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Deborah Di Bernardo gives an F-Bomb about coffee and her customers.

First Avenue Coffee's goal is to provide locals with quality coffee for a long time to come.

But perhaps what makes the downtown cafe especially unique in that pursuit is its simultaneous mission of caring for both people and the planet along the way.

"Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world," says Jake Fassbinder, First Avenue's general manager.

This fact underscores First Avenue's focus on organic, sustainable and ethically sourced coffee, coming from 10 different countries around the world. First Avenue's coffee all comes from Spokane's Roast House Coffee, founded in 2010 by Deborah Di Bernardo, who opened the cafe on west First Avenue near the Fox Theater as an extension of Roast House in 2018.

"We also pride ourselves in having vegan and vegetarian options that are not only available, but taste good, too," Fassbinder says.

First Avenue Coffee's menu offers, of course, a host of coffee options.

"We have five different pourover options, three different espressos — decaf and two variations of regular espresso — and in-house sauces and syrups for your lattes," Fassbinder says.

While First Avenue is, of course, known for its high-quality coffee, Fassbinder explains that the shop's baked goods, particularly its donuts, biscuits and coffee cake, tend to be very popular as well. The cafe's entire food menu is gluten-free and vegan.

Since its opening four years ago, First Avenue Coffee has established itself as a go-to spot in the heart of downtown Spokane. During the week, customers tend to come there to work, but during the weekends, things get a little busier.

Open mics are offered weekly in an effort to support local musicians, and environmental trivia is offered monthly. First Avenue's community revolves around coffee, sure, but according to Fassbinder, it's centered on caring, too.

"We care about the customer and the city of Spokane. We care about our world and our environment," he says. "It takes a special person to step outside their own box and realize there's a pretty darn big world out there. At First Avenue, people are paying for community, and they are paying for sustainability. People are caring a little more here."

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