Gift Guide 2016

Face it. They're probably not looking for an excuse to spend quality time with you. They're going to act underwhelmed by whatever you give them. It's your rite of passage — and theirs. So go for the subtle yet strategic gift that says you see them in all their individuality and coolness. Remember, you were there once, too. And yes, you were that smug and annoying.


Experiences truly make the best gifts. But for the teen who hates you, make sure they know it's not an experience you have to share. Send them to Mt. Spokane with their friends and a handful of passes they can use all season. The ski and snowboard park has specials for holiday gifts that include five lift tickets for the 7- to 17-year-olds on your list. It's a splurge — but don't worry, they won't notice. $99 • Mount Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park •


A unique yet understated piece of jewelry, possibly made locally, will tell that teen you noticed the careful attention they give their appearance without telling them they're doing it wrong. Whether it's a necklace for her or a ring for him, you might luck into a piece they'll forget to take off. Okay, don't get your hopes up. At least they'll put it on for you when they open it. $10-$15 • M & M Apparel • 635 W. Garland


In case they already have noise-canceling headphones that drown out adults at the family Christmas get-together, give them their version of a stereo that will let them blast their angsty teen music in their room with the door closed. It'll work with their phone or other smart devices and still jives with the portable lifestyle they've grown accustomed to. $70 • Huppin's • 8016 N. Division


The Pacific Northwest is so hot right now. Maybe teens know it and fill their Instagram feeds with it. Or maybe it doesn't matter where you live, because teens always dream about getting out and leaving home. Remind them of where they're from with a T-shirt by The Great PNW. They're about beauty, adventure and the bestness of the Upper Left Coast. Your teen will love the look, even if they hate their hometown. $28-$32 • Atticus Coffee & Gifts • 222 N. Howard

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