True crime writer Michelle McNamara spent years researching a California serial murderer she dubbed the Golden State Killer, but she died unexpectedly before her book about the crimes, I'll Be Gone in the Dark, was published and before the real culprit was identified and arrested. Now the book has been adapted into a six-episode series on HBO, which serves both as a chronicle of a truly terrifying crime spree and as a portrait of an armchair sleuth who helped point authorities in the right direction. The six-episode series airs Sundays at 10 pm through Aug. 2. (NATHAN WEINBENDER)

This summer marks the 30th anniversary of Uncle Tupelo's debut album, No Depression. Haven't heard of Uncle Tupelo? Not a shock, but you've probably heard one of the myriad bands influenced by the Illinois crew that, after splitting, would result in two alt-country bands of note, Wilco and Son Volt. If you're a fan of Drive-By Truckers, Jason Isbell, Blitzen Trapper, Margo Price, etc., drop by (a website named after this very Uncle Tupelo album) and read the fine reflection "Can't Look Away: Musicians, Writers and More Reflect on 30 Years of Uncle Tupelo's No Depression." (DAN NAILEN)

Set five years after the first edition released in 2013, Last of Us Part II follows Ellie on a journey for revenge around overgrown and post-apocalyptic Seattle. You'll find yourself having to keep track of your resources and scavenge as you hide and fight your way through viscerally animated, spooky, scarred cultists. Those who have been to Seattle will see several familiar spots, though they may look a little different in this reality where a dangerous fungi has taken over the world and driven people mad. Available exclusively on PS4. (JEREMEY RANDRUP)

VASTER AND VASTER UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists should like this one. The Vast of Night tells the story of two kids in a small town in New Mexico in the 1950s who stumble on a strange signal emanating from the local radio station. One of the station's listeners, "Billy," knows what the sound is, though. The screen goes black as Billy details disturbing evidence of extraterrestrial technology that evokes a call-in on Coast to Coast AM. At a brisk, 90-minute pace, the entire film takes place over the course of a single night as the two kids try to learn more. Paying homage to the original Twilight Zone, The Vast of Night is an eerie, but fun, ride. Find it on Amazon Prime. (QUINN WELSCH)

Some noteworthy new music hits online and in stores July 10. To wit:

THE JAYHAWKS, XOXO. Criminally underrated alt-country crew sounds excellent on their highly collaborative 11th album.

GLASS ANIMALS, Dreamland. The title track indicates a dose of dreamy electro-pop on the way on the band's first album since 2016.

MARGO PRICE, That's How Rumors Get Started. The brilliant Price is back with a third set of vivid songs, co-produced by Sturgill Simpson. (DAN NAILEN)

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