Compassion Never Gets Old: I saw you at Walgreens on Division last weekend. You made a recommendation for my hands and I am so thankful for your kindness and consideration. Even though I looked like a mess, you made me feel special.

If you were a potato you'd be a sweet one: Saw you in produce area of Winco. Your fruit-themed pick up lines were a hoot. Maybe I owe you a meal sometime?

A Boy (Dog) Named Sue: Our dogs "met" (Sunday, Jan. 5 on Centennial Trail by the blue bridge) and you said yours is named "Sue" ... then I noticed it was a male and laughed — "A boy named Sue — you must like Johnny Cash!" We laughed and I'm still smiling. Wanna walk our pups and see what else is funny?

Re: Lost you: Sounds to me like you never had them in the first place. And as for snake sounds to me like you're the one who knows about her not the other way around who's the snake. And they obviously love her too. So get your own.


1/8/2020 @ McDonalds on Argonne: Thank you to the kind person who paid for my breakfast. It was promptly paid forward. Way to spread the good. Peace we be with you.

Cheers to Local Businesses: Cheers to local businesses trying to stay afloat with minimum wage going up every year! If you love local businesses you should frequent them often or they may close their doors. If you do frequent local stores, bars, or restaurants please don't complain about high prices. Raising prices to stay with increased wages is the only way they will still be there for you.

Hi Beautiful! I just want to say cheers to you for everything you do to make our lives great! I know I don't say it enough, but I appreciate everything you do for us, and I love you more than anything! Love, Me

A Christmas Miracle: Cheers to the two kind ladies who picked us up Christmas Eve, 10 miles south of Ritzville and got us safely to the Texaco in Ritzville and waited to see we got things handled. Cheers to the lady at the Texaco for letting us use your gas can and helped us look for a ride back our pick-up. Cheers to the gentleman who gave us a ride. Thank you all for your kindness on a busy holiday eve.

Patriotic Safeway Courtesy Clerk: Not too many youngsters these days would give up their hard earned paycheck to help out complete strangers and buy their groceries for them, but the one at Liberty Lake payed it forward to a Vietnam Vet and family during hard times. Take a lesson people, set a good example for all.

Spokane's Snowmen / Snowwomen: Cheers to the amazing men and women who plow our streets and keep us safe during the snowstorm. Thank you for everything you do to make sure this city can keep moving, and thank you for bringing peace of mind to all of us nervous drivers this winter.

Cheers to Plow Driver: With its history of poor efforts at snow removal, I was pleasantly surprised this past weekend by the city of Spokane's efforts to clear my neighborhood (Eagle Ridge). Clearing our streets before Monday morning was a huge help. Credit should go to the men and women working long hours behind the wheel of those plows and trucks, especially the one who waited for my neighbor to move her car so she wasn't plowed in. The driver not only waited while she loaded her grandson in a car seat, but then made a second pass to clear the snow from her driveway entrance. Big thank you!

The world could use a lot more of you: Thank you for being such a constant support — ranging from sweeping up broken glass to shopping at Claire's and picking out punk coats — you are always willing to do the things not expected of you or that you might choose not to otherwise. I deeply respect your willingness to put others, especially me- first.

Viva el Son Cubano: A warm thank you to Cuban guitarist Kiki Valera and his Son Cubano musicians for a beautiful performance 1-11 — fabulous percussion, great vocals, bright trumpets. So amazing to see everyone, young and old, dancing in the aisles. However, really wish the Fox engineer had done a better job balancing the sound. Hope to see another Festival de Musica Cubana next year... Cheers to the Inlander for their good article on Kiki last week !

Holiday Lights at Manito: Cheers to the Friends of Manito for volunteering your holiday season evenings and bringing this free beautiful holiday light event to the Gaiser Conservatory in Manito Park. Your passion and advocacy for our beloved park are commendable beyond words. Keep being awesome!


Tailgating Tosser: I truly don't understand the need to tailgate people. Does it really get you where you need to go that much faster? On Tuesday the 7th, you were driving eastbound on I-90 at around 5:45 am in a small tan sedan with ski racks on top. You felt the need to ride my ass to the point where I could barely see your headlights in my rear view mirror and if I had needed to slow down or break suddenly for any reason, you would have hit me. I was in the left lane having just passed a semi truck and was attempting to pass another car that was also going rather slow, but apparently me going almost 10 miles over the speed limit to pass the other car just wasn't good enough for you. Yet once I was able to get the distance I needed to get over, that's when YOU decided to just pass me from the right lane. I'm sure you had a super important place to be, but you need to calm the hell down. One of these days, someone IS actually going to need to slow down or suddenly break with you hugging their bumper like a jackass, and then you'll have no one to blame but yourself.

Re: educate yourself: I couldn't agree with you more. The problem is the median IQ for Spokane is very low (including you). I actually had a hard time reading your "jeers" because of the poor phrasing. Here is an example. "She said Spanish being funny." Is that a sentence? Do you expect people to follow your line of reasoning when you can't write? Spokane is a pretty city, but the people who live in it seem to be inordinately dumb. Related to the stupidity: when it snows and the roads are slick, here is a word to ye Spokane morons. Slow the f—k down! Local news reports said over 100 accidents were reported in a several hour period. How dumb do you have to be to have caused one of these accidents? Maybe one of the a$$h@#l maggot lawyers in Spokompton can make a few calls and drum up some business for themselves due to your idiocy. I advocate for this motto: "Spokane: near nature and near those who are too stupid to avoid being eaten by those more intelligent beings in that nature". Go Cougs (and Bears)!!

Jeers to the ghost in Olympia: Matt Shea, have some respect for your constituents and resign. The 4th District is being short-changed with one less legislator in the state capitol. Oh, you're there... but you've been stripped of any ability to do your job. Leave now and let someone else step up, someone without your personal agenda. Valley voters, you deserve so much more. ♦

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