A dog's incredible journey, sexism in the Spokane restaurant scene, and other headlines

click to enlarge Frost blankets Spokane earlier this week. - DANIEL WALTERS PHOTO
Daniel Walters photo
Frost blankets Spokane earlier this week.


Inlander food writer Chey Scott has a deep dive into sexism that Spokane's great female chefs face.

NEWS: Seth Summerfield actually liked Captain Marvel.


The dog days of winter

One dog survived 43 snowy days in the Spokane wilderness. (Spokesman-Review)

Unsafe Public Safety building

A female prosecuting intern was allegedly assaulted in the Public Safety building. (Spokesman-Review)

Physician, disinfect thyself

Spokane’s Columbia Surgical Specialists had to pay $15,000 to hackers after patient info was encrypted in a ransomware attack. (Spokesman-Review)

The fading boom

Job growth is slowing down — but still setting records. (New York Times)

Manafort destiny

A judge gave Trump's former campaign manager Paul Manafort a piddling amount of prison time. (Washington Post)

Now the bilge pump is in the other hands

House Democrats are looking to actually drain the swamp. (Washington Post Opinions)