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YMCA of the Inland Northwest is hosting Camp Reed sessions starting in early July.

Camp Cross
A faith-based sleepaway camp hosted by the Episcopal Diocese of Spokane on Lake Coeur d’Alene offering team-building exercises, arts and crafts, swimming, wakeboarding/tubing, hiking, campfires, worship and more. June 18-20 (Leaders in Training, ages 15+) June 20-25 (Wilderness Quest; ages 13-18), July 11-16 (grades 4-6), July 25-30 (grades 7-9) and Aug. 1-7 (grades 10-13). Also includes mini-camp July 8-10 (grades 2-3) and arts camp July 18-23 (grades 4-9). $162-$450. 509-624-3191

Ross Point Baptist Camp
A Christian camp on the Spokane River offering traditional camp activities, worship, Bible studies, games, singing, prayer and more. Grades K-12. Sessions offered June 20-23 (grades 2-4); June 20-25 (grades 4-6); June 25-26 (grades 2 and below with a parent; $32-$42); June 27-July 2 (grades 9-12); July 25-31 (family camp; $220-$388/person). $212-$309. 208-773-1655

Camp Four Echoes (grades 1-3)
This year’s programs at Camp Four Echoes include Mermaid Friends, Movin’ and Groovin’ (new), Splish Splash, Outdoor Artist, Fairy Friends (full), Camp Peeps, Splashing Around and Outdoors & S’mores. Girls entering grades 1-3. Week-long sessions offered June 21-Aug. 8; see website for session breakdown and details. $365-$425. 800-827-9478

Camp Four Echoes (grades 4-5)
Themed camp sessions include Mad Scientist, Art on the Lake, I’m All A-boat It and more. Camp offers traditional activities including swimming, arts and crafts, hiking and games. Girls entering grades 4-5. Sessions offered weekly from June 20-Aug. 8; see website for session details. $365-$425. 800-827-9478

Camp Four Echoes (grades 7-10)
Two-week programs this year include On the Loose, Shipwrecked, and Jump on Board. See session details online. Girls entering grades 7-10. Offered June 20-25, June 27-July 2, July 18-23 and Aug. 8-12. $290-$425. 800-827-9478

Camp Four Echoes Leadership Sessions
Teen girls learn skills in leadership, the outdoors and working with children that are necessarily to become future camp counselors. Girls entering grades 9-12. Adventures in Leadership (grades 9-12) is July 4-16; CIT sessions (grades 10-12) are June 20-July 2, July 25-20, Aug. 1-6 and Aug. 8-12. $525-$580. 800-827-9478

Lutherhaven: Castaway Village
A special version of the 4th-6th grade summer camp program. Learn basic outdoor living skills, gather with other villages for evening activities and help your counselor cook breakfasts and dinners over a camp stove or fire. During the day, Castaway campers join main site camp for lunch (and sometimes dinner). Grades 4-6. Sessions offered June 20-Aug. 13. $415. 866-729-8372

Lutherhaven: Shoshone Creek Ranch
The perfect week for youth who love horses and riding — or who have no horse experience but want to. Develop your horse skills in the arena and on trails at Shoshone Creek Ranch, Lutherhaven’s rustic mountain guest ranch in a gorgeous creek-side setting. Includes daily horse time, plus popular camp activities like splashing in the swimmin’ hole, the 40-foot natural climbing wall, tubing the river, crafts, campfire cooking, worship and Bible study. Grades 5-10; all skill levels. Sessions for girls only offered weekly June 20-July 30; coed sessions Aug. 1-6 and Aug. 8-13. At Shoshone Mountain Retreat. $500-$550. 866-729-8372

Lutherhaven: Treehouse Village
The treehouse camp experience includes sleeping on mattresses in open air tree houses, helping with chores and learning basic outdoor living skills, plus gathering with other villages for evening activities. Campers have the opportunity to help cook their breakfasts and some dinners over a fire. During the day, they join main site camp for lunch (and sometimes dinner). Grades 4-6. Sessions offered June 20-Aug. 13. $415. 866-729-8372

Camp Lutherhaven
A faith-based resident camp on Lake Coeur d’Alene that’s been operating for more than 75 years, offering traditional camp activities including ropes courses, campouts, water sports, Bible study, archery and more. Three-day and six-day sessions for grades K-12 are offered from June 20-Aug. 13; see website for complete details. Junior camp staff opportunities for grades 10-12 also available. $300-$400; financial assistance available. 866-729-8372

Camp Four Echoes (grades 6-8)
Themed sessions include Where’s Your Paddle, Beginning Sailing, Zombie Invasion and more. Camps include traditional activities such as swimming, boating, hiking, arts and crafts and more. Girls entering grades 6-8. Sessions offered weekly from June 20-Aug. 8; see website for session details. $365-$425. 800-827-9478

Camp Gifford
Camp Gifford provides weeklong outdoor camp experience for children that is exciting, educational and spiritual. Activities include games, arts and crafts, archery, swimming, boating, singing and more in a faith-based setting. Ages 7-12. Sessions offered June 21-July 30; camp starts Monday at noon and ends Friday at 9 am. Camp Gifford facilities are located on Loon Lake. $420; scholarships available. 509-329-2759

Camp Gifford Teen Wilderness Camp
This program run by the Salvation Army Camp Gifford offers teens wilderness fun with activities such as hiking, sailing, high ropes elements and outdoor survival skills. Teens explore nature and grow and develop their relationship with Christ while developing friendships with other teens from around the Pacific Northwest. Ages 13-17. Weeklong sessions offered June 21-July 30. $420; scholarships available. 509-329-2759

Camp Lady of the Lake
An arts camp on Lake Coeur d’Alene offering dance, music, storytelling and singing workshops alongside traditional camp activities. This year’s Music & Dance Week is shorter than usual and is June 24-28 for teens (12-17) and adults (18+); Family Camp Week TBD. At Camp N-Sid-Sen facilities on Lake Coeur d’Alene. *Proof of COVID-19 vaccination, including a second dose received before June 10, is required, no exceptions. Space is also limited to 40 participants. $490.

Spalding Family Camp
The whole family can go to summer camp together and enjoy boating, barbecuing, swimming and other traditional camp activities in a faith-based setting. Aug. 18-22. “Mom/Day & Me” session (K-2 with a parent) is June 25-26. Price TBD. 509-731-4244

Camp Spalding Leadership Camp
A faith-based leadership program for campers interested in becoming camp counselors or helping out at later summer sessions. Grades 10-12. June 25-30. Application required; see website for details and application process. Price TBD. 509-731-4244

Camp MiVoden
Campers experience activities including water skiing, games, arts and crafts and more in a faith-based setting. June 27-July 2 (ages 10-12), July 4-9 (ages 8-10) and July 11-16 (ages 13-16). $380/session. 509-242-0506

MiVoden Survival Camp
A week of adventure learning about the natural environment and important skills for wilderness survival from James Turner, a survival expert. Learn how to start a fire without a lighter, find things to eat in the forest and develop many other skills. Plus, you’ll still get some of the regular camp activities such as archery and the zip line. June 27-July 2 (ages 13-16), July 4-9 (ages 10-12), July 11-16 (ages 10-12). $450/session. 509-242-0506

MiVoden Discipletrek Camp
A three-week faith-based journey also offering a chance to develop friendships with other campers and participate in camp activities such as wakeboarding, rafting, and rock climbing. Ages 15-18. June 27-July 18. $650. 509-242-0506

MiVoden Extreme Camp
A faith-based camp for teens who want to push themselves, offering tough climbs, whitewater rafting and survival techniques. Ages 13-16. Week-long sessions offered June 27-July 23. $450/session. 509-242-0506

MiVoden Teen Wakeboard Camps
Catch some air and learn how to wakeboard or wakesurf at a faith-based camp using the camp’s special wakeboarding boat. June 27-July 2 (ages 13-16), July 4-9 (ages 14-16), July 11-16 (ages 12-14) and July 18-23 (ages 13-16). $425/session. 509-242-0506

Boy Scouts Camp Easton
Spend a week on the shores of Lake Coeur d’Alene at camp, which offers activities like swimming, water-skiing, boating, sailing, kayaking, paddleboarding, hiking and more. Ages 11-17. Sessions offered June 27-Aug. 7. $210-$430.

Twinlow Primary Camp
A shorter stay for younger campers offering crafts, games, swimming and faith-based learning opportunities. Grades 1-3. Sessions offered June 27-30 and Aug. 8-11. $160/session. 208-352-2671

Twinlow Elementary Camps
Young campers enjoy a week of traditional camp activities, including Bible study, team activities, games and more. Grades 3-6. July 5-10 and July 12-17 (general session); special sessions are Aug. 2-7 (lake camp) and Aug 9-14 (arts and sciences; grades 4-6). $335/session. 208-352-2671

Camp Sweyolakan
The traditional, rustic sleepaway camp on Lake Coeur d’Alene is accessible only by boat. Campers enjoy swimming, boating, archery, outdoor activities, ropes courses, arts and crafts and more. Coed, grades 1-12. Seven week long sessions are offered between June 27-Aug. 20, most run Sun-Fri. A mini-camp experience (3 day/2 night; $245) is July 28-30. $485/session. 509-747-6191

Camp Sweyolakan Leadership Programs
High school juniors and seniors who wish to become future camp counselors learn leadership skills and more. Open to boys and girls entering grades 11-12. Senior CIT session: June 27-July 23. Junior CIT session: Aug 1-20. Teens entering grade -12 can also attend camp for free by serving as a “Camper Buddy” to assist special needs campers, or being a dishwasher or bugler. Application process/prerequisites needed. $860-$960. 509-747-6191

MiVoden Equestrian Camp
A week-long experience learning on the trail, as well as through lessons. Whether you’re just starting out or have multiple years of experience, this session offers a fun time learning and caring for horses. June 27-July 2 (ages 13-16), July 4-9 (ages 10-12), July 11-16 (ages 12-14) and July 18-23 (ages 10-12, session 2). $425/session. 509-242-0506

Camp Spalding
Campers ride horses, swim, boat, zipline, play team sports and more at a faith-based camp. Discovery Camp (grades 2-4) is June 30-July 3 and Aug. 15-18; Junior Camp (grades 5-6) is July 5-10 and Aug. 15-18; Middle School Camp (grades 7-8) is July 18-24 and Aug. 1-7; High School Camp (grades 9-12) is July 11-17 and Aug. 8-14. Price TBD. 509-731-4244

Twinlow Family Camp
Families of all sizes and ages are invited to camp for a semi-structured, faith-based program of activities around the camp with lots of time on the lake. Two sessions: July 2-6 and July 6-9. $65-$160. 208-352-2671

Camp Reed CIT Program
Over the course of two weeks, teens build leadership skills through active team building, group learning, community building and service. The CIT program incorporates one week at camp and one week out of camp on a 200+ mile bike trip. For boys and girls entering grade 10 and 11. Sessions offered from July 4-Aug. 9. $655. 509-777-9622

Camp Reed
While living in a single-gender, rustic camp cabins, campers join in all that camp has to offer, including waterfront arts and crafts, hikes, campfires, games and more. For boys and girls entering grades 3-9. Weeklong sessions from July 4-Aug. 21. $530. 509-777-9622

Camp Sanders Family Camp
A non-denominational Christian camp exploring outdoors the nature, with swimming, hiking, sports, crafts, music and more. July 7-11. $160/adult.

Boy Scouts Camp Grizzly
Since 1938, Camp Grizzly along the Palouse River has been the home to summer adventure for countless Scouts and Scout Leaders. Campers can try their hand at programs such as ATVs, shooting sports, blacksmithing, welding, water activities and more. Ages 11-17. Weekly sessions offered July 11-25. $210-$430. 509-242-8231

Twinlow High School Camps
Themed sessions offered in 2021 include High School Crossfire (July 11-16), offering water polo, tubing, a fancy dinner and more, as well as High School Water Sports (Aug. 1-6), offering wake surfing/skiing, wakeboarding, kneeboarding, tubing and more. Other activities include games, Bible study and more. For grades 9-13. $335-$385. 208-352-2671

Cocolalla Lake Bible Camp
A faith-based camp program within the context of the great outdoors, offering traditional camp activities, Bible study and more. July 11-16 (teen camp) July 18-22 (ages 11-12) July 25-29 (ages 9-10) Aug. 1-8 (ages 7-8). $155-$200. 208-263-3912

Twinlow Middle School Camps
This year’s program for tweens includes two watersports sessions that include wake surfing, skiing, boarding and much more, along with other activities including crafts, campfires, Bible study, games and more. Grades 6-9. Sessions offered July 11-16 and Aug. 8-13. $385. 208-352-2671

Camp N-Sid-Sen
A faith-based (United Church of Christ) resident camp on Lake Coeur d’Alene offering traditional camp activities such as crafts, songs, water activities and more. For 2021, the kids and intermediate camp sessions have been cancelled. 2021 sessions offered include the following: Family Camp (July 15-19, July 22-26 and July 29-Aug. 2), Sr. High Camp (Aug. 5-9 and Aug. 12-16) and a Class of 2020 graduate session (Aug. 5-9) for those who missed camp last year due to cancellations. See website for details. Price TBD. 208-689-3489

MiVoden Family Camp
MiVoden’s Family Camps offer a wide variety of hands-on experiences that are accommodating to the whole family. During the day, classes are taught by qualified staff, while evenings are occupied with campfire programs that are spiritual and uplifting. Sessions offered July 18-23, Aug. 1-6 and Aug. 11-15. $310-$360. 509-242-0506

Shoshone Mountain Retreat
Grab your friends and head up the river to Shoshone Mountain Retreat. Each day is a new adventure in the Idaho Panhandle National Forest. Spend a day floating the river, overnight at our new McPherson Meadows, day hike the Coeur d’Alene River National Scenic Trail, plus horseback rides, rock climbing, and zip-lining. Grades 3-9. July 11-16 (grades 3-9), Aug. 1-6 (grades 7-9) and Aug. 8-13 (grades 5-7). $300-$400; financial assistance available. 208-667-3459

Camp Sweyolakan Family Camp
“You and Me, Kid!” is family camping without the hassle. Families can escape for a weekend and reconnect with one another while enjoying hiking, boating, swimming, archery, ropes courses and an evening beach party and barbecue. Meals included. July 23-25. Cost varies. 509-747-6191

Twin Eagles Nature Overnight Camp
Campers learn wilderness skills such as making fire by friction, finding edible/medicinal plants, tracking animals, building natural shelters and more. July 25-30 (ages 10-13) and Aug. 2-8 (ages 13-18), at Medicine Circle Eco-Retreat in Priest River, Idaho. $715-$815 (scholarships available). 208-265-3685

SOLE Teen Trek Experience
An outdoor leadership expedition that helps teens develop leadership and outdoor technical skills while on a backcountry expedition in the Montana wilderness. Ages 13-18. July 25-31 (boys) and Aug. 15-21 (girls). $725-$745; scholarships available.

Lutherhaven Kindercamp
Young campers are invited to bring a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, godparent, older brother/sister (18+) or other significant adult to share all the fun of camp. Lutherhaven staff lead activities for both the camper and adult to participate in. Kids ages 4-5 with an adult. July 30-Aug. 1. $148/adult-child pair; $35 per additional child. 866-729-8372

Lutherhaven: Shoshone Explorers
A faith-based adventure camp at Lutherhaven’s second site on the Coeur d’Alene River. Float the river, hike in the forest, swim in the creek, climb the natural rock wall, camp out, ride horses, zipline and more. Aug. 1-6 (grades 7-9) and Aug. 8-13 (grades 5-7). $350. 866-729-8372

Boy Scouts Cub Country
This year’s overnight Cub Scouts camp is called “Dragon Knight Academy” and offers engaging daytime activities such as swimming, boating, hiking, fishing, archery, BB gun shooting, arts and crafts,and more. Ages K-5. Sessions Aug. 5-7, Aug. 9-11 and Aug. 12-14. At Camp Grizzly. $90-$175.

Cocolalla Backpacking Camp
During the four-day, three night trip, campers will enjoy day hikes, swimming, fishing, survival skills, fellowship and daily Bible study. For teens. Aug. 11-14 and Aug. 26-29 (intermediate). $185. 208-263-3912

Lutherhaven Family Ranch Camp
A new family camp up the river at Shoshone Mountain Retreat, for families of all shapes and sizes, couples, friends and anyone looking to get away from it all for a weekend of fun. Activities include horseback riding, campfire and worship, rock climbing, floating the Coeur d’Alene River, hiking and more. Aug. 13-18. $109-$160/person. 866-729-8372

Cocolalla Family Camp
Families can enjoy a faith-based summer camp together with swimming, canoeing, programmed activities and more. Aug. 20-22. $75-$95. 208-263-3912

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