I Saw You

Week of November 26th

To the secretary at a local law firm:
I came in Tuesday morning to sign some excise tax paperwork. When I walked around the corner you took me by surprise. You were so beautiful. I told you I was there to sign some papers and you asked who my lawyer was. I stumbled when trying to tell you that I was not represented by any lawyer there, I just needed to sign papers. When I was leaving I saw you come out through the side doors that were not being used at the time and you went and put change in the meter. I stood and watched you as I made a phone call. I wanted to talk to you but couldn’t muster up the nerve. If you see this, I would love to take you to lunch or dinner. 

Still popping up: I don’t come by because you told me not to but you started popping up as a suggested chat on my messenger and friend on my Facebook. Did you unblock me? 

To the lady looking in that mirror... I know your tired and that light at the end of the tunnel has gotten rather dim lately, but I wanted to let you know that YOU DO MATTER and I hope that by reading this you feel the peace and love sent from my heart to yours. Hang in there, Earth Sister, you are more than good enough and very much so loved by the universe.

Re: In the mirror: That is one of the deepest poems I have ever read. You are a deep soul and are very talented. God bless.

Tamera, might there still be a chance? Hi Tamera, you used to live behind grocery outlet up north. We talked a few times doing laundry, and I enjoyed it. It made me nervous though because I was attracted to you to, but you had a boyfriend at the time. If you’re single now, stop by for a cup of coffee. I wish you the best. Steve

Grievances: I saw you looking for stuff to buy at Pistole. I’ve never seen anyone before. .. you looked good. 

Library superheroes:
You make a difference Spokane library team!! We are so lucky to have you!! With every curbside pickup my spirit is lifted and my therapy costs go down. When you added the ability to add extra items by genre/interest, my mind was blown! Such careful consideration has gone into the additional items you’ve selected for me. You’ve supported me through my covid cooking phase, my language learning phase, my Wes Anderson phase, and my f-ed up memoir phase. Without judgment or delay you’ve provided a weekly lifeline in a tied white grocery bag. I’ve laughed with Bridget Jones, cried with Dickens and cooked with Martha. Sanity saved. Thank you for all you do dear library staff, you are truly Spokane treasures.

Dance: Just keep dancing... anywhere... any moment... any time... just dance... we got this

Costco girl: To the short-haired girl at the Valley Costco exit door! Thank you for keeping the line moving and catching different receipt issues! Not only did you catch an overcharge, but your smiling face and happy attitude were an improvement to my day! It makes life easier when you know that someone is watching out for you! THANK YOU! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Boy Scout food drive: To ALL of the help and support for the Boy Scout Food Drive! You guys make Spokane GREAT! We couldn’t have done it without you! May you enjoy the rest of your year! So much gratitude and Blessing to you all! HAPPINESS and SUPPORT to SPOKANE!

Perfection - or pretty close to it! Four years ago we met in the waiting room of Perfection Tires while we got our snow tires put on for the pending winter. You, tall gentleman - me, short lady. And regardless of what you tell all your friends, (and mine as well, now that I think of it,) YOU asked me for my phone number!!  (Not vice versa.) That was the BEST thing that could have ever happened to us, and now we’re celebrating our first year of marriage! (COVID-19 and double knee replacements be damned!)  I love you so much, and I love being loved by you!  We are blessed!

Mask wearers: Cheers to all of the people wearing masks because it’s a “rule.” Despite nearly everyone in public wearing a mask while out and about, there still seem to be some people that just don’t agree with the policy and so don’t wear one. While I doubt the efficacy of them myself due to the surge of cases across the area and others that have imposed the measure, I do so because some people think it’s a good idea, and it seems to make the public feel safer. To those who don’t want to abide by the temporary rule, why don’t you stay home instead? ...

The disdain you have for the teachers in your life “should” be handled sooner than later. Mommy issues?!...Daddy issues?!..Transferring your anger and angst with a huge dose of disappointment onto those who have something to add to the narrative doesn’t help the move forward. “They” aren’t all know-it-alls, nor do they require the many letters of degrees that you seem to be fighting!! Perhaps you can learn something, from a simple man who’s lived a lot. The learned are often those trudging through life finding a peaceful path, all while blazing a clear trail for those who follow. Maybe you’d be more comfortable being the “one” with the wisdom in the conversation. That appears to be the competition you’re seeking. Find that, or better help. Don’t forget that perhaps YOU are the know-it-all.. Remember to remember...you’re not an architect. That hasn’t kept you from building, has it?

IMHO: Seen the opinion pages in our local newspapers lately? I’ll save you the time and summarize all the letters to the editor. 1. I hate you if you don’t look, talk or think like me; 2. Any event, thing or person who came along after 1960 is evil; and 3. Go back to California, Seattle or Portland. I moved from there myself a couple years ago, but only to get away from “your kind,” so that’s different!

Black mold and low income housing: Black mold growing inside the walls of anyone’s home in Spokane, or in the USA anywhere, needs to be dealt with seriously and professionally. Black mold exposure over time will harm your mind and body significantly. There needs to be a public assessment and mold remediation service in Spokane. Jeers to Spokane County for not providing enough help to those who can’t afford a private mold assessment/remediation service. What is a tenant in Spokane who barely makes ends meet supposed to do when they discover black mold inside their apartment walls? Do you think that every landlord understands how insidious black mold in the home can be?

Fool me once... Jeers to the pompous, overrated, schmuck that lied to my face continuously, and took advantage of my kindness. Ladies & Gentlemen, I recommend you Google search your new person in your life. Some flee across the country and move away from their old life because of the horrible things they have done on many counts... Be careful out their single people... Even snakes have kind blue eyes...

To the anemic tRump “parade”... ... that menaced Lincoln Heights by driving up and down the streets honking your horns on the afternoon of Sunday, November 22nd. “Your candidate lost, get over it.”

“Don’t be a Karen”: To the lady in my neighborhood below Franklin School. You made friends with my neighbor next door. He loaned you his pressure washer. He helped you trim your trees. You asked the neighborhood girl that is friends with him if he would go out on a date with you. He told her the only dates he goes out on are with his dog. And then he put out his Trump signs and his anti BLM signs saying All Lives Matter. You turned into a Karen. You even wrote a letter to this publication bashing him for his beliefs. .. He is the type of person that would do anything for anyone. I’m pretty sure you burned that bridge. ... ♦

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