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A cabaret show featuring b-ball shorts and a Pope's miter.

I don't know about you, but it's rare for me to walk into any building in Spokane to see a guy in three-foot tall Pope's miter and basketball shorts, calling himself Pope Diddy. Especially on a Sunday.

Or to see a young man, dressed head to toe in black, talking to a shrunken head. Or to see a guy in a blood-splattered shirt, casually sipping a Miller Light listening as a negligee-clad young woman calls for her sausages.

If these are common occurrences in your world - well, you're probably a part of the show.

All of that, plus much, much, much more makes up Saturday night's Foxxy Moron and the Sexxy Revolution show - a cabaret revue of singing, dancing, music puke, pasties, booze and blood.

We were innocently typing away one day when a hot-pink flyer for this performance-art nightmare came marching across our desks, promising a night of topless dog grooming, free hunchback rides and pope ventriloquism.

Our reaction: Where, when and how can we ride a hunchback?

Turns out the Foxxy Moron show is the opus of some of Spokane's finest, with members of Burns Like Hellfire, TFL and Velvet Pelvis at the reins. Some of the ideas are old jokes; some came from the brains of the late Dan Ellis. Most are just sick and twisted ways to get an audience to laugh, to mix up Spokane's nightlife and simply to gross people out.

All of it - the puke, the shrunken heads and sausages - is just a way to see people in Spokane turn out for something other than a boring old local concert.

"We just thought, 'What's the stupidest thing we could actually pull off?" Bart Templeman, aka Foxxy Moron, says. "It's like, how do you get people to respond in this town?"

Over the years, Templeman and his friends cooked up this show as they bitched about Spokane's stagnant nightlife scene. They told their friends, who told their friends. Slowly more people jumped on the idea, contributing their singing voices, instruments and impeccable gag reflexes to the show. With a cast of nearly 25 people, the Foxxy Moron show is everything you won't see on your average Friday night. Actually, it'll be unlike anything you've ever seen before.

"We'll knock [you] off your blocks with sheer weirdness and hammer so much beer down [your] throats," he says. "People can have the time they've been wanting to have for 25 years."

Whatever. We just want to ride a hunchback.

Foxxy Moron and the Sexxy Revolution Cabaret Show appear on Saturday, July 2, at 9 pm at the B-Side. Tickets: $5. Call 624-7638.

The Highwomen, Tanya Tucker @ Gorge Amphitheater

Sun., June 11, 6 p.m.
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