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Arianna Huffington

  • Unreality TV

      Combine t
  • Unreality TV

      If you could distill the Bush administration down to a single thing, it would be this: a complete inability -- indeed a pathological aversion -- to changing course, even when the current course is taking us over a cliff. Combine that
  • Stern Leadership

      After seeing the young Bruce Springsteen in concert, rock critic Jon Landau famously wrote: "I have seen the future of rock 'n' roll, and its name is Bruce Springsteen." Well, I've just had a Springsteen moment. After spending some
  • Morally Bankrupt

      Last week, U.S. senators passed a bankruptcy bill so hostile to ordinary American families that it could only have come about in a place as corrupt, cynical and unmoored from reality as Washington, D.C. In a normal world, those elec
  • Earth to Democrats

      "What Korea was to Truman, and Vietnam was to LBJ, Iraq will be to George W. Bush," Arthur Schlesinger told me last week. In all three cases, the public grew weary of a drawn-out war with no end in sight. History shows that there is
  • & amp;quot;E-ZPass & amp;quot; Russert

      Sunday's Meet the Press, featuring Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman, was another classic example of why host Tim Russert is fast becoming journalism's answer to the E-ZPass, that electronic tag that allows drivers t
  • Don't Nail The Hammer

      Moments before brandishing a rifle over his head, embattled House Majority Leader Tom DeLay told a crowd of gun lovers at the National Rifle Association's annual convention last month, "When a man is in trouble or in a good fight, yo
  • Boyz on the Hill

      Right now, House and Senate negotiators are trying to hammer out the differences in their competing budgets. Among the major bones of contention: disagreements over how deeply to cut Medicaid; whether to make President Bush's expirin
  • Running on Empty

      The new sales pitch for President Bush is that he's a forward-thinking visionary, right? His policies in the Middle East were, it turns out, not about the bloody debacle in Iraq today but about democracy spreading throughout the regi
  • Mission Accomplished 2?

      Quick, before the conventional wisdom hardens, it needs to be said: The Iraqi elections were not the second coming of the Constitutional Convention. The media have made it sound like last Sunday was a combination of 1776, the fall of
  • A Year to Forget

      While so many publications have focused on what we should remember about 2004, I'd like to continue this column's contrarian tradition of pointing out the things we'd all be better off never having cross our minds again. Here, then,
  • Nuclear Winter in DC

      Right now, somewhere in the White House, administration strategists are hatching plans to go to war. Battle plans are being drawn. Timing and tactics are being finalized. A nuclear option is even being openly discussed. The designa
  • Identity Crisis

      Last weekend in Florida, at a meeting of state party chairmen, a lineup of potential candidates made their cases for why they should be the next chairman of the Democratic National Committee. I don't have a candidate. But I do have
  • Rethinking the Party

      Twelve days before the election, James Carville stood in a Beverly Hills living room surrounded by two generations of Hollywood stars. After being introduced by Sen. John Kerry's daughter, Alexandra, he told the room -- confidently, a
  • Save the Senate

      The passion invested by the Democratic faithful in taking back the White House has meant that not enough has been said about the imperative of taking back control of the place John Kerry will hopefully be leaving -- the U.S. Senate.
  • Tale of Two Nations

      John Kerry is suddenly being bombarded with more advice than an obese, alcoholic, unwed teenage mother seated between Dr. Laura and Dr. Phil on a cross-country bus trip. Spurred by Bush's convention bounce, jittery Democrats of every
  • Leave 'em on the Fence

      I've decided: I've had enough of the undecideds. Thanks to a tidal wave of polls, focus groups, PowerPoint presentations, slide shows, studies and laboratory dissections, we now know more about undecided voters than we do about almos
  • Personal Politics

      Last Thursday, my day started at 8 o'clock in the morning speaking together with New Jersey Sen. Jon Corzine at a breakfast sponsored by ANGLE -- an organization consisting of the gay and lesbian leadership of Southern California and
  • Praising Unruly Women

      Teresa Heinz Kerry is a breath of fresh air. So why are the media choking on it? Almost every story about her these days includes at least one snarky remark -- usually attacking her for her refusal to endlessly regurgitate the same pr
  • Psychoanalyzing Bush

      Presidential or pathological? That is the highly provocative question being asked in Bush on the Couch, a new book in which psychoanalyst and George Washington University professor Justin Frank uses the president's comments and behav
  • Expiration Date Coming

      Attention, al-Qaida sleeper cells, domestic terrorists, school shooters, David Koresh wannabes and bloodthirsty lunatics everywhere: Be sure to mark Sept. 13 in your day planners because -- thanks to President Bush and his GOP pals in
  • By the Numbers

      Drivers, start your engines -- and empty your wallets! As we gear up for the biggest driving season of the year, vacationers all across America are coming face to face with the highest average gas prices in history -- up 42 cents a gal
  • From Henry V to George II

      As our anger, anguish and anxiety about Iraq continue to mount, I find myself looking for clarity and understanding not in the media's daily play-by-play, which confuses more than it illuminates, but rather in Shakespeare's Henry V.
  • The Brothers K

      There is no shortage of comparisons between our current military misadventures and Vietnam. But after watching RFK, David Grubin's powerful new documentary on the life of Robert F. Kennedy set to air on PBS in October, I feel there i
  • Blame the Enablers

      For the past year, I've been studying and writing about the fanatics running the White House and the fools on both sides of the aisle who have enabled them to prevail. Bob Woodward has now given us a chilling behind-the-scenes look

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