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Since 1994, Robert Herold has been getting readers in the Spokane-Coeur d’Alene area to nod in agreement or shake their heads in puzzlement in about equal doses. Here are some of his best Inlander columns, covering everything from goings-on down at City Hall to misadventures in Washington, D.C. Robert’s Rules travels from Tom Foley to the Age of Trump, and from the battle over a new bridge over Spokane Falls to the Attacks of 9/11, these essays will take you back over the rugged terrain that’s been traveled these past three decades.


In 1938, Robert Herold was born in Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital to a Navy family that moved around a lot — from La Jolla, California, to Annapolis, Maryland, to Arlington, Virginia. He graduated with a B.S. in political science from Brigham Young University; he earned his master’s and Ph.D. at The George Washington University, then worked on research projects for the Department of the Navy and the Secretary of Defense. In 1969, he started his teaching career at Eastern Washington University, rising to executive vice provost. Most recently, he has taught at Gonzaga University as an adjunct professor of political science. He is married to Barre McNeil, has five children and lives on Spokane’s South Hill. He continues to write a monthly column for the Inlander.

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Available across the Inland Northwest in November 2015

Since 1993, the Inlander has been sharing stories of the people and events that have made the Inland Northwest so unique. Now you can read 15 of them in Inlander Histories, Volume 2.

You'll meet the man who not only survived Prohibition, but thrived right on through the dry years. Read all about the Sisters of Providence, who built Spokane's first hospital from the back of a pony. And then there's the legend of Nat Park and how a certain couple's connections brought the Looff Carrousel to Spokane.

Local historians and authors first brought these people to life in the pages of the Inlander, and now they're collected here, including:

Jess Walter on Dashiell Hammett's Davenport detour;
Sheri Boggs on Bing Crosby's deep ties to his hometown;
Jack Nisbet on Mourning Dove's mark on regional literature;
and Robert Carriker on Lewis and Clark's continental crossing.

You'll find that and more inside Inlander Histories, Volume 2. And if you missed it, pick up a copy of 2014's Volume 1 as well.

  1. The Prodigious Son: Bing Crosby
  2. The Detective and the Davenport: Dashiell Hammett
  3. Wobblies on the Corner: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
  4. The Prince of Prohibition: Albert Commellini
  5. Frontier Dreambuilder: Kirtland Cutter
  6. The Ringmasters of Nat Park: Louis and Emma Vogel
  7. Captain Coeur d'Alene: Peter Sorensen
  8. People of the Century: 1900 - 2000
  9. Healing Pioneers: The Sisters of Providence
  10. The Speaker from Spokane: Tom Foley
  11. Blending In, Standing Out: Ed Tsutakawa
  12. Father's Footsteps: Carl Maxey
  13. A Tangled Legacy: James Glover
  14. The Wanderer: Jaco Finlay
  15. Into the Unknown: Lewis and Clark

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Timeless Tales of Spokane and the Inland Northwest

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If you call yourself an Inlander, you need to know the stories. Do you remember those ancient ivory tusks pulled from a farm down on the Palouse? What happened after fur trappers set up their first trading post on the Spokane River? Or how a local basketball team captivated the nation? What about "The Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever Done"? A World's Fair?

Those are just a few of the tales that define the rich history of the Inland Northwest — stories that were first retold in the pages of the Inlander newspaper starting in 1993. In Inlander Histories, you'll meet Nell Shipman, the silent film star who launched her own studio on the shores of Priest Lake. You'll hop a flight over Mt. St. Helens on a particularly memorable day. And you'll learn how Walt Worthy kept the dream of Louis Davenport alive in downtown Spokane.

Noted local historians Jack Nisbet, Robert Carriker and William Stimson join Inlander staff writers, including Sheri Boggs, Andrew Strickman and Mike Bookey, to take you on a tour of some of the most important moments in the region's past. Collected together for the first time, Inlander Histories pieces together the tapestry of Eastern Washington and North Idaho culture, creating a rare document of life in the "inland" part of this corner of the continent.

  1. Signs of Life, Spokane County
  2. The Missoula Floods
  3. The Bard of Grand Coulee: Woody Guthrie
  4. Life at Spokane House
  5. The Good Indian: Spokane Garry
  6. Mammoths of the Palouse
  7. Man on a Mission: Fr. Joseph Cataldo
  8. News of the Year: 1899
  9. Winning the Vote: May Arkwright Hutton
  10. Strange Days at Monaghan Mansion
  11. Mystery of the Moscow Flowers
  12. The Viewfinder: Charles Libby
  13. The Brewmaster: Bernhardt Schade
  14. Priest Lake Producer: Nell Shipman
  15. Joe Peirone's First Truck
  16. A Bing Crosby Christmas
  17. Remembering Spokane in the 1950s
  18. Clean-Cut Radicals: The Chad Mitchell Trio
  19. Expo '74: 25 Years After
  20. Flight With Destiny: Mt. St. Helens
  21. Veteran Eclectic: Harold Balazs
  22. Marquee Names: Fox and Woldson
  23. Saving the Davenport Hotel
  24. Zag Nation

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