Small-town vibes hit big-city lights with No-Li ad in Times Square

click to enlarge Small-town vibes hit big-city lights with No-Li ad in Times Square
No-Li Brewhouse
No-Li helped get Spokane some Times Square attention.
Thanks to No-Li Brewhouse, Spokane’s leading craft brewery, our city’s name is in lights in Times Square.

Over the past decade that No-Li has been on Spokane’s beer scene, they’ve collected 93 international medals for their craft beer. (And 58 of those are just from the last two years). To celebrate their accomplishments and National IPA Day, No-Li was contacted by Times Square Digital Billboards and offered a spot on the iconic Nasdaq board due to the up-and-coming nature of Spokane and No-Li alike.

“It’s a mountaintop moment for the brewery and the city,” says John Bryant, owner of No-Li. “Over the course of COVID we made a huge commitment to invest. We invested in people, philanthropy, outreach and we got heavily involved in our community. We took the steps to improve the quality of our beers, seltzers and craft cocktails and it’s all paid off.”

The decorated brewhouse has gone up against international competitors year after year, only to sweep Hazy IPA categories and bring that international acclaim back to Spokane to celebrate with the community that has supported them for 10 years.

The No-Li ad in New York City towers eight stories and boasts well-known Spokane skyline features such as the clocktower, the Pavilion, Monroe Street Bridge and the Parkade. Bryant calls it a "blasting-off moment" for the brewhouse and for Spokane.

“Its a celebration of the greatness for our big, small town,” Bryant says. “Our city houses so many amazing people and we can do great things together as a community. Some of the best things in the world can come from here.”

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