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Canned wine, "microdosing" and a pot-friendly dating app

DRINK | Ever wished you could bring wine somewhere but didn't because lugging a bottle and corkscrew around seemed impractical? Canned wine is here to solve that dilemma. FLASQ wines come in sleek, brushed-aluminum tubes with twist-off tops. Each tube contains 375ml — about two-and-a-half glasses — of unremarkable California Merlot or Chardonnay. The container is so cool, you'll want to save it and reuse it as a flask. The upside is the portability; it's the perfect way to sip away an Amtrak ride or afternoon stroll. Best of all, canned wine is still rare enough that most people will just think you're swilling some fancy sports drink.

BOOK | Legendary psychedelic researcher James Fadiman's THE PSYCHEDELIC EXPLORER'S GUIDE was released in 2011 to minimal fanfare. Last week an Alternet article about Fadiman's concept of "microdosing" LSD ignited a surge of interest in the compendium. Fadiman introduces the concept of taking a tiny amount of LSD with breakfast, so little that the effects are "sub-perceptual." Don't trip; benefits include a better-than-coffee buzz that keeps day-trippers feeling "alert and energized all day," according to one of Fadiman's sources who consumed microdoses of mushrooms, not LSD, each morning. A must-read — and probably must-own — manual for any aspiring psychonauts.

APP | Ever wanted to connect with marijuana lovers? The app HIGH THERE! was built to help users do just that. It features a slick, modern interface and allows you to select how you prefer to use marijuana and whether you're in the mood to go out, stay in or just chat. After that, the app shows you other cannabis-friendly individuals looking to do the same. Swipe right if they look like people you'd want to talk or smoke weed with. Otherwise, swipe left. Soon you'll be stacking up friends in the cannabis community from the comfort of your couch.

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