Hanley and her dad, Jim, are on the right.

Heather Hanley is the first to admit that furniture shopping rarely tops the list of ways that folks would typically choose to spend their time.

"A house, a car and furniture are among the most stressful shopping experiences," says the owner of the Tin Roof. "If you're going to furnish a house or even a room, that can be a large expenditure, and that always makes people anxious. You're making an investment, a long-term commitment, so you want to make sure you're getting the best deal."

Since day one, Hanley has set about making the Tin Roof "fun and enjoyable, not something that you dread."

A self-professed "retail enthusiast," Hanley brought that philosophy back to Spokane in the early 2000s after attending college in the Bay Area, where she saw retailers taking a much more engaging approach with their clientele. She was excited by the prospect of creating a store with a more inviting atmosphere — one that would cultivate lifelong customers and take the edge off of finding the perfect home décor.

"We try to make our showroom not just a sea of brown sofas. I want people to be enthused to be here, and I want my staff to be a cut above the rest," Hanley says. "Anyone can sell you a sofa, but I want them to make sure they're addressing your needs, to make sure that long-term commitment is going to be perfect for you."

That concept has certainly worked. Beyond the recognition the Tin Roof has received from the Spokane community year after year, it's also won prestigious industry awards, beating out competing retailers up and down the West Coast. And even though the Tin Roof's website features an extensive catalog that caters to shoppers' preference for online browsing, Hanley says its showroom continues to provide an irreplaceable experience.

"When you're shopping for furniture, you want to sit in it, feel it, touch it. You want to know what the fabric feels like. It makes retail exciting, not just a function of your day. Make shopping fun again — that needs to be our goal."

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