I Saw You

Week of April 9th


Red Ford of Rage Me: Meandering down Argonne towards the freeway, trying not to get stuck behind the bus in my Suburban, quickly changing lanes to go around it, with at least three car lengths worth of room to do so. You: Angry Bird behind me in a giant red Ford pickup (Napoleon?), deciding he doesn't like people going around the bus by merging into his lane in front of him, so races up to my back bumper, and proceeds to follow me onto I-90 West that way. Then tries to bully through the right on-ramp lane to cut me off but got boxed in. Poor thing. So he decides to ride my bumper in the fast lane for miles until he finds a tiny opening, cuts the person off in the right lane, then again in the far right lane, then zooms in front of a semi in the middle lane, also cutting him off, so that Angry Bird can get next to me. Then decides to not just cut me off in the fast lane, but forces me nearly into the median so that I had to slam my brakes on, because there wasn't enough room. Angry bird, I'd be mad too if I drove a pile of you-know-what Ford. However, chasing women down the freeway because of some ill-perceived idea that women shouldn't be allowed to change lanes, all while dangerously cutting off four other vehicles and endangering dozens to somehow show me cutting people off is bad, is probably not your best quality. You're a narcissistic idiot, but I like Napoleon-complex jerks with bad taste in trucks who enjoy intimidating women. Coffee?

Hastings handsome Wednesday April 1, Hastings on Sullivan. You, handsome black sweatshirt behind me. Me, short dark hair buying a CD for an Easter gift. We made eye contact, I saw you look at me I know you saw me look at you. Driving down Sprague we smiled at each other again. Now I kick myself for not rolling my window down and giving you my number. Maybe we could meet for coffee and discuss a future movie rental together?

When's dinner...? 29th and Perry. Stopped at light. You: parking white pickup in driveway, dark hair with cap and beard. I knew what was for dinner... Pizza! Me: You made my entire week by waving & flashing that welcoming smile to a total stranger. Hope the slices were heaven.

Rockwood on 5th I was getting my blood tested on March 26th. You were the cute, blonde nurse, about 20-22. You had a little trouble pronouncing my name and after I corrected you, we started laughing and really hit it off. I only got to talk to you for 2 minutes, but I felt a real connection. I regret not asking you for your number, but I left my name and number at the information desk. I have no idea if you got it, but I'd really like to talk to you again. Message me at [email protected]

Spaghetti Wednesday April 1st around 5pm @ Spaghetti Factory downtown Spokane. You with 2 cute little girls celebrating a 5-year-old's birthday, me with my teenage daughter. I told the server we would share bread. Our eyes met a bunch. Single? Interested? Care to go out?

Capone's Eye-lock I looked up from my table and my eyes locked with your daring and direct gaze. You have long, black hair and were seated with a collection of younger, equally nice looking women (your daughters?) and one male. You know who you are. I'd like to know, too. [email protected]


Thanks for the Memories To Liam Stewart, #11, Spokane Chiefs. Thanks for the memories and good luck in your future.

Shout Out to the VA in Spokane With all the bad press circulating about the VA, I just wanted to say thanks to the folks over at Physical Therapy. Went in this morning to get information for some shoes for my dad. Asked about compression socks and before we left they were setting us up with an appointment later in the day to get checked out for an electric scooter. Walt & Trish, you guys rock, thanks for going the extra mile for my dad.


Serial can litterers To the compulsive serial litterer who lives or works up on Five Mile prairie, who has single-handedly dumped over 60 tall cans of Old English HG800 High Gravity Malt Liquor along the north end of Five Mile road (and continues to do so). This jerk has deposited the lion's share of litter in this north-facing forest. Someone else had dumped over 100 Steel Reserve High Gravity cans along Waikiki, and continues to do so. Who said one or two people can't make a difference? But your drinking and driving is a problem for everyone.

Smile! To the fella at the DOL who told me I "dropped my smile," I didn't realize I'm not allowed to have a neutral expression. I apologize that I wasn't adhering to your idea that a lady has to smile all the time. To the guy who asked me to dance and when I declined said I was "stuck up," I'm sorry you can't understand that everything isn't about you and maybe I really just didn't want to dance. I will really work harder in the future on doing things with my face and body to please backwards-thinking "gentlemen" like you, I forgot that a lady's body and face are for the sole pleasure of men and I'm not allowed to do what I fell like. Oh wait. No, I won't. My body, my rules.

A Concerned Citizen's Warning  Please don't shop for any reasons for any products at any time at a local business on the Division Street in Spokane, Washington. I was assaulted and injured by persons there and encourage everyone to find your products at other reputable stores with far better products. Assault and battery of customers is a common practice at this store far more than known. Please keep a vigilant eye on this store everyone in the community. Sincerely, A Concerned Citizen.

Right of way To the person in the compensator truck at Trent and Starr who believed they had the right-of-way when turning left on a busy 2-lane road just because they got there before I did, please remember that you do not! It is your responsibility to look all ways to see if traffic is coming, not just who is coming left and right on Trent, but also the person turning right. I should not have to get ran off the road since you do not know how to drive and are trying to impress your girlfriend. Pay attention!!

Grumpy granny needs time out To the granny in the lime green toaster on wheels at Walmart 3-30-15. I asked you in a loud voice "Do you not see me?!" To which you replied "Yes, Unfortunately I do see you." You are supposed to STOP in the white striped zone where people are walking!! That doesn't mean keep turning your toaster car into me. That means STOP! I was wearing a bright maroon shirt. Are you that blind? Or are you that callous?

Pay Raise To all the fast-food workers who are complaining about not enough money maybe you should look at this first. The fast-food business is slow, bottom line. I worked at a fast-food establishment back in the 80's and it was fast food. The way they operate now is a joke and to seek more money when there are tons of people work harder than they do but don't get squat is ridiculous. Don't let the workers fool you, back in the day we had to actually flip burgers now all they do is put em on the grill close the lid and when the lid pops up they take em off and they still take 10 min per order. when fast-food establishments (in the 80's) didn't give a business to just anyone they had 1 min to get someone in and out of drive through, 2-3 to get them out of the store. Now you can drive up and be the only car in line or in the store and it still takes you 7-10 min for them to fill your order. All I'm saying is how bout we get the quality back up first before we look for more money, and fast-food workers wonder why sells are down. "Maybe we should introduce a new burger that will help" they say. No you need to introduce your stores to faster service. Its sad when i can go anywhere else and get faster service than what use to be fast food. Quit your belly aching and speed up your process, by the way, fast-food establishment, I'm one of the people you have lost as a costumer your just too slow. ♦

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