17 fun facts about the touring Hamilton you probably don't know

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1. It takes 13 53-foot trailers to move Hamilton from city to city.

2. When you add up crew members, cast and managers, there are nearly 60 people working to make the show happen every night.

3. There are over 350 lighting instruments and more than 1,000 light cues in Hamilton.

4. Hamilton's sound team makes use of state-of-the-art technology. In fact, some of the speakers are the first of their kind. There are 14 speakers hidden around the set so that the cast can hear the band playing.

5. Every show features a live, 10-member orchestra: two keyboards, drums, percussion, bass, guitar and string quartet.

6. Not all of the musicians are in the orchestra pit. The drummer is in a room just behind the pit for better control over the sound. He stays in sync via a live video and audio feed of the show and the conductor.

7. Engineering, building, painting and automating the Hamilton set took more than 500 days.

8. Almost all the brick and wood on the set is fake. The brick is mostly made of Homasote and Vacuform, while the wood is mostly engineered sheet goods. But some of the backdrop is actually fabric that has been painted by hand to resemble real brick!

9. Hamilton's show deck is only 9 inches tall, yet it houses all the motors, encoders, drivers and other mechanisms needed to make the turntable work.

10. There's a catwalk that flies in at intermission. To spot it, be on the lookout for the subtle change that represents the continued building of America.

11. There are over 50 different types of paper props in the show, and there are over 20 hidden prop boxes around the set.

12. Fabrics for the costumes are made specifically for the show in France and England: The ensemble military wools are hand-woven and dyed in England.

13. Some of the costumes are made of a special color of fabric. The camel colors, for instance, are referred to as HAMIL-TAN.

14. All the shoes are custom made for each performer.

15. The men's shirts are made by a company called Darcy Clothing, dedicated to the style of Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice.

16. King George's white wigs are made of yak hair. His crown weighs 2.5 pounds and has a microphone hidden inside it.

17. Hamilton travels with a full-time physical therapist to make sure the cast is in tip-top shape for every show.

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