Focused COW lover: Super fun rally on Wednesday (the 8th) evening. You in your red Focus with the COW stickers. Me in the White Corolla. Keep an eye out maybe we can do it again on a Wednesday night.

Donut Date? I saw you at Amy's Doughnuts on Sunday the 12th. You had Jon Snow hair and a '90s heart throb laugh while you were enjoying that Heart Attack on a doughnut. I was sloppy and confused and you were helpful and kind. We both commented on it being our first visit. Maybe we can try another half dozen together sometime?

Mondays: I saw you at the Carl's Jr. on Division this Monday. You got the same thing that you always get, as did I. Seeing you made my Monday. Maybe we can both step away from the rush of the week sometime and grab one of those fancy burgers instead?


You have my back... To the future Mrs. America. I know I said I'd start with the nickle nic but the Inlander is the ONLY paper that needs to be read in the great PNW. Cheers to you for being one of the most loyal, honest, and sincere friends. I appreciate the random messages to see how I'm doing, the total trust that you have in our conversations, and the dope swag you have yet to send me. I'm happy that you've moved on to greater pastures on the west side, but even more happy that our friendship continues on. Tell Cap I said Hi!

Making me feel safe in small towns: You gave me a cigarette and your phone number in a small town. As a queer person worried about finding community in Northern Idaho, you made me feel safe and seen. I hope the rest of your drive went well.

Riverfront Park Birds: Riverfront Park can be a beautiful place to hang out on a nice day (despite the construction - which I won't even get into.) However, it seems just about every time I'm down enjoying it, a group of people always decide to feed the birds. Not only is this bad for the birds and environment, but it sends all the birds into a frenzy. The city needs to post signs along the river walk saying not to feed birds along with some information on why it is harmful


Vet Parking: To the fellow veteran patrolling the Valley Home Depot parking lot Saturday May 4. Not all veterans are Vietnam era. Not all veterans are white. Not all veterans are male. Not all veterans are U.S. citizens. Not all veterans fit into your box, Britney! I cannot imagine a brother or sister in arms returning home and receiving your note. Is that the way we want to welcome veterans into our community? Is that the way we want to thank our veterans for their service? Think about your actions before you go patrolling and trolling. Sincerely, your friendly white, lesbian, 100% disabled OIF/OEF veteran who will continue to park in the veteran parking slot.

Who raised you? I work at a restaurant in a fairly snooty part of town- it's just a bar/grill, but the customer base is mostly rich middle-aged people. Today was Mother's Day. We were absolutely slammed throughout most of the day. I recently lost my mom, and then my son. So today is a really hard day for me. I didn't get much sleep, I cried all night and morning, I had a migrane, and an assortment of other ailments that nobody has the time or attention span to read about. I could have called in, but I didn't, because the restaurant would have sank. Our guests would have been entirely failed. My coworkers wouldn't have been able to make it. So I show up early. I have to clock on early and skip even the simple step of preparing myself a cup of water. But I jump in with a smile. Not a free moment in sight for hours. I'm dizzy. My eyes are swollen from sobbing. I am so thirsty I can barely speak. But I was kind, positive, and attentive. And you know what? People treated me like the sh*t beneath their shoes, even those who got the utmost prompt service... For no reason. How hard is it to treat your server like a human being? To crack a smile? To speak in a pleasant (or even remotely decent) tone? On any given day, if you're going out to eat, you should be kind, or stay home. But seriously, on a holiday of this nature, does it not occur to you that this day you are celebrating is not an easy one for all of us? That perhaps your server is mourning their own mother, AND just lost their child, but has still showed up with a great attitude to ensure your day can be as wonderful as possible? It isn't anything new, but I still find myself in awe of how cruel people can be. I'm treated like this pretty frequently, but today... man, today I could have used some kindness. So please, be conscious, be kind — you don't know the battles those who are serving you are fighting. Tip. Smile back at us. Speak to us like we are people. Suprise, we are.

To the lady beating her kid: Jeers to the mother beating her kid in the parking structure at the NorthTown mall on Sat, May 11th at about 10:50 am. Your child was throwing a tantrum, you yelled and then smacked them several times, they screamed. I was unloading my three boys and yelled at you to not do that. You told me to STFU and that this was your kid and you can do what you want with them. SHAME on you! Just because you gave birth to your children does not give you a right to hit them or beat them. Babies, toddlers and children are human beings, not possessions, and should be treated with the same kindness and respect you would want. While you should be disciplining them to help them learn right from wrong, beating your child until they are hysterical is neither right nor helpful. While I understand tantrums are frustrating, just because size wise you are bigger does not give you the right to strike them. As it is Mother's Day weekend, I really urge you to take a step back and evaluate your actions. Would you like it if someone treated you like that? Doubtful. Children are humans and should be treated like that. I only hope that you read this and learn a better way to be a more effective parent. For the others reading this, say something if you see or hear something. Call CPS, call the police, speak up for these babies who can't speak up for themselves! Be their voice. Do everything you can to help!

University education: To all the students at prestigious colleges and universities in the city. Here is a life lesson that will cost you nothing. Do not walk out in front of vehicles (the law calls it jay walking). It could literally kill you. You are not special, you are not spared from the consequences of science. If you cannot be inconvenienced to use one of the elaborate crosswalks near where you are crossing, how will you ever find your way through the complexities and struggles life will show you. You have lived such a short time and I know it may be so difficult to wrap your head around when thousands of dollars aren't being spent on this bit of knowledge, but I assure you, if you do not listen, it will cost you more than that. Also, those that do cross in front of cars that have respectfully stopped, a bit of a polite hand wave to say, "Thank you, I am aware of someone other than myself." ♦

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