Autumn abounds with season-appropriate flavors and strains from apple and pumpkin spice to Blue Frost

Labor Day weekend is upon us. Summer is, whether you're ready or not, on its way out. Which means it's time to start getting into the seasonal flavors of autumn. Here are a few autumnal cannabis products available in our local market to help you prepare for the cooler weather. There is, of course, only one place to start.


Move over, Starbucks, caffeine is out. Cannabis-infused pumpkin spice is the new beverage of the season. Phat Panda's line of Hot Sugar edibles produces pumpkin-spice-flavored sugar packets infused with 10 milligrams of THC. Cannabis & Glass sells 10 packs for just 13 dollars — $13 will get you, what, two Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes?

The infused sugar format leads to some serious versatility, too. Sure, you could stir a packet into a latte to make your own version of the popular seasonal beverage. Or you could sprinkle one onto a slice of pumpkin pie for a double-dose of fall flavor.


The humble apple is Washington's official state food, and it's harvest time. Seattle producer Greenmed Lab makes a sizable line of infused beverages, but this time of year it's their Happy Apple that stands out. Two varieties of the 12-ounce bottles are available around town: one with 100 milligrams of THC and another with 100 milligrams of both THC and CBD. The latter will put you back around $30, while the former will run a few bucks more.

The cannabis in these products, as is the case with all cannabis products in Washington, was grown in state. The same can be said for the apples, too. Get seasonal and fill yourself with state pride at the same time.


It felt like just yesterday that we were all trying to get out of the sweltering heat. Things change quickly this time of year, though, and with overnight lows dropping into the 40s of late, it won't be long until frosty mornings are a daily reality.

You can bring frost ahead of schedule, though, with Blue Frost. An indica-dominant hybrid cross of Blue Monster and Jack Frost, Blue Frost has the distinctive blue-hued buds and frosty trichome coating of its parent strains. You can find Blue Frost in wax, hash, cartridge and flower forms at a handful of stores around Spokane. Call ahead or check online to see where your preferred form is for sale. ♦

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