Question of the Week

In honor of our Best Of Issue, we asked readers: What's the best thing about you?

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Neal Schindler: My jokes are AMAZING.

Matthew Weaver: My heart.

Brendan Flynn: I play four different instruments, and everything I've learned on them over the years has been by ear. Or by watching others play.

Bridget E C Freeman: I can sleep like nobody's business!!!

Anastasia Hauflin: My amount of patience ...

Jesse Quintana: My autism and its superpower of hyperfocusing.

Rebecca Bender: My recovery story.

Doolin Dalton: I use pretty good, if ridiculous, nom de plumes on social media.

Shane Mabrey: I'm a school psychologist and a damn good one. I've lived through some pretty awful stuff, so being able to take that and channel it into helping kids that were suffering like me is my superpower. ♦

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