by Inlander Staff
Freddy vs. Jason -- You see the problem here, don't you? Neither of these guys ever actually dies. Much like their respective franchises. This film begins on Elm Street and ends up, of course, at Camp Crystal Lake. In between fighting each other, the boys find time to kill off a few libidinous teens and meddlesome adults. Rated: R

Grind -- Four skater guys stalk skateboard pro Colin McKay (as himself) and pull awesome stunts in the hopes of making the big time and attracting the attention of a major corporate sponsor. In case you have trouble telling the guys apart, the film's Web site has helpfully identified them as "Dustin, the goal-oriented workaholic," "Eric, the focused one," "Sweet Lou, the Laid-Back Ladies Man" and "Matt, the Misfit Slacker." And, of course, there is also "Jamie, the Sexy Skater Chick." Rated: PG-13

IMAX Film Festival -- This year's festival covers 10 days and offers five remarkable films, including Jane Goodall's Wild Chimpanzees, Pulse: The Movie, Bugs, Adrenaline Rush, and Our Country. Dates and times vary, call the Riverfront Park IMAX at 625-6600 or visit

*** Open Range -- Robert Duvall stars and Kevin Costner directs and costars in this old-fashioned, bare-bones Western about free-grazers (cattlemen) who stop by the wrong town looking for supplies. Bad men run the place, and don't want any freeloading free-grazers around. Tempers flare, things go wrong, a big gunfight looms (and my-oh-my, it's a dandy!), and romance could blossom when one cowboy locks eyes with doctor's assistant Annette Bening. Moody, funny, violent. (ES) Rated: R

Uptown Girls -- Work sucks, especially when you're a pampered socialite with a non-existent trust fund and no marketable skills. Brittany Murphy plays the aforementioned socialite, who takes a job as a nanny to dour little Ray (Dakota Fanning). Brittany soon learns there is more to life than prancing around in cute little outfits, and Ray learns to loosen up and trust the occasional grown-up. Rated: PG-13

**** Don't Miss It *** Worth $8 ** Wait For The Video * Save Your Money

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Publication date: 08/14/03

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