I Saw You

Week of June 1


DEE PLANE: I saw you 737, up in the sky, with four fighter jets escorting, two off of each wing, on Tuesday, May 23, 11:30ish am. Who was so important on board? Please respond!

MESSED UP: I know I messed up but I have turned my life around since then. I just want to apologize and know you are healthy. You were going through some scary stuff when you left. Hopefully we can be friends and catch up on how things are.


TAP HOUSE GUARDIAN ANGEL: To the attractive long curly haired woman sitting with two other woman in the bar thanks once again for spotting my sunglasses under my barstool. I would love to chat again over coffee or a drink of your choice. Please respond if interested. Thanks.


RE: TERESA "THIS IS ABOUT YOU" Apology accepted and you never lost your friend. I would love to get together sometime and catch up, if you want to.

THANKS FOR SUPPORTING GARDEN EXPO: Hey Spokane, thanks for turning out in force to support Garden Expo at SCC on May 13!! The garden show is put on by a local nonprofit garden club called The Inland Empire Gardeners. It was a picture-perfect day and a record number of vendors, food trucks and attendees. As you can imagine, it takes a lot of planning and volunteers to make it happen. Spokane loves gardening, and so do we. So save the date for next year's Garden Expo, May 11, 2024. Extra thanks to Spokane Community College for allowing us to host it there.

BLOOMSDAY 2023: Cheers to the organizers and volunteers for Bloomsday 2023! Once again, it was a spectacular event showing that there are some good things about Spokane, regardless of what others say. Thank you for placing those signs several places that indicated which side walkers are to be on. Many of the walkers didn't pay attention (or can't read), but thanks for trying anyhow. Besides having to zigzag around the walkers at some places the race was just amazing. Also, the finishers shirt was among the best in recent years. So, thank you to all, and wishing for many more like it. Cheers also to the runners in 2020 and 2021 who ran the course together anyhow when the event was only run virtual. Nobody got ill then either, just like this year. Imagine that!

BRAVO, MT. SPOKANE: I know it may be late, but a great year and great job by the staff at Mt. Spokane Ski Park. The daily shuttle service in the parking lot is a godsend, especially with kids, and everyone is so helpful. The moonlight skiing was a new experience our family will never forget. Thank you!

STA PARATRANSIT: Cheers to the STA Paratransit drivers, schedulers, dispatchers and supervisors! The Paratransit service is the only way that many people in Spokane can get around. They all do their best to get us where we need to go and to do it on time! Sometimes people are rude, unappreciative, and unkind to them and seem to think that they are the only ones that matter. Every single person that I have dealt with at Paratransit has done their very best to help me, even when they are short-staffed and working overtime. Please be kind! Especially to people that are doing their best to help customers with disabilities with their transportation. The people that work at Paratransit are some of the best people I have ever dealt with.

BIKING TO WORK-ERS: Cheers to the folks riding their bikes to work during Bike To Work Week. The weather couldn't be better for a morning commute on a bicycle. You deserve those free pancakes in Riverfront Park!

DOWNTOWN BIKE LANES: Yay to the city for building a nice new bike lane on Riverside in downtown Spokane. It looks great and is a big step in the right direction. But it only took a couple of days for people parking their cars to knock down a bunch of plastic bollards that were barely glued down. How about twice as many bollards, this time bolted down?

REGIONAL GEOLOGY PRIMER: Tim Connor's excellent April 6 article highlighting regional geology is an accurate and interesting introduction to the physical features that one often passes by without a clue as to the astounding significance they represent. For those interested in more detail, Andy Buddington, esteemed professor of geology at SCC, presents with fervent enthusiasm, most fascinating and thorough classes on the topic not only for students, but also for people not seeking a degree through the Act 2 program. Having lived here all my life, Andy's classes have enlightened me to the point that life is much more interesting as I now understand many of the geologic features that are readily visible all around us. The Act 2 classes are almost free!


SHAMEFUL SPOKANE CITIZENS: I am more than disgusted and shocked with the rudeness and disrespect of Spokane citizens. I attended the Lilac Parade. I got down to the parade area five hours early to secure my seat in a position where nobody would be getting in front of me. As the time neared, people started crowding me out and sitting down in front of my spot. I had to tell several people that they were not going to sit there and ruin my view. On the right side of me was a mom and mother-in-law sitting there with several children. The children were yelling and screaming at the top of their lungs. The parent did nothing. While I am trying to enjoy the parade, people were darting across the street, making it very unpleasant to enjoy the fluidity of the parade. Why can't people just stay where they are and watch the parade in its entirety? This was absolutely beyond rude. I actually left the parade early due. Shameful Spokane shameful shameful shameful.

HEADACHES OF NOISE POLLUTION: Jeers to all the IDIOTS with purposely loud vehicles. Revving your engine just to hear it or make others hear it just says you're trying to compensate for missing tools. There is no female anywhere that hears your loud engine and just can't wait to be with you. Sleeping is nearly impossible because you all race each other on residential streets from 10 pm to 1 am. Grow a set and STOP purposely making noise with your loud vehicles.

FREEDOM: Why is it the party that screams about "freedom and less government spending" is the same party that wants to take away your freedoms and adds more to the deficit than the other party? I'm so sick of narrow minded people trying to tell me what to do and how to live my life. Mind yourselves not others. I think it's time to start picketing churches of all kinds and tell all the "low brain pans" how ridiculously narrow their ideas are and that some of us will not take it anymore. Take care of your own business, not mine!

UNMANLY MAN: Real men take responsibility for their actions. The first place cowards run and hide is behind lies. So what kind of man never takes any personal responsibility and takes credit for the success of others? How do we measure the cowardice of a man who was documented telling over 31,000 lies in a mere four years and still continues to lie at a breakneck pace? How should we measure the character of the men who worship and defend such moral cowardice? Is it because they see themselves in the man? Are they fine with being cowardly liars and unmanly puppets that bear no personal responsibility for their unsuccessful lives? I respect real men. I will never respect those who wallow in lies like pigs in mud. You are an embarrassment to our great nation and the men and women of extraordinary courage who made it the beacon of democracy around the world. We reject your bigotry, hatred and violence.

RE: VOTERS: Communists! Marxists! Socialists! THE SKY IS FALLING! THE SKY IS FALLING! Signed, C. Little

CDA ON- AND OFF-RAMPS: I eagerly await the day that the off- and on-ramps in CDA are updated from their 1960s origins. Driving by them every time, it is impressive that we don't have more accidents on I-90 there. Even though Spokane has it share of bad portions of interstate, CDA reminds everyone that it could be worse, and I have to imagine even back in the '60s you could have at least created a merging lane for the distance between Fourth Street and US 95 exits.

YOU BROUGHT A BABY...TO A BAR: As the weather starts getting better, I want to preemptively send jeers to those who are about to make a regular occurrence of bringing their underage children to breweries. I get the appeal. There are fun activities, lots of board games, and yes, most breweries encourage family involvement. That said, it's still a bar. And yes, I'm aware that a brewery is not a bar in the eyes of the liquor board, so spare me the lesson in semantics. To those who are able to have a beer, play a game and keep their kids from screaming and running around? More power to you. Well done. I've heard stories of such things happening, but much like the existence of the great white buffalo, no one has ever seen such a thing. In reality, it turns into parents who prioritize drinking over interacting with their own children and then go full "Karen" when someone drops an f-bomb at a bar in front of their little darlings. Take it elsewhere. ♦

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