Make sure your inventory is fully stocked with torches, snacks and handy tools before heading to the MAC's fall marquee exhibit, which explores the unlimited world of Minecraft, the best-selling video game of all time. Allowing visitors to feel like they've jumped inside the game themselves — hence our aforementioned advice about coming prepared — the exhibit features to-scale characters (yes, even hostile ones!) and settings from Minecraft's many diverse biomes, plus plenty of hands-on activities. Created to celebrate the game's 10th anniversary in 2019, the exhibit on loan from Seattle's Museum of Pop Culture is making its last stop in Spokane before retiring for good. Northwest Museum of Arts & Culture, Tue-Sun from 10 am-5 pm (third Thu until 8 pm), $10-$20 (free for members), (CS)

OCT. 5

Get your groove with Emmy Award-winning choreographer Derek Hough's at his newest live dance show. Co-created with fellow Emmy winners Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo, "Symphony of Dance" explores the power of music through electric choreography and spectacular stage production. This fast-paced show features a live band that brings the soundtrack to life, and a fusion of various dance styles performed by Hough and a talented cast of dancers. Fans can expect to be immersed in favorite styles of dance, including ballroom, tap, salsa, hip-hop and contemporary. First Interstate Center for the Arts, 7 pm, $39.50-99.50, (AT)

OCT. 5-7

Growing up with a mom who's a professional foosball player and a dad who's been an international yo-yo champion and Spokane's poet laureate, humor and creativity surrounded Kelsey Cook from the get-go. Cook, originally from the Inland Northwest, is coming home for four shows in Spokane as part of her national tour. Unafraid to delve into taboo topics, Cook's humor has an air of relatability that almost anyone can find solace in while having a good laugh. Cook has appeared on The Tonight Show and Comedy Central, and her most recent comedy special, The Hustler, is available to stream on YouTube. Spokane Comedy Club, times vary, $20-$32, (SSa)

OCT. 7

"So bad it's good" is a fitting description of Troll 2, the 1990 low-budget horror film that actually isn't a sequel to anything and doesn't even have any trolls (they're goblins). As with its cringey cinema counterparts, Troll 2 has since reached the coveted "cult" status, and is frequently revived for in-person screenings like this one hosted by the Palouse Cult Film Revival at Moscow's historic Kenworthy theater. For those who'd like to know what they're in for: A young boy and his family head to a small town for a quiet vacation, unaware, of course, that it's inhabited by fang-toothed goblins who eat humans after turning them into plant matter — they're vegetarian, duh. Kenworthy Performing Arts Centre, 8:30 pm, $5-$8, (CS)

OCT. 7-8

History lovers and everyday escapists can relive only the best parts of life circa 1530 at the 10th annual Spokane Renaissance Faire. We say this with the best intentions, because obviously indoor plumbing, modern medicine and a fair justice system are things that didn't exist in Tudor England during fickle Henry VIII's tyrannical rule. Instead, head up to Green Bluff to enjoy exciting diversions like equestrian sports (yes, even jousting!), dancing, tasty food, live entertainment, music, an old-fashioned market and much more. Costumes are definitely encouraged, and LARPing is pretty much a guarantee. Lazy K Ranch, 10 am-5 pm, $10-$75, (CS)

OCT. 16

Do you miss Happy Gilmore? The Thanksgiving song? The chubby, unshaven man in a sweatshirt that somehow gets cast opposite Jennifer Aniston? Well, Adam Sandler misses you, too! That's why he's bringing The I Missed You Tour to Spokane Arena, for mature audiences only. The Sandman and an unannounced special guest are likely to bring some raunchy, juvenile humor to the stage, plus some guitars, too. Sing along with the wedding singer himself, and maybe he'll even grace us with another version of the Hanukkah song. Either way, expect knee-slappers and surprising insights from an evening with this year's Mark Twain Prize winner. Maybe the Hustle star will even drop in on some of Hooptown's outdoor basketball courts. Spokane Arena, 7:30 pm, $39.50-$169.50, ages 16+, (EB)

OCT. 19

It rules that Taylor Tomlinson should be a fixture in our comedic lives for decades to come. The Califonian stand-up isn't even 30 yet, but she's already established herself as one of the genre's top performers with a gleefully brash attitude and lack of fear when amusingly riffing on the challenges in her life, like an engagement that fell through and a bipolar diagnosis. She may have over 2.5 million TikTok followers, but that's not a case of viral shallowness, as she honed her craft the old school way, grinding through sets at clubs. Her uproarious specials Quarter-Life Crisis and Look At You showcase both her sassy youthful vigor and her seasoned expertise. First Interstate Center for the Arts, 7 pm, $30-$160, (SS)

OCT. 20

From On The Horizon Films, The Immigration Resident highlights the advocacy work done by Latinos en Spokane. It tells the stories of local Latino immigrants and commemorates migration history and the economic contributions of Latino individuals and communities in the region. Prior to the screening is a social hour and dinner. Funds raised go toward Latinos en Spokane's work to provide legal services to refugees and immigrants, and the organization's future goal of creating a legal immigration team. The Immigration Resident also highlights injustice in the immigration system, along with the work being done to create positive changes. Montvale Event Center, 5-9 pm, $150, (SSa)

OCT. 20-22

Step inside a magical world with Disney on Ice's newest show, this time around featuring recent blockbusters Frozen and Encanto through world-class ice skating and aerial acrobatics. Split into two adventures, fans first journey to the wintery kingdom of Arendelle before being transported to a musical casita in the mountains of Colombia. Guests can sing along to their favorite songs while seeing Anna, Elsa, Mirabel and the Madrigal family, as well as classic characters like Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy. Costumes are encouraged for young audience members under 14 years, and ticket add-ons include pre-show activities. Spokane Arena, Fri-Sat at 7 pm, Sat-Sun at 11 am and 3 pm, $24-$112, (AT)

OCT. 28

Turn back the clock 140 years or so, and one of the most popular forms of entertainment for Spokane's earliest residents would have been attending seances during the peak of the spiritualist movement in the late 1800s. Mystics and mediums mesmerized the public by claiming to be able to communicate with the spirits of loved ones who'd passed on. This modern show at the Bing just nights before All Hallows' Eve offers a peek behind the thin veil between the living and the dead. Created by local magician and illusionist Isaiah Daniels, the performance asks attendees to suspend their disbelief for a few hours and ponder the unknown. Bing Crosby Theater, 8 pm, $27-$32, all ages, (CS)

NOV. 11-12

Dust off your fiddles, tambourines and hand drums and prepare for a festival celebrating all things folk. The annual Fall Folk Festival hosted by the Spokane Folklore Society is a cornucopia of folky fun taking place over two days. With over 100 local groups performing traditional and ethnic dance, along with music and jam sessions on the festival's eight stages, the festival aims to showcase our region's history and cultural diversity with performances from groups like the community ukulele group Ukestra and Spokane Buddhist Temple's Bon Odori Dancers, a traditional Japanese folk dance group. While you listen to the music emanating from all angles, check out the vendor hall where local makers sell their wares. Spokane Community College, Sat from 11 am-8 pm, Sun from 11 am-5 pm, free, (MP)

NOV. 21

Looking for a new way to experience the beloved Nutcracker ballet this holiday season? For one night, a new touring production stops in Spokane, featuring 75 talented dancers from around the world, united by art, to tell the magical tale of Clara's dreamland journey. Dancers in the show hail from Japan, Tatarstan, Ukraine and beyond, their elegant movements amplified by elaborate set pieces and large-scale puppetry. Favorite scenes — like the Nutcracker Prince's epic battle with the Mouse King and Clara's visit to the Kingdom of Sweets — come to life in spectacular form. First Interstate Center for the Arts, 6 pm, $32-$102, (CS)

DEC. 8

Animal lovers of all ages won't want to miss this delightful, fur-filled showcase. Direct from Vegas, Popovich Comedy Pet Theater brings its entirely rescued animal cast north this holiday season for a smile-filled evening that's likely to leave many audience members wondering: "Can my pet do that?!" Centered on the talents of founder and fifth-generation circus performer Gregory Popovich, the pet theater's cast includes more than 30 animal performers: cats, dogs, birds, Diamond the Shetland pony and Lucy the pig. While the animals are the true stars, Popovich and the rest of the show's human crew are nothing to scoff at, boasting impressive skills in juggling, gymnastics, balance and more. Bing Crosby Theater, 7 pm, $17-$42, (CS)

DEC. 13

It's true that drag queens never half-ass anything, that's why this holiday-themed drag extravaganza is a must-see when the RuGirls come to town this December. Hosted by everyone's favorite Jewish drag queen, Miz Cracker, and featuring big-name RuPaul's Drag Race stars like Jimbo The Drag Clown, fan-favorite plastic fantastic queen Trinity The Tuck and Crystal Methyd, the show will most definitely include tons of furry fits, glitter, sequins and incredibly fierce holiday looks. The Fox Theater, 8 pm, $40-$270, 18+, (MP) ♦

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