Spokane budtenders recommend these offbeat cannabis tools for your holiday shopping list

click to enlarge Spokane budtenders recommend these offbeat cannabis tools for your holiday shopping list
Prometheus pipes from PypTek

Sure, you can just buy weed for someone this holiday season. But that's almost a little too easy. If you want to make an impression, get the stoner on your holiday shopping list something that will last for more than just a couple of days. We spoke with some Spokane area budtenders about some of the hottest items this year. Here's what they recommended to us.


Stoner technology has advanced pretty far since the days of knifing it over a hot stove. Today, there are all kinds of specialized dab rigs to help you get the biggest, cleanest high.

"For me when it comes to something like that, it's the Puffco Peak Pro," says Lucky Leaf Co. budtender AJ Fortunato. "It's just basically an electronic dab rig. It's convenient, and it's just a quality product."

The rig includes all kinds of bells and whistles, such as a wireless charging, smartphone-enabled control and even LED lighting.

"There's a lot of e-rigs out there, and there are a lot that are just not very good," he says. "This is one that I have found is the best."

These rigs aren't cheap though. Expect to pay up to $400 for one. Lucky Leaf Co. • 1111 W. First Ave.


Looking for a dab rig that's a little more portable? Primo Cannabis budtender Cade Barranco recommends checking out the Buddies Toro e-rig. Unlike others, this one can be held with a single hand and is way more affordable than some of the others, coming in at about $100.

"It's like a miniature e-nail. It's really great for on the go," Barranco says. "It's great for someone who smokes a little flower and has been smoking flower for a while and wants to try something stronger like dabs, but is afraid of something like the whole nail and torch. There's a big barrier to entry. This device makes it an all in one. You don't have to worry about starting a fire or an explosion." Primo Cannabis • 21630 E. Gilbert Rd., Otis Orchards


If you're shopping for the classic stoner, you might head over to one of Cannabis & Glass's three locations, where you can pick up a three-chambered glass bong for under $50. According to Taylor Reilly, the company's online presence manager, you can also pick up some more discreet small glass pieces that are on sale there. Even better, everything is 25 percent off right now at Cannabis & Glass Spokane Valley and its north store. Cannabis & Glass • 605 E. Francis Ave.; 9403 E. Trent Ave., Spokane Valley; 25101 E. Appleway Ave., Liberty Lake


Glass pieces might not be the best gift idea if the person on your gift list is a little clumsy. For that, Treehouse Club budtender Travis Henry recommends checking out the metal and glass Prometheus pipes from PypTek.

"They're really durable, and they're all machine threaded so you can take it apart and clean it," Henry says. "It has a built-in screen that you can wash when you take it out and clean it."

Although these are on the pricier side at about $85, these pipes are gifts that will last. Treehouse Club • 14421 E. Trent Ave., Spokane Valley


Although this isn't technically gear, the Leira "cannagars" are definitely something different and come highly recommended from Megan Van Orsow, budtender at Piece of Mind.

"They burn for like five to six hours," Von Orsow says. "It's crazy. They're like a quarter[-ounce]."

Each cannagar, coming in at $105, is packed with 4 grams of weed and is wrapped in all-natural marijuana leaf.

"It would be good for like a Christmas party, or if you have a bunch of your stoner family over because you can all watch multiple movies together," she says. Piece of Mind • 9301 N. Division St. and 4103 N. Division St. ♦

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