I Saw You

Week of December 7

Let's Be Together Forever Sexy Girl, I love you so much. Your smile melts me, You laugh warms my heart, every minute I spend with you I fall in love with you over and over again. You are so beautiful and perfect for me. I want you in my arms for the rest of our lives. Love you Baby... Sexy Guy

South Hill Living I saw you with Brian. Did you tell anyone? How you were with me from August until October? Did it make you feel good to be wanted, Aunt Tay Tay? The night you built the Chicken Coop to the Beetlejuice date (which like most things with you ended in disappointment) you snuck over. Behind both our backs. I found out from some of your friends... thankfully I still had/have the texts to show what really happened. So people know. And you know how that spreads. God, the picture you sent me from the lake with the kid. Remember that argument? It makes me sad now. You are a bad person.

February 7th, 2012 Tonight I'm replaying that first night we met. Feeling those excited jitters I got pulling up to your house and seeing you in that ridiculous Mickey Mouse hat, your leather, graphic tee, ripped up light wash Rockawear's with the holes in both knees that were so big they defeated the purpose of pants lol our first hug and spending the entire night talking as if we had known each other forever and were catching each other up. Tonight I'm missing that you, the best friend I ever had. I wish that I could pick up the phone and call you, text you, get one of your fix it all hugs. I wish I didn't still miss you this much. I know you'll never see this, but just putting it out there makes me feel a little less hollow. I wish I could just come home, now.

Isn't it Ironic? 11/29/17 5:05am - You were going 100mph down the freeway in your Tahoe. Your licence plate was 'PATIENC'...a little ironic, don't ya think?

Photographer of LGBTQ Coming Out Stories Cheers to the photographer who took photos of Odyssey Youth a decade or so ago. Thank you for the beautiful pictures you took of these LGBTQ youth to which they attached their coming out stories. One of these youth was my daughter, Alice Hale, who died on April 21, 2015, of SUDEP -- Sudden Unexpected Death in EPilepsy. I have spoken to you several times but have lost your name & number now that I can afford to buy a photograph of Alice. Please contact me at [email protected]

My Constant Comfort It's been more than half a year now. You have almost always put me first and you instantly jump to be my knight in shining armor in times of need and pain. I can feel pain and stress physically leech from my body in your presence. To say you comfort me is an understatement, to say you complete me is cheesy -- I just love you, endlessly.

Barista Badass! Thanks for having my back Michael. (Safeway Starbucks) That nasty old man hit on me and I was too shocked and horrified to respond. You had my back though, comparing him to Harvey Weinstein and shutting him the hell up! Cheers to you! Keep calling out unsavory scum and making delicious coffee!

Random Act of Coffee To the nice gentleman who brought me a coffee at Spencers - Thank you!!! Your gracious gesture quickly put me in the holiday spirit. I will not forget your kindness and will pass the random act of kindness along. Thank you for making my day!

Last Christmas You are the most wonderful, kindest, loving and intelligent man I have ever been around. I love how gentle and sincere you are to me, and you are a true gentleman and you treat me like a lady. I know you see into my heart beyond all my rough exterior, and you love me just the same. You make me feel like I'm the most beautiful woman in the world. Thank you for loving me for me. Thank you for being patient with me. You are my hero.

Molly's Hero To Emily at Molly's Family Restaurant: We fell on hard times and I brought my two daughters in for breakfast (two students of the month at their school). We were ordering from the cheap menu and you started talking to my daughters. Thank you for taking notice and for your generous loving gift. You are making our Christmas a great one.

Unleashed dog walkers A couple of weeks ago, my wife was walking our two small dogs on-leash on the Centennial Trail. From out of nowhere an off-leash Pit Bull ran up and attacked and killed one of our little guys. The pit bull's owner was clueless, had absolutely no control over her dog, and did not even appear upset at what she and her dog had done. After animal control was notified, her dog ended up being put down. So, just because she thought the law didn't apply to her and that her dog "deserved" to run wild, now we both have lost our dogs. Look, people, the leash law isn't in place to punish you or your dog. It is to protect others. If you absolutely must have your dog off-leash, go to a designated dog park, or move out in the country. We lost a member of our family because someone was a selfish a-hole who thinks that the laws don't apply to them.

Light Blue Subaru To the woman driving the light blue Subaru south on Wall Wednesday night around 4, you were driving SO SLOW. To be exact, a solid 25 or less in a thirty zone. Thanks to you and your slow @$$, I was late getting home to my grandmother who slipped and fell and was waiting for me to take her to the hospital. I hope you feel good about yourself because let me tell you, I felt sick to my stomach the entire time I was behind you.

Terrible Ramen Eating Friend To the lady at King Ramen 11/29 around dinner time, facetiming with speakerphone on (which BTW is RUDE). You were talking to your friend about another friend who has depression. You're truly a terrible friend who's ill informed about mental health issues. Your view on 'helping' others by telling them to 'get over it' is the reason why so many people who are ill refuse to reach out for assistance. I hope you have a terrible holiday and that your 'friend' finds some real help.

SJW shouting at Argonne Starbucks I am sorry that your brother died due to a distracted driver or someone texting while driving. I am happy you feel so strongly about people partaking in this behavior to the point of shouting obscene and vulgar language to try to get them to disengage from using their electronic device. That being said, you should also be aware of your surroundings. Trying to cross into traffic at a non crossing area, blocking traffic to yell at someone to stop being distracted almost caused yourself to be a victim of being hit by a law abiding driver. If you become the distraction and cause someone else to hit you because you are trying to make the world safer maybe you should reconsider your actions. Consider your actions because your public shame almost caused more people to get hurt. I was stuck in an area that I could not turn out of due to your screaming in the road.

tnt del marquette and george ryan I love u two very much sorry u are in jail for your b-day son ill make it up to u and i hope u both are free to send the holidays with me because right now everyone i love is in spokane county for doing nothing wrong i miss u too love always your mother and wife jeanette marquette

Little Pride in Family/Spokane Christmas time in Spokane! Family opportunity to go out and do all kinds of wonderful things. I can remember as a child in a blue collar family that we all looked forward to these times and would want to represent the family in ways that would show we took pride in our family AND where we live. Boy, are those days LONG GONE! Sadly the Crescent window is LONG gone. The automatronic puppets and decorations were a huge draw in Spokane. Every kid (and most adults) had their noses Pressed against the glass to see Every item. You could stand there for what seemed forever without seeing all of it! It was Magic! Now days I would say the Christmas Trees at the Davenport would be one of the bigger draws for families. How Festive! Saturday night was Packed. Trees where beautifully dressed and as always the Historic Davenport Hotel had their best foot forward---lots of effort and Pride. The people of Spokane? Way too many people dressed like Trailer Trash! Impoverished? OK some---few. Most just too lazy to take Any pride in themselves OR Spokane. And Yes it was/is That obvious. You think this a generalized unfair judgment? Look around! No Pride at ALL! How much effort does it take to put something on that isn't a T-shirt with a ball cap on backwards? (same things they wear to church IF they go to church) This country is going down the toilet using every excuse other than taking responsibility for one's self. I'm sure many will take issue with this but just look around there's your answer!

Harvey Weinsteins of Spokane You know who you are. You need to be held accountable for what you've done. One day, you will be.

Tailgating To the insensitive idiot tailgating me on the way to SFCC: What makes you think you have more right to get where you're going than the rest of us? Tailgating is not only rude and dangerous, but illegal. If you're running late, that's your problem; don't make it everyone else's. ♦

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