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Hidden Bagel's not so hidden anymore!

In 2021, smack in the middle of a global pandemic, local ice cream maker Jennifer Davis decided she was ready to heat things up and become a bagel baker.

"It was the pandemic, everyone was making sourdough!" says Davis, who also owns the Scoop, another Inlander reader-approved winner for the region's best ice cream.

Davis sought the teachings of a bagel master in New Jersey and brought this newfound knowledge back to Spokane. Thus, Hidden Bagel was born.

Stepping inside Hidden Bagel's flagship South Hill storefront (1001 W. 25th Ave.), customers' noses are bombarded with amazing aromas. With the Scoop up front slinging chilly sweet treats and the bagel bakery in the back, it's impossible not to fulfill any and all sweet or savory cravings. A cool turquoise blue covers the walls on the Scoop's side of the building while a warm, sunshiney orange welcomes customers to the bagel side. Hidden Bagel also shares a second location with the Scoop's Kendall Yards store.

During Davis' soft launch in December 2021, loyal Scoop customers quickly added Hidden Bagel to their eating routine.

"It was insane," Davis recalls. "I had a hundred instant regulars."

One of those customers today even interrupts our chat to say, "We love her, and we love her bagels!"

These bagel lovers also helped Davis develop a flavor hierarchy: Plain, everything, and blueberry French toast are Hidden Bagel's top three sellers, but other flavors include Asiago, garlic Parmesan and even the quirky pickle cheddar ranch or salted chocolate chip. Cream cheese and flavored "schmears" are also made in house, and bagel sandwiches are a popular grab-and-go option for breakfast, lunch or anytime.

"You gotta try the everything bagel with scallion cream cheese, it's our specialty," Davis recommends.

Initially, Davis planned on making only savory bagels. But when she learned the third-bestselling bagel flavor in the U.S is blueberry, she declared, "If I was going to do a blueberry bagel, it had to be the best."

And she did it. Hidden Bagel's blueberry French toast bagel boasts bursts of fruity sweetness, a crunchy exterior and a chewy interior.

When asked, Davis can't pick a favorite bagel combo, but admits to limiting herself to enjoying just one a day. She's grateful for the community's embrace of this opportunity she took to grow, experiment, create and thrive.

"Spokane gave me a chance and trusted me to take the time and space to figure it all out," Davis says.

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