New art installed at No-Li, top five reasons to watch High Fidelity on Hulu, and more you need to know

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Next time you're grabbing a drink at No-Li Brewhouse, make sure to look up. The brewery recently added some unique lighting to its University District pub — an identical replica of the Expo '74 U.S. Pavilion that happens to be an 8-foot-tall chandelier. Cody Rodenbough of Lincoln Build Works is the man behind the 325-pound art piece that's one-twentieth the size of the real deal. (DEREK HARRISON)


My Top 5 reasons to watch the Hulu High Fidelity 10-episode series, a remake/reimagining of the 2000 movie and Nick Hornby's novel. 1. Lead character "Rob" is now a woman, played winningly by Zoë Kravitz. 2. The soundtrack kills. 3. Da'Vine Joy Randolph as Cherise, taking over Jack Black's role of boisterous record store employee from the movie. 4. Rob's directly addressing the viewers is less prominent than in the film. 5. Guest stars like Parker Posey as a wealthy artist, and Debbie Harry as her badass self. (DAN NAILEN)


Dan loves moody indie platformer games, the kind with gravity inversions and spinning saw blades. Ben loves point-and-click adventure games, the sort where you put cat hair on scotch tape to make a mustache disguise. Lair of the Clockwork God lets you swap between the two characters in a genuinely hilarious meta-referential romp. That doesn't mean there aren't rough edges. Most irritating? When Dan jumps on top of Ben, it sends him momentarily glitching through the floor. Yes, yes, the developers apologize for the bugs, but it shows sloppy craftsmanship, doesn't it? Or, it would, unless — spoiler warning — these bugs were intended all along, making up some of the games most satisfying "aha!" moments. (DANIEL WALTERS)


Some noteworthy new music hits online and in stores March 13. To wit:

D.O.A., Treason. The Canadian punks' new album reworks their oldie "F—-ed Up Ronnie" into "F—-ed Up Donald." You probably get the gist without even hearing it.

The Districts, You Know I'm Not Going Anywhere. The band's sound continues expanding in evermore experimental directions.

Maria McKee, La Vita Nuova. The former Lone Justice singer has one of the great voices in Americana music. (DAN NAILEN)


Many current teenagers have never burned a CD. They've never experienced the rush of making a personalized playlist for someone special or staring at the handwritten tracklist for a mix someone gave to them. Sure, services like Spotify allow users to create and share playlists. But missing from that is the beauty of a time limit and the thrill of fitting 21 whole songs onto your mix. There's a certain magic in mixes for a road trip, and a special bond forged in the Sharpie art on those plastic discs. The love of music will always find a way to be shared, but it's a shame to see this artform dying a little more every day. (SAMANTHA WOHLFEIL)

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