Stuckart and Woodward disagree over warming center plan, Spokane Public Schools board not crazy about vaping fine, and other headlines


ELECTIONS: Mayoral candidates Ben Stuckart and Nadine Woodward are running campaigns to the left (Stuckart) and the right (Woodward) of current Mayor David Condon.

ELECTIONS: Speaking of the election, what does Stuckart have against the Police Guild anyway?

NEWS: A new state law meant to protect vulnerable tenants eliminated the wiggle room for paying rent on time. Here's why.


Keeping up the heat
Stuckart and Woodward are in deep disagreement over the plan to expand warming centers for the homeless this winter (hint: Woodward criticized the plan). (Spokesman-Review)

Police shooting
Spokane Police showed up to a suicide call and ended up shooting and killing the man who was holding a gun. (KXLY)

Extreme measures
Most Spokane Public Schools board members aren't crazy about the idea of fining kids for vaping.

Backing their president
Following a damning testimony from a career diplomat explaining the quid pro quo with Trump and Ukraine, the GOP still stands by Trump. (Associated Press

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