Netflix's Space Force shoots for the stars, Minecraft dives into dungeons, and more you need to know

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It appears that Michael Scott left Dunder Mifflin under the Witness Protection Program and assumed command of the nation's newest branch of the military in Netflix's new original series, Space Force. Steve Carrell plays Gen. Mark Naird, an uptight former pilot who finds himself competing with the inflated egos of our nation's top military brass. The goal: "Boots on the moon" by 2024 — which is, in fact, a real-world aspiration of the Trump administration. It's not quite The Office, but there are some highlights (John Malkovich, and space chimp Marcus). (QUINN WELSCH)


NPR podcast Against the Rules, hosted by Michael Lewis, analyzes intriguing insights into how we view fairness and self-discipline. Focusing on the roles coaches and authority figures play in American society, the new second season unearths how we can apply these structures to our individual journeys of growth and improvement. It asks the audience to see their coaching figures and own instincts as tools to build the people they are becoming. This inner reflection works wonderfully, leaving listeners with a new introspective lens. (LIZZIE OSWALT)


Few things have brought joy to my Twitter feed better than the account of one "ANGRY NORTH IDAHO," who tweets in ALL CAPS ALL THE TIME @AngryNIdaho, although occasionally his "public health cats" take over the feed and ditch the SHOUTING. The cats recently posted that ANGRY NORTH IDAHO was leaving Athol for Portland. Portland! I can only hope the ol' "constitutional conservative" keeps tabs on his old compound and keeps me entertained from his new home. (DAN NAILEN)


The highly anticipated Minecraft Dungeons offers an exciting new dungeon-crawling adventure for fans of the blocky original. The game is a charming homage to the Minecraft universe without being too violent or difficult, making it a fun, all-ages experience. As players hack and slash through levels — defeating skeletons, creepers, zombies and evil "illagers" — they find new weapons, armor and special items. The initial release is a quick play, but more levels have already been announced. The base game ($20) is available for Switch, PS4, Xbox and PC. (CHEY SCOTT)


Some noteworthy new music hits online and in stores June 12. To wit:

Sammy Brue, Crash Test Kid. The precocious blues rocker is on his third release before his 20th birthday, and it's really good.

Gone West, Canyons. A country-rock supergroup of sorts featuring Colbie Caillet brings some breezy pop to the summer.

Norah Jones, Pick Me Up Off The Floor. After an initial delay, Jones' latest arrives complete with a Jeff Tweedy appearance. (DAN NAILEN)

Release dates based on latest information available at press time.

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