I Saw You

Week of October 20


KELLY GREEN DODGE: I saw you... at a bar, we've seen each other before. You ordered a Bud lite with a Coors lite back, and I was nursing a French flamingo (vodka, 7UP, pickle juice and Pepto Bismol). I threw a dart at your table to get your attention, and you smiled. You took a bite out of my burger while I was in the bathroom and left a note under my napkin... it read "meet me out back, I've got the Kelly green Dodge Durango." I went out back, and you were gone. I get brunch at the beach club on Wednesdays; make on old coal miner's dreams come true.

RE: "EL RODIO" HAS MEANINGS: Hello. No the message wasn't intended for you. There is a specific individual who I was hoping to reach, but I doubt he reads these anyway. At any rate, hope you find whomever you were trying to reach via I Saw You.


EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: Washington Trust Bank, Spokane Main Branch, W. Sprague, Sergio M., Abbey W., Katelyn R., Zachary H., Matt, Brandon & Emily consistently provide outstanding customer service. Thank you all, from a grateful customer.

ALL THE GOOD DOGGOS: Cheers to all the best doggos at Rocket Bakery on Saturday mornings. I'm a cat guy, and even I enjoyed mingling with the friendly good bois a couple weeks ago. Schooner with his floppy little blep, and Bagel with its cute little corgi butt were my favorites. Such good puppers.

UNEXPECTED KINDNESS: Cheers to the nice man who bought the elderly person's groceries next to him in line at Super 1. I was the checker who witnessed this unexpected act of kindness. As he said, "I miss my Grandma."

WARM RESPONSE IN OUR HISTORIC NEIGHBORHOOD: Yesterday a friend and I went door to door advocating for the Historical Cannon Streetcar initiative votes. I was so impressed with the response of my neighbors. I am often reluctant to open my door to someone unfamiliar. We were greeted by everyone with smiles and warm conversations. I love this beautiful historic neighborhood and am so proud of the wonderful people that live here. Thank you to my neighbors who were so welcoming and generous with their time.


CMR TAKES BOW SAVING DAMS: CMR and Rep. Newhouse take a bow for saving the Snake River dams when they have nothing to do with it. It's a scientific question, not a political one. Although scientists and economists on both sides make convincing arguments, climate change is the major culprit. Snake River fish runs have gone boom and bust over the last 45 years, so there are factors other than the four dams at work. In British Columbia and Alaska, fish runs have plummeted on free-running rivers without dams so the common factor is the warming ocean. CMR and Republicans don't "believe" in climate change as if it were some sort of social issue; climate change is a fact. Tearing down multibillion-dollar dams that generate electricity is not the answer; put that money to work on climate change mitigation. And vote for Natasha Hill and Doug White to get the job done.

OUR ENDLESS SUMMER IS NOT "BEAUTIFUL" Dear local weather forecasters: As our October days stretch into weeks of monotonous 70+ degree days with 40s at night, please stop calling what is really a late-season heat dome drying out our region "beautiful"! We are not a bunch of dimwit beach bunnies who just want to have fun in the sun. Ours is supposed to be a temperate climate, not a northern version of the Desert Southwest. Our "meteorologists" should be warning that this record heat, however more bearable than a triple-digit drought, is what happens when Climate Change arrives. We need rain and snow to avoid deforestation and year-round wildfires — oh, and to grow our food, too! Stop celebrating the ominous signs of climate disaster and do your damn jobs.

PEZ DISPENSERS: Loading up a Pez dispenser for your kids is like loading a magazine to shoot yourself. Each round is like five minutes of your kid acting like a psycho. And you know they're going full auto. Like here you go, I loaded the mag. You want a line of Pixie Stix before you shoot?

TOO IMPATIENT: Jeers to the impatient guy who was yelling and honking at the Market Street Dutch Bros baristas last Sunday morning. You seem to think you're the main character, when in actuality, you aren't even named. You're just a caricature of a self-important, entitled white dude. It's a mystery to me as to why your demographic thinks it's time is more important than anyone else's. In addition, all that stress is not good for your physical or mental health. I'm sure you have someone who cares about you. Find them and go for a nice walk in the crisp fall air, touch some grass, and don't be such a dick.

SPOKANE HAS FAILED ITS CITIZENS: Jeers to Spokane. Like whoever is running things. You've failed your hardworking, taxpaying, responsible citizens repeatedly for many months now. The homeless have more rights than any taxpaying member of this community, and it is sickening. Disgusting. This is not the Spokane I remember in the '80s and '90s. Gone is the wholesome Lilac City. Now it's a dumping ground. DO SOMETHING!

RE: CATHY MCMORRIS, REALLY: You said Biden lowered gas prices. That's hilarious! First, I thought the president has very little control over gas prices. When the prices were rising, every single day, and here we go again, we were told it was Putin's price hike. When the prices were artificially lowered because Sleepy flooded the markets with our strategic reserves, suddenly the president controls gas prices and he takes credit for lower prices, yet the war in Ukraine rages on. Second, where are you buying your gas? It is a few cents shy of 5 bucks a gallon as of 10/13. Just wait until the midterms, expect WAY over 5/gallon.

VOTE THOUGHTFULLY: Jeers to partisan politics and BS campaign ads over principled governance, honest intellectual debate and decisive leadership. Instead of a "red wave" election next month, how about a red-white-and-blue wave, where real Americans — like our friends and neighbors — come together to vote in changes that benefit all citizens, not just favored and moneyed minority interests and groups. We're all seeing the results of the last two years' "progressive" agenda, and can we agree that it's ruining our country at every level? I don't need to recount the ways an average working family is suffering right now, and we don't need career politicians to "fight" for this or that; we need courageous LEADERS to become public servants again and make some hard decisions to buck up our nation's strengths and tap its potential. Take some damn responsibility for your actions and just FIX the problems or step aside.

HISTORY AND PRO-LIFERS: History will convict the prolife movement and its Catholic members (clergy and laity) of a great moral and political crime. When they equated women's pursuit of bodily autonomy and self-determination with selfish individualism, Catholic prolifers took authoritarianism by the hand and, across 50 years, walked it straight into US democracy.

AIMING LOW: Driving away from the south end of the Maple Street Bridge, past the weeds, dirt and trash, I was reminded of a recent Inlander column that lauded Spokane parks. In their column, Gavin Cooley and Rick Romero state they're going to help Spokane achieve the best park system in the nation by 2024. I suggest you start by cleaning up current park properties. Once green grass and a couple of shade trees, the land at the south end of the bridge adjacent to the BNSF tracks was abandoned this year by the Parks Department. No longer maintained, it's now just a field of dirt and trash, occasionally occupied by transients in tents. And the pedestrian bridge that crosses over traffic is now being used as a toilet. Thousands of drivers and pedestrians pass this former green space daily. Now, instead of being an asset, it's an embarrassment. ♦

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