Thai Pizza: Deconstructing the Dish

Thai Pizza: Deconstructing the Dish
Fans of Rock City Thai pizza can also enjoy the popular pie fresh at home with a take-and-bake version.

Rock City Grill
2911 E. 57th Ave., Spokane,, 509-455-4400
Open Tue-Sun from 2 pm-close for dine-in and takeout


fter Rock City Grill owner Jim Rhoades found inspiration in a Thai peanut sauce he once tasted at a Seattle eatery (and on a salad, no less), the South Hill restaurant's famous Thai pizza was born.

Long holding the title of the restaurant's top-selling item, Rhoades alleges Rock City wouldn't have made it this far without this stellar creation.

Topped with chicken, prawns, mushrooms, mozzarella and peanuts, and garnished with chopped cilantro, Rock City's Thai pizza substitutes traditional red sauce with a spicy, house-made peanut sauce.

"There's nothing like Thai peanut sauce, unless you have a peanut allergy," Rhoades says.

He adds that the sauce is also bottled and sold at the restaurant, so it's most-devoted fans can enjoy it at home on whatever other dishes they desire.

Even though the bestselling fusion-style Thai pizza was available to-go when past dine-in restrictions were in place, Rhoades says that since reopening Rock City's dining room at a limited rate, he's heard plenty of appreciative feedback from customers glad to enjoy it hot and fresh out of the oven.

"They tell me, 'You know, we've been ordering this to go, but it just feels so good to have a glass of wine and a Thai pizza here in your restaurant,'" Rhoades says.

Rock City Thai pizza fanatics can also now enjoy the popular pie fresh at home with a take-and-bake version.

"So many people are eating to-go food, and for the longest time have been delighted to have someone bring it to them rather than having to get it, or fix it themselves," Rhoades says. "So we also chose a take-and-bake they can pick up and cook that night."

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