Local artisans are catering to the needs of pet owners, creating everything from special treats to "outfits" and also offering ways to honor a pet's passing

Pets are everything to us. They're with us through every tough moment, all of the highs and lows, and bring us comfort when nothing else can. It's only fair that we pay it forward. These local products and businesses are perfect ways to give your cat, dog or other furry companion the extra love that they deserve. And when we confront the sadness of losing a pet, there are also local creators specializing in offering comfort and preserving happy memories.

click to enlarge Local artisans are catering to the needs of pet owners, creating everything from special treats to "outfits" and also offering ways to honor a pet's passing
A bacon-topped cupcake from Fetch Barkery


Susan Smith spent the pandemic like most people: baking in her home kitchen. Except she wasn't baking pastries or cakes, she was baking treats for her dogs.

"Before I decided on opening Fetch," she says. "I made sure there wasn't another barkery in town. After that, I decided to start going to farmers markets and eventually bought our iconic Fetch trailer."

Now, Fetch Barkery provides hand-crafted treats that omit salt, sugars and preservatives in order to make them completely dog-friendly. The all-natural treats range from cheese biscuits to full-on bark-day cakes with chicken heart centers — not too appetizing to the human palate but mouthwatering to your furry friends.

And, yes, all of the treats go through extensive taste-testing by Smith's three dogs: Ann, Betsy and Sam. Smith says they all have very different personalities, so she can tell when the treat will be a hit at the Barkery or not.

"I really love what I do," Smith says. "It brings me a lot of happiness."

Fetch's treat trailer frequents farmers markets and dog parks in the Spokane area all summer long. Follow @fetchbarkery on Instagram to see their weekly schedule and where to find the treat trailer on a weekly basis. Barkday cakes and various treats are available for purchase on Fetch's website at fetchbarkeryspokane.com.

click to enlarge Local artisans are catering to the needs of pet owners, creating everything from special treats to "outfits" and also offering ways to honor a pet's passing
A handmade basket from PawsitiveCreations4U on Etsy.


It's something no one ever likes to think about, but pet loss is a sad reality that all pet owners will face eventually.

It's tough to gauge how to approach giving sympathy in that situation, but Mary Wilber's pet sympathy baskets convey so much when it's hard to say anything at all.

"I started making these baskets about six or seven years ago," Wilber says. "I lost one of my German shepherds and really appreciated all of the sympathy and cards I received. I wanted to create something that validates the emotions that happen when you lose a pet. You aren't just losing a pet, you're losing a member of your family."

Each basket is filled with soothing items including a candle, a tissue box, a paw-shaped fridge magnet, wildflower seeds and a sympathy card. Wilder hand makes each item and her husband handmakes the wooden baskets the items come in.

"I'm semi-retired so this is my hobby," she says. "It makes me and others happy. That's all I can ask for."

You can purchase Wilber's handmade pet sympathy baskets at etsy.com/shop/PawsitiveCreations4U. They range in price from $45-$60 and are customizable to fit the needs of the customer.


Oftentimes, the loss of a pet is diminished. We don't often hold memorials for our furry friends and are expected to carry on like normal through our daily lives even after a member of our family has crossed the rainbow bridge.

In order to keep the spirit of your pet alive, Jessie Corigilano of the Hemlock Street Jeweler creates beautiful, handcrafted jewelry that memorializes your beloved pet forever.

The local jeweler is offering two memorial pieces on her website at the moment: a cat portrait intaglio pendant and a memorial urn necklace.

The portrait pendant is made out of 18k gold and clear quartz and will run you just over $3,000. The portrait is etched by hand onto the quartz, which is said to be the gem of healing. Customers can choose their own photo of their cat, submit it through Corigilano's website and receive the custom-made piece in 12-16 weeks.

The memorial urn pendant can be constructed out of 14k gold or sterling silver and will run customers anywhere from $1,255-$3,070. Find Corgilano's work on her Instagram (@hemlockstreetjeweler) or her website, hemlockstreetjeweler.com.

click to enlarge Local artisans are catering to the needs of pet owners, creating everything from special treats to "outfits" and also offering ways to honor a pet's passing
A homesewn outfit from Sofi


There's no better feeling than seeing a dog all dressed up in the wild. Dogs in sweaters. Dogs in raincoats. You name it, they bring joy to all who bear witness.

Terri — of Sofi and Friends — is determined to continue bringing that joy with her sewing patterns made specifically for dog clothing; however, her patterns aren't your typical run-of-the-mill shirts and sweaters.

If you've ever wanted to see your pup in full tuxedo or a poofy ballgown, she's got you covered. Of course, you have to know how to sew in order to make these dreams a reality, but sheer determination should be your No. 1 motivation. (That and the adorable pics you're sure to snap when it's finished.)

Each pattern ranges in cost from around $8 to $19 depending on the size of your pet.

Once the pattern is in your hands, the world is basically your oyster. You can customize the fabric and embellishments as you please and if you're skilled enough, you could even tailor it to fit your cat; there are no rules in the world of pet clothing!

Check out Terri's hundreds of patterns on her Facebook page (Sofi & Friends) and her Etsy shop at etsy.com/shop/sofiandfriends.


Unlike humans, dogs don't have a lot to work with in terms of accessories. If you want your dog to be the coolest pup at the dog park, look no further than Susan Lovelace's handmade dog collars.

Lovelace's Etsy page is packed with dog collars of all sizes and patterns. Need a cute holiday collar? She's got one with reindeer on it! Huge sports fan? Even your dog can cheer for the Seahawks this year.

To make it even better, most collars have matching counterparts including keychains and lanyards so you can match your dog wherever you go as a duo.

All of the collars are adjustable, come in multiple sizes and have various customization options meaning your pup will look adorable in its one-of-a-kind collar.

You can find Lovelace's designs on her Etsy page, etsy.com/shop/TwistnShoutDesigns.


It's all in the name, Family Pet Pantry is a total family affair — and that includes the pets!

"When the opportunity came up for my family to purchase this business we jumped on it," says Lily West, co-owner of Family Pet Pantry. "We're so tight-knit and are all animal lovers. This seemed like the perfect family business."

Family Pet Pantry produces handmade treats, called Smackin' Snax, for dogs made out of locally sourced chicken and beef liver. The treats contain only six ingredients and were formulated in conjunction with a canine nutritionist.

"When we say everything is made by hand, we mean it," West says. "We mix everything by hand, we cut out all of the fun shapes by hand. Everything!"

The treats come in a few different styles to ensure your dog gets the most out of these tasty morsels: mini size for tiny pups, bone-shaped treats for a little extra fun and even donut-shaped treats for a mid-morning snack.

You can purchase Smackin' Snacks on familypetpantry.com or at one of many local stores that sell their products. For a list of local retailers, visit familypetpantry.com/page/retailers. ♦

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