Super Strains: 10 amazing marijuana strains for cannabis enthusiasts

Super Strains: 10 amazing marijuana strains for cannabis enthusiasts
Young Kwak
Sour Diesel is a long-time favorite of cannabis fans.

Once the uninitiated get past the stoner clichés often envisioned of couch-lock and munchie cravings, the ever-growing options for flavor and experience makes cannabis usage as complicated of a hobby as craft beer and spirits. Here are some strains that offer unique options for your high.


The more engaged I've gotten with cannabis, the more I've been looking for more productive and clear-headed experiences. The CBD potent strain Harlequin offers just that. The 75 percent sativa hybrid also offers a 5:2 CBD ratio which is ideal for those looking to medicate pain or help handle anxiety.

Sweet Tooth

If there was a strain to love first and foremost for its flavor palette, it would have to be Sweet Tooth. The indica boasts a floral and berry smell to it and smokers will notice the cola taste as soon as it hits their lips. It's a great flower for battling stress.


Formerly named after the adhesive you'd find at hardware stores, GG4 is a weighty sedative strain that will get you glued down wherever you spark up. The hybrid's earthy flavor also carries a piney and pungent scent. A great option to help you unwind, or at the very least relax.

Alaskan Thunder F—-

With a name like this, you know what you're getting yourself into. The heavy sativa is a great and mindful high while packing a punch at normally 20 percent THC. It'll leave you relaxed while also euphoric and jazzed. The perfect one-hitter.


If you're looking for the best bang for your buck in terms of staying medicated, look no further. This high THC, indica-dominant hybrid provides a body-melting high that will leave you cozily plotted on the couch. The strain also benefits from the sativa side's euphoria and mood-enhancing elements. A definite aid in dealing with anxiety and stress.

Blue Dream

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a perfect option for personal and social use. Blue Dream benefits by its parents' pain-relief indica (Blueberry) and energetic sativa (Haze). The sweet smell ushers in a mellow pick-me-up that can be carried on throughout the day. A great option for those needing pain relief and want to still be mindful and task-orientated.

Durban Poison

Few things enhance the Pacific Northwest quite like a toke and hike. The sativa strain Durban Poison seems like the ideal match as the euphoric stimulator will leave you wanting to explore like no other. The strain offers an uplifting high without any of the fogginess.

Dutch Treat

Sometimes all you're asking for is something to look forward to at the end of the day. This hybrid originated in Dutch coffee shops and is a rewarding high for those looking to calm down after a stressful day. Lighting it up offers a pleasant pine and fruit mixture that ushers in a quick, heady high that leaves an uplifting and relaxing high behind it.


Another stimulating sativa, this strain is a great option for those who spark up prior to entering creative exercises. This strain is known as a euphoric and energetic high that can get your day off on the right foot. Incredibly popular in Washington, Cinex is a great option for those with social anxiety who want a way to relax without feeling sluggish. For those who enjoy exercising while medicated, this is a strain to absolutely consider.

Sour Diesel

It's hard to imagine a time where Sour Diesel will not be the strain of choice for the outdoors. The strain is going on over 20 years now and shows no signs of losing favor. Known for its pungent diesel smell, the sativa gives a heavy high without any of the couch-lock. The heady high is perfect for adventurers seeking detours and excursions that take up the day. It offers long-lasting pain relief with it's dreamy haze that its users thrive in.

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