BLONDE IN BLACK: Tuesday noonish. You bought jug of laundry soap, saw you in green subaru wagon. I was in Toyota truck, exchanged glances, wish I wouldve said something. May I get a mulligan? Lol

TRISCUITBOB! Just wanted to let you know that the Reddit community of Spokane appreciates and misses you. We're all sending you well wishes and hope that everything is going superbly in your life!

YOU HELPED ME REACH CAT FOOD: The cat food Princess Katniss Fuzzbot wanted was on the top shelf, and I was jumping up to get it. You came in to help and was able to grab it after only one try. This seems like a simple thing, but you were also a short woman. Thank you for also having the short struggle and still helping.

WHITE '99 FORD RANGER, CHUCK 70S: See you around a lot. Repping Chuck 70s, Levi's (or maybe it's bdg jeans), and silver star earrings. Just wanted to say hi. I really like your truck.

NO MILK-BONES FOR DOGS: I was on a bike in Kendall Yards and said I had no Milk-Bones for your two dogs. You, fit, thin blond, black pants, dog emblem. I'll have bones for them, chicken piccata for you! Lol. Sunday am, 7:45ish, Aug 13.


HANDSOME MAN IN RED SHIRT: I was daydreaming when I saw a handsome man in a red shirt and shorts passing in front of me in Duncan Garden at Manito Park, out for his walk. You looked my way twice almost like you recognized me. Whatever the case, you made my day.


THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT: Thank you, Spokane, for graciously giving your love to help kids in our community. COVID was so hard, but particularly for children in our community. The Boys and Girls Club has been a safe place for so many over the years. Please consider donating: www.bgcspokane.org/donate

RE: OPEN A NEW CHINESE RESTAURANT: Don't be sleeping on Black Straw! Incredible quality and delicious Chinese food. We — a pregnant mother, two teenagers, and a hungry dad — ordered two meats and a thing of noodles, and it was enough food for dinner, and three leftover meals for the pregnant mom. The owner is amazing and always present and actively contributing. We highly recommend you check it out! P.S.: Even the frugal dad thinks the egg rolls are worth the price.


BACKYARD BONFIRE: Do you think you're sneaky, do you just not care, or are you stupid? Besides the fact that the outdoor temperature doesn't begin to necessitate a fire, there's a burn ban and a "red flag warning" in place. Your neighbors and their homes would thank you to put off your wood burning, and we don't need to smell your smoke to remember 20,000+ acres burned, 366 homes lost, two people died, and countless pets and animals missing or worse. I hope the fire crews, responders, police and volunteers who worked 18-hour shifts to keep people safe and alive are proud of the hard hours, days, and weeks of work they did, and you learn to show them some respect by following the law. Call the Burn Info Hotline at 509-477-4710 or online at www.SpokaneCleanAir.org

GILLIGAN, NOT THE SKIPPER: Saturday afternoon my husband and I walked down to a North Monroe bar to an icy cold pitcher. The handful of people were friendly and spirited while telling my husband he reminded them of someone. We guessed Gilligan as he has a small stature and it is his go-to costume for Halloween for the last 30 years. I want to ask WTF? to the guy at the bar who proudly asked, "Does that make you the Skipper?" Thanks so much for calling out the obvious that I outweigh the 145 pounds that is my husband of 26 years. At least I had enough grace to laugh it off and move on after being insulted by the douche bag at the bar. I would have loved to say more and should have AND would have appreciated anyone in the bar, including my husband, to call the guy on his lack of class. Trying to only bring joy because really, I'm awesome AF!

TOO EARLY, TOO TACKY: Just because stores put goods related to Halloween and Christmas out in July doesn't mean that Oct. 31 decorations should be displayed mid-September. The appeal of the two days is rarity, magic, and some spirituality. Don't make them common and crass.

STOLE MY STUFF: Jeers to the person who broke the window in my truck and took all my dirt bike gear. I'm sure you have no use for it. So if anybody comes across my gear in a dumpster, please contact police or maybe relay a message to me here. Helmet, pants, jerseys, and all my shoes. It seems nothing is sacred and nothing is safe. Peace to all people who care about each other.

DO YOU READ WHAT YOU POST? Every message here shows the mental illness that runs rampant in this community. Liberals are foaming at the mouth CONSTANTLY; conservatives are doing what they do. But the complaints from both sides of you d bags is absolutely disgusting. Take a long, long look at the garbage both sides post. You guys are 100 percent WHAT'S WRONG WITH AMERICA these days. Disgusting. This whole publication should be ashamed of the vitriol and garbage they publish, and allow others to post.

RE: DECORATE LIKE OTHER PEOPLE LIVE HERE: When did I finally decide to seek out therapy? When I could no longer drive past those ubiquitous "drive like your kids live here" signs around town without crying and insisting that all my neighbors must be responsible for the tremendous pain that I felt inside me. Hang in there. Seek and ye shall find.

DEAR STUPID: Stupid People of Spokane: You know that lane on the south side of Upriver Drive along the Centennial Trail? That's called a trail, for runners or walkers or bikers. When you pass a driver on the right side, that's illegal. That's because people are walking or running or biking on it as you pass. I am one of those people. If you strike me with your car, my family will press charges against you for third-degree manslaughter. The trail isn't a personal passing zone for you, a—hole.

LAZY ZOOMERS: Jeers to all you lazy Zoomers who don't wanna work. You just want to stay home, smoke pot and collect a paycheck. Once our socialist overlords make Universal Basic Income a reality, most businesses will have to outsource their labor I reckon. Enjoy your successful careers at streaming video games. Way to dream BIG.

RE: LAZY ZOOMERS: Which streamer hurt you that bad? Universal basic income would help families, generate money for purchases for said businesses from that basic income or have extra spending cash toward our city's economy. Gen X, Millennials, Zoomers and even Boomers are struggling these days, especially with high taxes, high gas, high prices for rent or to buy a home, and high prices of food. Businesses have been planning to outsource/cut workers even before the pandemic. Universal Basic Income, even Child Tax Credit, would heavily benefit everyone in this country. It would improve life expectancy or life in general as an American, the line "nobody wants to work" has been used profusely for generations; take that anger toward a positive outlook that would benefit all of us as Americans.

DRIVERS IN STRIP MALL PARKING: Lots Dear Speeders, Jerks, Narcissists, and the Chronically Oblivious. You know those painted grids of White or Yellow Lines on the ground outside the Entry/Exit Doors at local discount stores? They mean PEDESTRIANS, ONCE THEY HAVE SET FOOT ON THEM, HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY! A parking lot is just that, a lot full of people parking their cars and walking to and from businesses. It is NOT part of the street, avenue, arterial, highway, or a convenient way to avoid a Red Light. When People Are In The DESIGNATED CROSSING ZONE, it means People Driving Cars need to Slow Down or Stop to give Pedestrians the Right of Way! It does NOT mean Speed Up to Pass Them or Slow Down and Keep Coming On until you're Three Feet from making contact with other people's legs, carts, walkers, wheelchairs, children, or service animals! I'm sorry you're late, in a hurry, or upset at being inconvenienced by people in Your Path. Have a care. Get some therapy. Grow a brain. Pay Attention. Make an effort. Look both ways. Slow Down. Stop and Let Pedestrians Go By. It Won't Kill You! The Lawsuit can be avoided. The Road Rage averted. Hell, maybe you'll even get Brownie Points in your next life. Honestly, isn't it enough You Don't Risk Someone Else's? ♦

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