I Saw You

Week of September 16


NO Mask: Called me rude for suggesting you should be masked — not sure why — I don't want you or your kids to die. Take care, I hope you survive.

Re: I Saw You Again: If I am responding to someone who was writing about me in the first place last week with your response to our little interaction we have had and done so subtle. I feel good about you going with me against your better judgment and falling in love with me when I left back to the valley. I fell for you too. I choose to listen to you, not the lies I continuously hear from others. You have not given me a reason to think that you are deceptive. I have to admit the way things have been going I too am confused at times, but I do understand you and where you are coming from when we do talk.

Meow Kapow! You were in the produce section of the Super 1 on 29th singing to the '80s hits, and occasionally dancing. You wore a sweatshirt featuring a kitten throwing a grenade. I liked the silver in your hair. I complimented your dancing skill and your shirt. You made me laugh. Want to meet up and dance to '80s songs? I have a kitten shirt I can wear too.

Aunt Jenn from Idaho: We met in line entering a high school game on Friday (9/3). I was going to watch my son play, and you were going to watch your niece cheerlead. That says a lot about you! It would be great to meet again.

Helping... But Not Really: We saw you leaving boxes of food, toiletries and clothes in our neighborhood. You feel you are helping people in need, and your heart is in the right place, but you're not helping... really. Most of the food will be wasted, gone bad or not eaten, the toiletries and clothes scattered around our neighborhood and thrown away as trash. Food and goods with no information to break the cycle in not helpful. We saw you trying to be helpful, but your help would go further if you could drop your food at 2d Harvest and the toiletries and clothes at Goodwill or a shelter. Or consider a monetary donation; the organizations know exactly where it is needed most. We saw you trying to be helpful, but helping that way is not helpful... really. Thank you.


Wearing a Mask! The easiest way to measure IQ. Thank you for caring about my health; I know you are probably vaccinated and as tired as I am about this ongoing pandemic; I am so relieved to see I am not alone in wanting to survive. My heart breaks for all those who are so stupid and endangering others. Especially those anti-maskers yelling about freedom. Are you really so dumb you can't tell people are trying to save your life?!

Female Response to Man Who Waved: To the succinct lady making very clear why women recreate outdoors. THANK YOU!!! Most of us worry about unwanted male interactions when we are doing what we're doing. Women being outside IS NOT AN INVITATION...to anything. I LOVED how you focused on exactly what is going through your mind and body when you (we) work out outside. It's NOBLE AND HEALTHY AND STRONG and has absolutely nothing to do with passing males. There was something transcendent about your wording. Almost like... women have a whole myriad of reasons for fitness, working out and adventure... just like men. Hmmm! Anyway just wanted to send a huge thanks!!!!

Got My Shots, Wearing My Masks... And I Thank You! Hope this message makes it way around to anyone who works at our area hospitals: From the bottom of my heart, I express my deepest gratitude for everything you are continuing to do for patients. True heroes wear SCRUBS. To the doctors, nurses and other awesome frontline staff... on behalf of ALL Spokanites... THANK YOU!

Just Chillin': Cheers to the elderly gent who was relaxing and reclining on the free couch and free La-Z-Boy chair on the sidewalk on North Wall Street. I like your style.

Tomato Street: Cheers to the awesome staff and management at The Tomato Street on North Division. My family and I came in on Sept. 1 to celebrate a special a unique event in our lives, and you ALL went above and beyond to make sure we had a great meal, and new memories to cherish. Thank you!

County Commissioners Called Out: Hearty congrats to the citizen who wrote about the deplorable county roads. Living in NW Spokane County, I can attest to the complete lack of road maintenance this past six months. It makes one wonder what is done with the taxes paid — other than the $100K per year the commissioners are paid. Maybe we could name the worst roads after each of them to see if ego would get the roads graded, graveled or, god forbid, paved.

Dedicated South Hill Walker: Cheers to the older gentleman in the grey sweatsuit who walks up and down the South Hill every single evening. The 110-degree heat didn't even stop you; you're a dynamo! I honestly don't know how you do it, but wow! Watching you these past months has truly been a joy and reminds me daily, "If he can do it, I can do it." Thank you for your inspiration.


Unvaxxed by Choice: You seem to be incapable of making a "sacrifice" for the greater good by getting vaxxed. But there is one last chance for you to redeem yourselves and be a real patriot. If you get COVID and need hospitalization, just stay home and deal with the consequences of your choice on your own. Do not contribute to stressing our health care system and let those resources concentrate on those who actually make an effort to protect others and especially for children who cannot get vaxxed. This should match up well with your strong independent beliefs. If you don't need the vaccine, then you do not need help from others if you get too sick. Deal?

Maringo Drive Trailhead: Thief Jeers to the lowlife who stole my e-bike outside the vault toilet at Maringo trailhead. Stepped inside to relieve myself and came out to find your skateboard where my bike had been. Bad on me for trusting in the morals of people that I should take one minute for a piss and not have my bike ripped. Karma is a bitch asshole. Cheers to the gentleman who stopped on the trail and called 911 for me. Turned around and went back up the trail to see if he could find anything. Actually caught the thief coming out of the woods with my bike but couldn't stop him. Appreciate your efforts.

Bad Hair Days at QAnon Salon: Jeers to the creepy QANON hairstylist who bullies her clients and co-workers with ridiculous anti-vax rants and has a sign quoting Ben Franklin on her door that she thinks proves her "point." Ben Franklin was a scientist and and early climatologist who figured out that a weird years' long winter in Europe was caused by a volcanic eruption in Iceland. QAnon Karen misappropriated the Franklin quote of course, but here's one that's perfect for her: "We are all born ignorant, but one must work hard to remain stupid."

Jeers to Meidl: Apparently SPD Chief Meidl doesn't get out much. If he did, he'd see the huge number of Spokane drivers who speed, run red lights and endanger others. If he left his office he'd realize that cutting the police traffic unit is exactly the wrong thing to do. Meidl says he's doing it because of the shortage of officers available to handle police calls. BS! He's short-staffed for several reasons, not the least of which is the large number of officers in administrative positions who shuffle paper. Facing a budget crunch in the mid 00's, then-Chief Bragdon eliminated several captain positions to get more cops on the streets. Those brass are back now along with plenty more ensconced behind the walls of headquarters or their precincts. With Meidl's plan, those 20 mph park and school zones will lack any meaningful enforcement. The only time they'll get an officer will be when your child gets hit by a car. Where's a Spokane cop when you need one? Safely behind their desk counting paper clips. ♦

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