No one puts baby in the drive thru: I saw you tying a tie and dancing to 'I Had the Time of My Life' in the Carl's Jr. drive thru. I wish I had your zest for life. That attitude and your smile were/was contagious

Icebreakers in my place: Hey, you used two of the worst (best) pick up lines I've ever heard on my friend and I last Friday after work while having drinks with a friend of yours at My Place in the Valley. It's Tuesday morning, and I'm still thinking about how funny and cute it was! I'm an "I Saw You" junkie, I wonder if you read them too?

Lock Bridge Babe: I saw you the People's Park, walking down the center of the lock bridge on Tuesday. You helped me overcome my fear of the moving bridge and you didn't mock me for being nervous at all. The sunlight made your blue eyes sparkle.

Green with Happiness (and deals!): I saw you at Green's Fresh Market on Thursday. You were picking up some avocados and corn. Isn't that place fantastic? Amazing deals. Your smile was contagious, as was your laugh. Thank you for brightening my day.

Donut Miss This Place, Sugar! My partner and I will always have a special place in our hearts for Hello Sugar. They are an amazing local business that thrives on creativity and kindness. We have enjoyed their themed doughnuts and sending each other dozens at work as well as sharing the treats with our kids and my family. They have been part of many of our joys this past year. Every visit is fantastic, every employee is effortlessly kind. I love seeing they are celebrating their birthday and may have a new location. I love seeing local businesses thrive and even more so when it's amazing people like these!

You rescued me: Thank you ever so much to the kind and strong woman who scraped me off the sidewalk on Grand Blvd. just south of 33rd Ave. on Saturday morning, June 1. I did not fully articulate my gratitude to you. I hope to be able to 'pay it forward' in the near future.

Apologies in Orange: To the gracious guy in the big black truck I accidentally-on-purpose cut off to steal a sweet parking spot at Northtown Mall on Saturday, I really am sorry. No excuses, just apologies. If you see my jerkface around town come say hi and I'll buy you a burger (or coffee, whatever) to show my sincerity. Jeers to me!

Nice tree thinning job: To the property owners along Highway 291 who thinned their stand of trees while leaving plenty of tall pines. Great job! Your property looks great and has a better chance of dealing with a wildfire. And those many old trees you left there will grow healthy and strong for generations. Nothing can replace our big Ponderosas, but as you seem to realize, they need a bit of space, too.

Freckles: I still think about you every day... Never stopped... Sometimes I wonder if you think of me? Seems like girls always move on faster while men take way longer to finally find someone else... wish this wasn't true but it is. I still feel like you're the one and I shouldn't have let you go so easy... maybe I'm wrong... All I know is no one else makes me feel what I felt when i was with you. Nothing makes sense... I hope your happy though.


Thank you: Cheers to the amazing staff at Clover and the patron who bought us champagne on our anniversary. You made our night so so special. The meal was so amazing and Nico, our bartender provided us with a surprise dessert, a mean cocktail and endless charisma. Such an amazing restaurant and such wonderful staff!

Thank You: To the hard working man who helped out a down-and-out lady buy some makeup and bread. You helped a complete stranger at the dollar store Friday. I needed a few things and had lost my money. I thought I was going to have to walk out empty handed and you came to my rescue. I am grateful that there are still wonderful people like you in the world.


Holy Family Cemetery thief: To the person or persons that decided that my parents gravesite was less important than yours. Why did you have to steal my flower arrangement to make your loved ones look they were special? Perhaps you had a lapse of memory why we were both there to pay respects of loved ones. Yes, I know who you are, and hopefully you can pay your respects to your loved ones in an honorable way next year.

Hacking Washington: I have heard about it and even been reading about it, so there are a few things that mayhaps need to be clarified on this. So I imagine that if businesses would be transplanting from the Westside to the Inland Empire, particularly Spokane area, and of those businesses what do you think the percentage of employees would also move over here? One of the things brought up was the commute time being roughly 10 minutes apart 20 minutes here vs. 30 min there, has anyone noticed the traffic in Spokane lately during Peak hours? Every main arterial is swollen at capacity or greater, that is not mentioning I- 90 depending on the time of day or how fast everyone seems to be driving these days. Yeah let's bring more people to Spokane as we are "beautifying our streets from 4 lanes to 2 lanes and wonder where all the traffic is going because of that. Let's work on maybe getting homegrown businesses started with the quality of the workforce we have here (as the City of Spokane is pitching) let's do more to help who is here. And in the meantime let's work on easing our traffic congestion that is also growing, as is the population.

From Cheers to Jeers: So twice now I've gotten my hopes up thinking I was gonna read a lover's shout out. Nope! They were "not chosen" REALLY?!? What the heck is your problem? For years now I've literally read the Inlander every week just for the I Saw You. Somewhere along the line it went down hill. It lost the real, heartfelt, funny and politically incorrect. If nobody submits them that's one thing. If you guys are playing God, picking and choosing, then shame on you! Only God can judge me. So I guess we will see If this makes the cut... I dare ya!

EBT for Redbull: Twice now I've watched the same woman buy Redbull and use her EBT card to pay for it. Seriously? I'm not sure Redbull is a "necessary item" to live life. I also noticed the large cell phone in your back pocket. If you can afford to pay a cell phone bill you can afford to buy a can of Redbull. Same with lunch programs for students... if you can afford that cell phone you can afford to feed your own kids

Re: Abuse of power: Cop didn't need to be rude but was the cop treated rudely by your son first? I'm guessing yes. I've always thought a "yellow" light meant slow down not speed up because the light was about to go red!!! Seems like the parent might be the stupid driver which may explain why your son was called stupid, if he actually was called that... what about the people using crosswalk when the "yellow light" running speeds up over the speed limit to make a yellow light? On further note you and your son are both dumbass drivers. ♦

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