I Saw You

Week of July 28


AMAZING APPOINTMENT: Downtown Spokane Eye Doctor appointment: A wonderful, cheery, genuine girl with the brightest eyes helped me get set up for my eye exam, offered fun conversation and simply helped cheer me up. I wanted to let you know you captivated me, and I would love to see again. I hope you are living a happy life with everything you want. I am just grateful people like you exist in this world.

WOMAN IN VERIZON STORE ON 3/31: I saw you at the Riverpark Square Verizon store on 3/31 around 5:30 pm. You were being helped by a female employee, and I came in and out several times trying to make a cash payment. You kindly let me take care of my bill. I am hoping to connect with you, as you may have witnessed a crime. I am a blonde woman in my mid-30s. Please email me at [email protected]

INAPPROPRIATE USE: Twice I have seen teen girls using cellphones in public restrooms. Violating the privacy of others by filming them unawares is immoral. Being so addicted to your phone that you can't turn it off and focus on other tasks is imbecilic.


ACE HARDWARE PARKING LOT: You were very pretty with a great smile, and you drove a red Toyota Corolla (I think). You came out of Ace hardware at Sullivan and Sprague on Saturday as I was getting out of my truck, and you said, "Sorry I didn't park so well with the lines," and I said, "It's OK; they're only lines." I should have asked you out on the spot, but I did not.


KUDOS TO INLANDER: The look of the Inlander building is the most appealing in Kendall Yards. The boring taupe & brown buildings seem to be an insult to the Lilac City. The sparkling silvery grey of the Inlander building expresses thoughtfulness & class.

INLANDER'S ELECTION 2022: Upon receiving the ballot for the upcoming Spokane County Election, I centered on the Spokane County prosecutor's race. Being referred to as a practical & skeptical person, I pondered before I made a decision as to whom of the candidates is best qualified for this important position. For sure Haskell was out, (look @ his record to see why he was eliminated). The Inlander's article laid out all the info I needed to endorse the most intelligent decision maker. I hope the Inlander provides similar reports relating to other candidates seeking election on the 8.2.22.

CHEERS TO CONCERT STRANGERS! While at the Rise Against show on Friday I was constantly pestered by a random guy while I was just enjoying the show. He rubbed up against me, grabbed me, shook me and yelled right into my ear the entire Rise Against set. Multiple strangers around saw and instead of ignoring the situation stepped in and helped stop him multiple times. These same strangers waited with me until I found an opening to slip away without him seeing at the end of the show, and I appreciate these people so much. I don't know why this guy targeted me, but I'm happy I made it home safe.

HUMANITY: To the Ms. Beautiful and Dillion who on July 23rd at 3 pm sunset grocery covered the funds I was short of. Almost makes me cry to have humanity a reality. Thank you.


SIGN THIEF: Jeers, to candidates and those who work for those candidates who either steal or destroy the political signs of other candidates. Some of those signs cost more than $400 to create and install. They are committing crimes of theft and malicious mischief. This year it's not kids doing this; it is a targeted campaign against certain candidates. And Jeers to the police who do nothing despite having had this reported to them. They could easily cite the perpetrators who were caught in the act or admitted it, but the cops do neither. Someone should investigate this and out the people doing this and the candidates that allow those who work for them to continue their crimes.

HOW CAN THIS BE? How can this be? Every household in the US is now eligible to receive a third set of eight free test kits (for the latest iteration of coronavirus infection), and yet Spokane still has over 600 people living on state land along I-90 as well as camped out along the river due east of the Greene Street Bridge (as well as many other places in the Inland Northwest). All over this region (and many others across the US), there are supply chain issues and signs up asking customers to be patient due to "short staffing." How can this be with so many people living outside of a brick and mortar structure? Puzzling. Very puzzling. It seems like there has been free available money for all kinds of people and organizations over the past few years, but nobody seems to be able to solve the "homeless issue." Hmmmm. Meanwhile, the river shore and trails are sure collecting a lot of refuse.

BEWARD DRIVING TRENT: Jeers to one towing company for turning Trent into your personal parking lot. The center lane is a turn lane, not a parking space... same with the sidewalk, which your trucks and personal employee vehicles are always blocking. The shoulder is a bike lane, again not your parking lot. You are endangering the lives of drivers every day. I've seen semis have to take both lanes to avoid your mess, and scooter-bound folks having to maneuver into traffic because the sidewalk and bike lane are illegally parked. You have made the property you moved onto look like a dump. Shame on you for your horrible stewardship. Jeers to SVPD for not putting a stop to this reckless endangerment.

BAD MANAGEMENT: Shame on horrible landlords NEVER replying to their tenants. The place could be on fire and they would never know since they don't ever reply until months later.

WTF: I grew up in Spokane... meaning, "children of the sun." Stop your f...ing sh... And calm the f... down.

MEDIA TRUMP REPORTS: Why does the media talk about Trump as if he is an ordinary criminal? In my opinion rather than sending "him" to prison, put him in a straight jacket, take him to a sanitarium, lock him up before he incites his imbecile followers to rampage as he did on 1.6.21. How else can he be prevented from dictating another domestic invasion by his ignorant puppets?

RE: DISGUSTING: If you are a veteran, you know that the flag displayed upside down is the official signal flag signifying a ship in distress/dire emergency situation. Can you legitimately condemn some neighbor's upside-down flag as "disgusting" when we live under an officially declared state-of-emergency situation? I don't think so. I think anybody living under a state-of-emergency has a right to hang their flag upside down to acknowledge it until that state-of-emergency has officially ended, even if it means hanging upside down that same flag that was so carefully and formally folded into a triangle and presented to me at the funeral "with respect from a grateful nation."

MISSED CUSTOMER SERVICE OPPORTUNITY: Jeers to a lighting store for their behavior over the return of an order from a good customer. From the time the order was placed, there was no customer follow-up. Part of the order was lost; no calls, no apologies, no notification when the order arrived at the store, and when the order turned out to be the wrong size, only excuses. When I returned the product, I was treated coldly and again with no sign of apology on the horizon and, worse, no offer to see if a new order could be placed. Loss of a customer for good and a warning to others. ♦

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