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Chaos Arcade appeals to gamers of all ages.

Beverly and Eric Lee are gamers.

When the couple, who prefer activities beyond the bar scene, moved to Spokane from Colorado, they had difficulty finding new diversions that they enjoyed.

So, they took matters into their own hands. In March 2021, the Lees opened Chaos Arcade in north Spokane, near Francis and Monroe, expanding the local arcade scene for gamers of all ages and interests.

"I [wanted] to bring more to this town, because I like Spokane," says Beverly Lee.

Lee's goal was to create a space where fellow gamers can have fun, minus the vibe of a kiddie place like Chuck E. Cheese. Together, the couple created an arcade catering to an adult crowd while still being family friendly.

"What I didn't expect was how many families would enjoy it here and still feel super comfortable," says Beverly.

From pinball to racing games, Chaos Arcade offers a variety of arcade classics. But what makes Chaos Arcade unique from similar venues is its virtual reality (VR) gaming options. Not only do gamers get the ultimate VR experience at Chaos, they can also play with friends, selecting from a collection of more than 50 VR-compatible games.

After playing, tickets are redeemable for prizes. From enamel pins and imported candy to luxury electronics and novelty memorabilia, Chaos Arcade offers a wide selection.

"They're not just little trinkets for kids," says Beverly. "It's actually stuff that you want."

For gamers in need of a snack, the Chaos Café offers sub sandwiches, pizza, small bites and an assortment of sweets. To keep you energized throughout the gaming extravaganza, boba tea, espresso, frappes and sodas are also on the café menu. Those who seek a buzz can also order craft beer, wine and cocktails.

Gamers with a competitive side can join Chaos Arcade for its VR league nights and occasional tournaments. Coming up next on April 1, from 2-8 pm, Chaos Arcade is partnering with the Army and Navy to host a blood drive, canned food drive and a gaming tournament.

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Tuesdays-Sundays, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. Continues through Jan. 26
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