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April - May 2016

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Health & Home

  • No Kidding?

    Underappreciated goat milk — and meat — offers benefits to people and the environment

    By Carrie Scozzaro

  • Blooming Health

    Beautiful blossoms may carry unwanted chemicals

    By Carrie Scozzaro

  • Demystifying Dyslexia

    Helping kids overcome learning disorders

    By Chelsea Bannach

  • Fitness Trending

    Engaging workouts entice newbies and reinvigorate regulars' tired old routines

    By Linda Hagen Miller

  • The Counting Game

    I wear a Fitbit, and I think it's making me healthier. Or maybe I'm just obsessed with numbers.

    By Mike Bookey

  • Locked Up for a Cause

    Charity Corner: Fighting homelessness with some time in the clink

    By Chey Scott

  • Sticker Shock

    Health insurance coverage may come up short just when it's needed

    By Chey Scott

  • Read the Fine Print

    Editor's Note: Deciphering medical bills and a new blog

    By Anne McGregor

  • A Healthy Relationship

    How Kaiser's acquisition of Seattle-based Group Health may (or may not) change the health care scene in Spokane

    By Wilson Criscione

  • Fear Not

    Good Read: Taming fear might start with taming stress

    By Anne McGregor

  • The Fever of Spring

    Life Coaching: The season for hearts and souls to open wide

    By Carla Brannan

  • Trapping Turkeys

    After report turkeys gave a toddler salmonella, new measures to reduce the turkey population

    By Wilson Criscione

  • Just Pick Up the Phone

    Support System: A new local helpline offers quick answers

    By Claire Standaert

  • Up in the Air

    With the lowest graduation rates of all Washington students, foster youth need all the help they can get

    By Taryn Phaneuf

  • 'Dog Meet Dawg

    Milestone: A new medical education partnership between UW and Gonzaga

    By Wilson Criscione

  • Sleep Aid

    Ask Dr. Matt: Is melatonin safe for kids having trouble sleeping?

    By Matt Thompson

  • Under a Cabbage Leaf

    Superfood: Benefits found in all styles of this helpful vegetable

    By Anne McGregor

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