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Nahiely Heredia makes authentic connections, one follower at a time.

When Nahiely Heredia discovered TikTok in 2020, along with the rest of the world, she never expected it to lead to her job as a content creator. It wasn't until she made a viral video last July that it all became reality.

"That one video literally changed my life," she says.

The video, which now sits at 945,000 views, features Heredia reviewing Amazon and Skims bodysuits as a plus-sized woman. That kickstarted her platform as a self-described "curvy content creator," where she engages her audience of more than 130,400 followers to embrace themselves and their bodies.

"I just like the idea of connecting with women who have struggled seeing themselves or visualizing themselves, in the media and in this world, and loving their body," Heredia says. "People need to love themselves to their core, so that's the people I try to connect with."

With an influx of followers and views, Heredia has since generated enough traction to make influencing a part-time job. Now, she collaborates with brands and creates content for her followers, engaging a diverse community of individuals, including plus-sized women, mothers, Latinas, and any woman who feels underrepresented.

"I wanted to connect, I didn't want to just, like, have a following," Heredia explains. "Numbers are nothing if you don't have a genuine community that supports you."

With dreams of traveling and supporting her family outside the traditional 9-to-5 workday, Heredia has been working hard on the platform to make it a full-time career. And yet, despite her big plans and early successes, Heredia's main goal remains: to inspire and influence women to love themselves and their bodies.

"I just hope to connect to whoever I'm meant to connect to, whatever that means," she says. "I've always said if I can just inspire one person, then I'm doing something right with my life."

2nd PLACE: @trendingnorthwest
3rd PLACE (tie): @jayyroot, @wendleford

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