Sean Murphy, Where Are You??
Sean, you beautiful genius. Where the heck have you been? If you see this, Rachel is looking for you.

Beautification: Thank you to the woman who pulled ALL of the weeds along a full block of N Summit Blvd, just north of Kendall Yards. We saw you and never imagined you'd do the whole block!

Smokers Not Trashers: Cheers to all the Smokers that don't treat the Park, the Street, the World, as their ashtray. Thanks for being Mindful that your Butt is Trash, it does Pollute, it does hurt the Environment and it Belongs in a Garbage Can. For all of you, Thanks and Keep It Up. For those that may need a reminder, could you work on that. Every little bit helps. Sincerely, S.T. Bear

Brilliant readers: You were in line behind me at Global Neighborhood on Friday and were reading that great book with those two sweet little kiddos. I applaud your excellent taste in literature and your commitment to raising those precious children "not right". Way to go!

Thank you: A big thank you to Wesley at Sam's Tree & Landscaping. Every job that you have done for me over the years has been excellent! You always have a positive attitude and a smile on your face. I wish you the best! Lori

IN LOVING MEMORY: Duke Denzel Hardesty was a great soul very loving giving fun playful. The light of all of our lives you will be surely, and sorely missed forever. There won't be a day that goes by that we won't think of you thank you for the wonderful memories love grandma na na and family.

You have no clue: Your significant other complains about you to your family. You have no clue how insecure this person really is. The things this person has said. You think you both know everything. It gets old that you really don't talk to each other. I can't tell you any of it as it would hurt you. I just wanted to get this off my chest.

DON'T KNOW-IT-ALL: Jeers to "NO MASK NO SERVICE" twerp! I have spent 35 years trying to keep my daughter's brain STIMULATED! She has a severe form of autism, OCD and she is mostly nonverbal. She functions educationally at an early 1st grade level and cannot tolerate a mask on her face. Her calendar routine of activities to keep her mind busy and engaged has been wiped clean. She has a disability exemption to enter a store with me (I am masked, of course) so I can care for both of us! Many parents of kids with disabilities know this saying: We thought we would teach our children about the world. Now we find ourselves teaching the world about our children. Same storm. Different boats. Please take that mask off your brain and realize that you don't walk in everyone else's shoes!

The presidents MOCA: Do me a favor and google 'MOCA test' short for 'Montreal Cognitive Assessment.' Does this 5 minute assessment appear adequate to you to establish cognitive competency for the president of the USA? Should we pat his a$$ for naming animals, drawing a clock and recalling today's date? Congratulations on the perfect score DT, but your frontal lobe deficits are still showing.

Road rage: To the wonderful person in that ugly green beat-up Dodge truck at Spoko Fuel on Saturday the 11th. I noticed your horn worked. Had I have known that was your personal gas stop I would have asked permission. Thank you for flipping me off and screaming every obscene word you knew. I'm grateful to you, for you allowed me to see the person I use to be, witch is rather ugly don't you think? I found that going online to www.discoveringthejewishjesus and putting God and Jesus in my heart really helped. Maybe you should give JESUS a try. Love you brother...

Slow the f*** down: I live on Upriver Drive and see a lot of traffic from my patio on the the Centennial Trail mostly people walking, biking and pushing baby strollers. Often times I see these assholes riding motorcycles going over 60 miles an hour down this street which is clearly posted 30 miles an hour. I realize the incredible thrill riding a Harley or some other at a fast speed going around pinpoint corners but that is pale by comparison by hitting someone. So stop being a inconsiderate prick and slow down or better yet go to the Spokane Speedway where you cannot endanger anyone else on your donorcycle.

Wake up veterans: Wake up veterans. Trump does not support you. He doesn't think John McCain is a hero. He mocks Gold Star families. He sides with neo nazis-disrespecting every WW2 veterans. He bad-mouths our respected generals when they continue to serve our country rather than serve Trump. He sucks up to Putin - disrespecting every veteran that served during the Cold War. He ignores the Intel briefing of career professionals. All of us that served know the value of Intel before the mission and the value of debriefing with the intel folks on return from the mission. He doesn't have any use for the intel community. Now, he ignores the intel that Putin pays a bounty to kill U.S. soldiers. Trump's inaction reveals the traitor that he is. Who gets killed next by the Taliban/Putin/Trump team - you, your son or daughter, you father or mother? Vote him out of office so he can be tried for his treasonous acts and be punished in accordance with the laws that he doesn't respect.

Masked self righteous shamer: To the low information self righteous mask-wearing shamer walking around Value Village, shame on YOU. Not everyone CAN wear a mask and for those who honestly can't, going out is a miserable ordeal. You get scolded, told you're a bad person or the icing on the cake is when a douche canoe such as yourself puts his hands up in a cross fashion and says loudly "no mask! no mask! Shame shame!!" I have followed ALL the handwashing, 6ft rules even when others are not. Get off your high horse.

To The Blonde Who Laughed at a Disabled Person: You were in a gold car. You were at the Spokane Valley mall at around 1:30 PM on Friday, the 10th. You saw me using a knee scooter to get around. I just had surgery on my ankle and it is non weight bearing. You rolled down your window, pointed at me standing on the sidewalk, and laughed in my face. You are a cruel person, and I hope karma gets back to you. I don't know what's so funny about bullying disabled people, but you seemed to think it was appropriate. You disgust me.

RE: Cheers to Inlander: Really! You stated "Entertaining & Eye-Opening about people whining about what OTHER people are doing" with regard about not wearing masks. When your actions potentially jeopardizes human life, your damn right I'll whine. Your cheers comments leads one to assume you obviously care less about your fellow citizens & perhaps your own loved ones. Perhaps you'll understand how important wearing masks are when Spokane shutdowns again to curtail this pandemic. All lives, schools, businesses are affected by individuals who careless about our communities. If and when we cross pathways you'll have a personal whining engagement. Be Safe, Stay Healthy & Wear Your Mask!

Jeers to the Jeers Section: Once upon a time, it was interesting reading most of the Inlander including the cheers/jeers section. Now, it's became boring. Can't anyone write anything more interesting than about coronavirus and/or wearing masks? To all those of you who keep talking about either of them, you seem to lack the education to know what you're talking about. Dr. Armand Dorian was once asked what he thought about two prominent politicians (one from each party) talking about the virus. His answer was that it was like listening to someone who'd never played basketball giving advice on how to play. The exact same goes for most people who've written in the jeers section of the silly paper lately about the virus and wearing masks. Unless you have expert knowledge, who cares what you think? Get a life. Looking for intelligent life in Spokane and not finding much. ♦

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