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It's obviously OK to be an animal lover and also enjoy bacon, burgers and steaks. Vegans and vegetarians may argue against this, but let there be no meat-shaming here. Humans have used animals for sustenance since, well, forever — archaeological evidence shows our ancestors were hunting in the earliest stages of human evolution, at least 2 million years ago. But let's not start a debate about it. It's the holiday season, a time for peace, understanding and generosity. Instead, consider the following options for the people in your life who love a good, juicy steak but also consider their four-legged friends true members of the family.


No meat lover in their right mind is going to turn their nose up at a gift basket of savory, salty and spicy cured meats. It's the perfect choice for the meat lover who has all the tools and gadgets they could ever need in their own kitchen. This gift basket comes with one pound each of the University of Idaho's award-winning summer sausage and hickory-smoked beef stick, as well as an 8-ounce pack of cheese (colby, pepper jack or Monterey jack). A basket like this also makes a great holiday gathering host/hostess gift. $28.95 • Order at the Moscow campus store; open through Dec. 23, online or by phone • • 208-885-6727


Plain meat is boring, and any cook worth his/her salt knows the application of proper seasoning flavors is important. A useful addition to the spice rack of the pitmaster on your list would be a spice set (with multiple options available) from longtime local spice merchant Michlitch, open since 1948. This set focused on grilling and roasting contains Michlitch's house hickory rub, a brisket and roast rub, and the coffee, cocoa and orange rub (the latter includes local Roast House coffee). Also inside is a bottle of Fletcher's Hot Sauce, which basically goes on anything — not just meat. $19.95 • Michlitch • 130 N. Stone •


So your dad/husband/brother/grandpa is dreaming of becoming the next great barbecue pitmaster. Before you go out and splurge on a top-of-the-line smoker, start small and let them test their skills on the grill first. Thanks to this handy little metal box found at Williams-Sonoma, your resident pitmaster can start working on his meat smoking skills using the grill already sitting on the back patio. Fill the bottom tray with wood chips of choice, and smoke select pieces by putting them inside the box. Or leave the lid off to smoke everything on the grill. $39.95 • Williams-Sonoma • 808 W. Main •


As much as any meat lover enjoys time spent hovering over the grill, smoker, or stovetop, when there are other tasks to be done, frequently checking the temperature of your meat can add extra stress and worry. Thanks to the wonders of technology, digital meat thermometers with Bluetooth capabilities can let the cook relax a little. A corresponding app lets users track both the meat and the temperature inside the grill/smoker. Alarms and preset temperatures for various types of meat offer added convenience and peace of mind. $70 • The Gourmet Way • 8222 W. Government Way, Hayden • • 208-762-1333

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