Gifts for Casual Tokers

Even after marijuana became legal in Washington for those 21 and older, perhaps you've found yourself at family functions gently trying to convince all your relatives that occasional cannabis consumption isn't a bad thing. Maybe your mother-in-law will cop to smoking once or twice back in the '70s, but the idea of getting into marijuana now just seems like a daunting prospect. To get them into the green spirit, here are some basic gift ideas for the hesitant or even just casual smokers in your life who aren't totally consumed by marijuana culture. It might make those family gatherings a little more enjoyable. These items can be found at most, if not all, local retail pot stores.

Pre-Rolled Joints

It's a skill any regular cannabis enthusiast practices: rolling your own joint. It's a great party trick, one that a majority of us, regardless of cannabis intake, simply never master. For those of us who have wasted entire packages of rolling papers trying it, these pre-rolled joints are a godsend. They're handy and they come in every strain and flavor imaginable — so you can just have them lying around for whenever the urge hits you. Prices vary

Disposable Vape Pens

You could also forego the mess of rolling altogether and try vaping. The only problem with that is that it requires more paraphernalia than you'll probably ever use on the regular. The 500 milligram Crystal Clear disposable vape pens, then, are a nice middle ground, allowing you to enjoy the benefits — in flavors like bubble gum, pineapple and strawberry, no less — without having to purchase all the cartridges and oils. The longevity of a single pen obviously depends on how often you're using it, but a single one can last a couple months for a casual smoker. $40

Gaga Edibles and Candies

Sometimes smoking just isn't an option, or you don't want the high to hit you right away. Popping an edible and bingeing Broad City is the right speed. There are countless edible options on the market, but Gaga is a Seattle company that prides itself on using organic materials in its peanut butter cups and fruit chews. On top of everything, its clean, upscale packaging would look great with a Christmas bow on it. $30 a package

Drift breath spray

Portability and convenience are high priorities for the casual cannabis user, and the Drift brand of breath spray ticks both those boxes. Simply spray this THC concentrate under your tongue, and you'll feel it kicking in within a matter of minutes. It comes in four pleasing flavors — mint, cinnamon, lemon and cranberry. Throw a bottle in your purse or backpack and you're good to go. $25 for 100 milligrams ♦